Toby Carvery ended 21st March for under £5.00

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Thanks :thumbsup:

how do u know its extended? The voucher still states valid till 21st and the website is same .C x

Thanks, but the voucher doesn't way 31st of March.

son works at toby carvery , and its 4-90 up till 7pm even without coupon


son works at toby carvery , and its 4-90 up till 7pm even without coupon

Not with the free sundae tho? (although mine was served in a soup bowl... can't complain for McDonalds money though).

im complaining looked a right tit when they said it had run out and want accepted!!!

is this deal really extended till 31st march ?? were going tonight for a family birthday 8 people but as mentioned previously the voucher states till 21st - please advise

just phoned my local toby who confirmed all vouchers ending 21st march are being refused - not sure where original poster got their information from but clearly this offer is no longer valid and just saved myself the humiliation of being turned away in front of my family

I can confirm that this deal did expire on 21st of March.

Jester. Sorry about that. We have been trying to get this post amended. I recon Mellanie2 mistyped 31st instead of 21st! The voucher t's and C's are right though i'm afraid. A
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