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-25% Discount
-25% Discount
Timex Watches - 25% off selected styles
Just had an email from Timex.co.uk offering 25% off on selected styles: Link Unfortunately not off the Timex x Snoopy I bought recently!

https://www.timex.co.uk/timex-x-snoopy-space-traveler-marlin-automatic-40mm-leather-strap-watch/Timex-x-Snoopy-Space-Traveler-Marlin-Automatic-40mm-Leather-Strap-Watch.html?dwvar_Timex-x-Snoopy-Space-Traveler-Marlin-Automatic-40mm-Leather-Strap-Watch_color=Stainless-Steel-Black-White&cgid=men-shop-all#start=1 Timex Marlin Automatic X Peanuts Featuring Snoopy Space Traveler 40mm Leather Strap Watch£168.74


First time i have seen them include some of the Marlins..

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Timex official watch store 15% and 25% off your spend with code @ Timex Shop
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Posted 23rd AprPosted 23rd Apr
15% OFF £69+ | 25% OFF £119+ Timex official store 15% and 25% off your spend. Timex Q Quartz works out £119.25 delivered as an example.

Got this today. Very nice. That domed acrylic looks amazing. Bracelet is very comfy and in true 70’s & 80’s style pulls a few hairs out! Great little watch


I want it £99 or below. Gonna hold out


The code works on the rose gold Timex Marlin California dial but not on the steel case variant (selected watches only), I'm big sad rn.


I like a nice face timex suits me clear and easy to read


Ooh. Been tempted by the Q timex reissue falcon eye for a while. This makes it 119. That's a bit of a steal IMHO.

Timex Allied Coastline 43mm Fabric Strap Silver-Tone/Blue TW2T30400D7PF £49.99 @ Timex
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Posted 12th JanPosted 12th Jan
Timex Allied Coastline 43mm Fabric Strap Silver-Tone/Blue TW2T30400D7PF £49.99 @ Timex£49.99
Inspired by adventure on land and sea, this crafted timepiece shows elapsed time on a rotating top ring and is water-resistant to 100 meters. The blue fabric strap is surprisingly … Read more

Christmas cracker watch!


What would make it look like a £100 watch - genuinely curious. What in your opinion makes a watch worth £50 more merely by looks alone?


For those who want a proper deal how about this one for £4.99 delivered. Click here


If you look closely you can see a date window..... But seriously, I think its not such a bad watch for 50 quid.


Play nicely now chaps !

Timex Allied Lt 40mm Leather Strap Watch £44.99 @ Timex Shop
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Posted 8th JanPosted 8th Jan
Timex Allied Lt 40mm Leather Strap Watch £44.99 @ Timex Shop£44.99 Free P&P Free
When I was looking for the weekender (which is unfortunately sold out), I came across this which I thought was a decent price direct from Timex.

TICK TOCK TICK TOCK on the bedside cabinet (lol)


Never buy Timex again, I still remember Dundee '93.


I'll let you know! Just ordered it but also have earplugs handy if required.


Really lovely simple watch - Indiglo is great too. Wonder if this will have the well known Timex stupidly loud ticking though.

Stunning Timex Automatic 41mm Watch - £229.99 / £191.24 with sign up to newsletter @ Timex
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Posted 24th Nov 2020Posted 24th Nov 2020
Stunning Timex Automatic 41mm Watch - £229.99 / £191.24 with sign up to newsletter @ Timex£191.24£229.9917% off
It's maybe just me but the full black model on this looks way above its RRP. Add to that sign up on Timex site and you'll receive a 15% discount code bringing this watch down to £1… Read more

30% black Friday discount now live BLACKFRIDAY30 makes this beauty £160.99


Good shout! Plus 3% TCB


Tempted its looks like a nice watch and smooth movement


You're entitled to a bit of brand snobbery if you are paying nearly £200 after all, all watches can tell the time. It's the brand and reputation you are paying for the more you spend. I agree if it was cheaper and in the everyday watch price category it'd be an easier pick up as it does look good and that feels where Timex should be. There's a TK Max Tissot on here for £150 or so more which is a an absolute bargain considering their reputation which this isn't considering Timex's.


Available at Debenhams at £172 if someone's interested. They have the seaweed green dial one as well.

