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£50 Discount
£50 Discount
Tide business account - Made valid deposit to the value of £50 and £50 Gift reward will be applied with code
Eligibility To be eligible for the promotional offer, you must not have an existing account with Tide; Be subject to approval How to use a code The User is required to either en… Read more

you have to be a sole trader to qualify ?


It works for that. Or hang on to the account in hope that one day there will be a business banking switch offer from another bank etc. And you can try and persuade people to use your 50+50 referral once you've got the account (sadly, no one I know is willing to give that a go!)


How about grab £50 and move on


Avoid them if possible. Yes it's convenient and a new way of banking. However if you have a problem, be expected to wait an eternity for a resolution and receive generic responses! You can't pick up the phone and speak to them. And as a small business owner when I have fraud or transactions are being blocked I need the issue resolved ASAP!


I recently moved to Mettle which I would recommend as they include FreeAgent access, which is worth £19-£29 a month depending on whether you're a sole trader or a Limited Company.

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£100 signup bonus when you open a Tide business account @ Tide
257° Expired
Posted 19th MayPosted 19th May
When you open a new Tide business account you can get a £100 bonus when you signup, payable within 6-8 weeks of account opening (min deposit of £50 within 30 days). We have worked … Read more

Hi, there. We are sorry to hear you've experienced this delay in response. We'd love to check with the team the progress of your sign-up bonus. Please send us a new email at hello@tide.co with the subject line 'FAO Krasy' and our Member Feedback team will be happy to help you right away.


Still waiting for a response. Ridiculous.


If you ever need us to follow up on anything with the team, you can always send us another DM. We keep an eye there and if there's ever a delay, we want to do our best to help sort any issue out.


Priority for a lot of features does shift as we go - we try to be reactive to what our members need and give important features more immediate attention. We do aim to address all of those points and improve our services a lot going forward.


To clarify, are you saying that the £100 will be non-taxable income for a business? Have you had this confirmed by HMRC? Thanks.

Free Limited company registration (saving £12) plus £50 signup bonus when you open a Tide business account @ Tide
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Posted 8th Dec 2020Posted 8th Dec 2020
This deal is aimed at people looking to start their own business. You can register a limited company and open a Tide business account for free. Tide will pay the incorporation fee… Read more

Same, received my £50 bonus too. Thank you Tide Business!


Was planning on starting a new company when I came across this post. Just received my £50 bonus. Thanks OP


Anyone received yet?


Give it the full 8 weeks


Update: still no sign of the £50

Register a Limited Company for Free @ Tide Banking
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Posted 20th Jun 2020Posted 20th Jun 2020
Register a Limited Company for Free @ Tide BankingFREE£0.01
Tide will pay the incorporation fee for registering a new limited company if you open a new business account with them for free

Best going with Starling business account much better I’ve heard! Check Chanchis old tide thread nothing but problems and no fscs protection? Maybe that’s changed now.


PMd you


This is a very important point and was one of the reasons i left Tide


Please PM me the referral code


PMd you

Free Ltd company registration when you open a Tide Business Account (for fee, with no monthly fees)
209° Expired
Posted 7th May 2020Posted 7th May 2020
Free Ltd company registration when you open a Tide Business Account (for fee, with no monthly fees)
Seems like a good option for anybody starting a company. No opening fee. No monthly fee. They pay your £12 fee to register a Ltd company at companies house. And the account looks v… Read more

I'm not going to argue about FSCS but I know it makes me more comfortable. So that aside, why would I choose Tide over Starling? What does it give me that Starling doesn't, apart from charging fees?


Ir35 sooner or later


I dont work for the bank and have nothing to do with it. The link you point has 75% people either Excellent or Great and you say many people have a problem ? God bless you!!! :| :| :|




Many people have had issues with them, including missing payments. Reviews are not good, and no FSCS protection. Plus you have to upload copies of passport or driving licence, which I would not do with a company that has processing issues.

£90 signup bonus when you open a Tide business current account @ Tide
1039° Expired
Posted 21st Feb 2020Posted 21st Feb 2020
Update 1
Offer ends today - 23:59pm 28/02
When you open a new Tide business account you can get a £90 bonus by entering the code PROMO90 when you signup, payable within 6-8 weeks of account opening. Business eligibility … Read more

Money appeared in my account without chasing up I'm happy to say! Still not overly impressed how I had to chase, and the major pain I had in setting up the account, but thought I would update for anyone else still waiting.


Glad you got it sorted. I'll be chasing it once the 8 weeks is up (I'm pretty confident I'll have to chase it up sadly). Wonder how many other people haven't received it and not realised/pursued...


Yeah they seem to be doing it a lot. I complained and funnily enough money was in my account within 24hrs. Chase them with a bit of anger this time XD


Also waiting for mine, having already chased (apparently the code didn't activate during the sign up) - although I was told it would be 6-8 weeks (this was early May), so still within the timeframe for payment. It was also a nightmare signing up, so my experience so far has been pretty poor....


So they promised the money would be in my account by the end of the month, this message was sent on 5th May, the money still isn't in my account. I messaged them on 21st May asking whether the money would be in the account soon and they haven't responded. I followed this up with a message on 26th May and still no update. I sent a message yesterday and they haven't replied to that either. Brilliant company, highly recommended (skeptical) I wouldn't mind I'm actually using the account for business transactions with a small amount of money in. They are useless.

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£50Tide business account - Made valid deposit to the value of £50 and £50 Gift reward will be applied with code25/02/2021