Toby Carvery - £5 Carvery Meal and Ice Cream Sundae - Daily Mail today-£6

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thx, hubbys birthday today so he may get a special tea

Can this only be used today?

expires 26/07. I must pay more attention

Our local Toby Carvery is £5 anyway. I cant understand why this voucher says 'discount £6'. This would make the carvery £11 ?????

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Sorry thought that I had to put in the amount of discount but actually don't - my local one is about £8.00 for the Carvery so I was assuming the ice cream was a couple of pounds...... rough estimate thats all.

The one in Gt Yarmouth is £5 Mon - Sat till 7pm, we went twice while on hols last week , you get £1 off a desert making the sundaes £1.50 so its a £1.50 saving there with the voucher:thumbsup:

Good deal but can't bring myself to buy the Daily Mail.

You couldn't pay me enough money to eat in a Toby Carvery again following a disastrous meal there about a year or so ago. Food was revolting, gravy was cold, service was abysmal. I called them to complain later, was told that they would send vouchers for a meal as we were so unhappy with it, guess what, they never arrived.....not that I would have used them anyway.....

I'm not voting the deal cold or owt, if your local Toby is okay then it's a good deal but it'd down there with McDonalds in the rubbish food stakes.


Good deal but can't bring myself to buy the Daily Mail.

Come on now. You know what it's best used for. Bit rough though.

I did this offer when it was in 'The Sun' earlier in the year. Its nice for a bit of a change, especially if the weather is rotten so then you can treat yourself and a couple of mates to a carvery. Just make sure your mates sort you out in the future and don't let on about how much you paid.

Heat added for hot food :-) xx
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