Timex Easy Reader Signature 38mm Leather Strap Watch £32.49 at Timex Shop
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Posted 24th May 2020Posted 24th May 2020
Timex Easy Reader Signature 38mm Leather Strap Watch £32.49 at Timex Shop£32.49
Easy Reader Signature 38mm Leather Strap Watch. IT TAKES A LICKING AND KEEPS ON TICKING®. We're celebrating our best-selling Easy Reader® watch with a signature edition featuring p… Read more
Get deal*Get deal*

Edit: Was OOS on the 25th but I managed to get one around 9am on 26th May.


If worn as a boyfriend watch, yeah. Not too big either.


If you're a socks and sandals kinda guy




Timex Marlin® Automatic X Peanuts Featuring Snoopy Flying Ace 40mm Leather Strap Watch
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Posted 22nd Feb 2020Posted 22nd Feb 2020
Timex Marlin® Automatic X Peanuts Featuring Snoopy Flying Ace 40mm Leather Strap Watch£224.99
Back in stock! Limited edition Timex 'snoopy' Marlin automatic. Our iconic 1960s Marlin® case gets an aesthetic refresh. Ticking inside is a tried and true 21 jewel automatic move… Read more

What model is that BTW? I do like it.


Thank you, ordered


Will the scratches not polish out with Polywatch?, that's a plus of acrylic that scratches can be polished away.


Looooooooooools yes


Do you not get the joke ? Lighten up :p maxmix

VIP Black Friday Sale Preview At Timex, Email Only (25% Off) @ Timex
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Posted 26th Nov 2019Posted 26th Nov 2019
VIP Black Friday Sale Preview At Timex, Email Only (25% Off) @ Timex£41.24
Black Friday VIP Sale - got the email about 7am and only just read it. Only works through the email link, afaik. Unfortunately the code FRIEND20 doesn't work! Mens' Link her… Read more

I'm hoping we in the UK get the Pac-Man watch (it doesn't just come in Gold, it was in Black and Silver too but only seen it on the US site so far).


They're planning a batman style bezel too I believe. It's a lot of hype but people are enjoying it


No, nothing that exciting, the two above were the only ones I quite like. The Falcon Eye is another reissue that looks good but that's just been released, I think (also not reduced).


Scrolls to see if the Timex Q is there.,.. it's a No.

Marlin® Automatic Timex X Peanuts Featuring Snoopy 40mm Leather Strap Watch - £224.99 at Timex Shop
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Posted 18th Jun 2019Posted 18th Jun 2019
Marlin® Automatic Timex X Peanuts Featuring Snoopy 40mm Leather Strap Watch - £224.99 at Timex Shop£224.99
Not a deal in the sense that it is for sale at a reduced price, but this is a sought after watch that sold out quickly before and was selling for twice the price on eBay.It's come … Read more

Looks like it’s sold out again already


Haha, nice one buddy (y)


I’m pretty upset with myself because of that typo. Don’t worry, I’ll bounce back from it.


OOS now


Black Friday Preview | 30% Off + Free Shipping @ Timex.com
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Posted 12th Nov 2018Posted 12th Nov 2018
Black Friday Preview | 30% Off + Free Shipping @ Timex.com

That is the US site, you can't order from there to be delivered here. Timex UK doesn't have the promotion.

Expedition® Rugged Metal £41.99 @ Timex
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Posted 23rd Dec 2017Posted 23rd Dec 2017
Expedition® Rugged Metal £41.99 @ Timex£41.99
Expedition® Rugged Metal Detailshttps://www.timex.co.uk/expedition-rugged-metal/T49990D7PF.html Item # T49990D7PF ★★★★★No rating value Write … Read more
Get deal*Get deal*

That video is not showing this particular watch as it has a normal snap-on back, but they all take a common CR2016 battery which costs around 50p and takes 5 minutes to change. The hardest part is often getting the back on again. It can take a considerable amount of force to get it to snap back into place.


Thank you!! I will have a look and may have a go actually as i really like the watch


you are right you know


You really can do these yourself very easily. Here's a good guide on YouTube specifically for that watch for the next time. The case back is actually easier than most as it is held by four screws. Perhaps the battery itself is expensive?


Check how much it cost to replace the battery though, my wife bought me a Timex Ironman three years ago, when the battery died and went to get it replaced the guy told me that it would cost £15.99 for some reason, compared to the other watches where you pay about £5.99. It may not apply to this model though.

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