Toms Voucher code for 25% off - also works on sale items.

Toms Voucher code for 25% off - also works on sale items.

Found 25th May
Voucher code for 25% on sale items.
Free delivery.
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Great Thankyou Heat Added
It would be great if there was a requirement to list what types of product these deals pertain to. I've never heard of 'Tom's' and don't know what they sell. And I'm not minded to click the link to find out - as I've been fooled too many times into clicking links to baby clothes.
They sell shoes. Although the shoes themselves are nice, I would highly recommend buying elsewhere than from Toms direct. They are an absolute nightmare of a company. Nine times out of Ten they will send you the wrong item, or the item won't match the colour on their website. They will argue with you, want proof of their mistake, and then will probably try and make you pay for postage costs. Their customer service is pretty terrible:…com - So in closing, shoes good, but don't buy direct. I will still give heat as the deal is good, just a shame about the company
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I've never had an issue with Tom's, if you pay via PayPal you can return the items for free (get a refund via PayPal for the return cost). They even offer a 24 month warranty on workmanship I've used this on 3 occasions over the years and received refunds or replacement products.

They also sell clothes, bags and sunglasses.

Btw....thanks for posting this, heat added x
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