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Greene King Pubs - Magic Pints £5 for £15 worth of drink via Toogoodtogo
240° Expired
Posted 5th Nov 2020Posted 5th Nov 2020
Greene King Pubs - Magic Pints £5 for £15 worth of drink via Toogoodtogo£5
Important. This deal is not a guarantee there will be any stock in the store, so please don’t make a trip you wouldn’t have made otherwise just for this item. During this period of… Read more

Thanks Whatsleft I wanted Anais Anais sadly


Not really. The point is you've ordered in advance so you know there'll be stock (even if you don't know what it'll be) A more general takeaway deal, say half price Big Mac's, you could turn up and find they've sold out and you've made a pointless, unnecessary, trip during lockdown.


Or Takeaway...


2 pints of Stella 2 pints of Peroni. Ordered and collected from the new Florence. Brilliant


Not sure why this deal has the big lockdown warning at the top. Isn't it effectively a click and collect?

Save delicious food and fight food waste - Check your local place from £3.50 a BOX at Toogoodtogo
324° Expired
Posted 21st Jul 2020Posted 21st Jul 2020
Save delicious food and fight food waste - Check your local place from £3.50 a BOX at Toogoodtogo£3.50
At Too Good To Go, we dream of a planet with no food waste.And we believe that every person can make a difference. So how big is the problem? Each year, UK households throw awa… Read more

I've had morrison boxes. The first one was amazing full of fruit etc, what's in the picture. I've had 3 more since and all were awful so wont do it again. One had just bread items in, the second was just a couple of pieces of fruit that had a sticker on the box saying £1, I gave it to a homeless lady, the last one was so out of date most of it went in the bin and definitely wasnt worth what they say they are.


Has anyone has their morrisons boxes before?


Ah ok, thanks (y)


Amazing thank you :D


Too good to go has places like Morrison’s, carveries etc too. Haven’t used these but you can check the reviews

Too good to go - first meal for free up to £12.00 with code
171° Expired
Posted 13th Dec 2019Posted 13th Dec 2019
Too good to go - first meal for free up to £12.00 with codeFREE£12
For new users of app too good to go only. Download the app, enter your details and press more on bottom of page, then press payment methods, add voucher and enter FIRSTMEAL to get … Read more

Has this really expired already?


How do you find these promo codes ?


This app actually has my favorite restaurant on Earth!


There was a limit redemption of 500, so it ended sadly


Nope not working sadly!

Free magic bag for all customers up to £12 @ Toogoodtogo
338° Expired
Posted 24th Nov 2019Posted 24th Nov 2019
Free magic bag for all customers up to £12 @ ToogoodtogoFREE£12
A deal for anyone with the app, one per customer but doesn’t have to be new

The word greedy springs to mind ... no wonder they suddenly, put a stop to the deal!


Noo i missed this :( OP where did you find this offer?


No longer valid


:o Me too, sad times! ;(


No longer working

Get Cheap Food - Save Waste at Too Good to Go
361° Expired
Posted 3rd Jul 2019Posted 3rd Jul 2019
Get Cheap Food - Save Waste at Too Good to Go£3
I can't see this posted on here but I've been using this app for a while. In essence it is a way for food outlets to sell food cheaply at the end of the day that would otherwise be… Read more

I think this is a great App which I recently discovered being a newbie to central London. The places that participate are regularly changing so it's worth having a gander. If you pop in your location it provides you with distances of the options available and sorts it into availability for breakfast, lunch, dinner, available now and options to select for the following day. I think London has a significant number of places participating and it varies depending on where you are. I've attached a map that shows number of places who participate based on location in the country to give you an idea. When I've travelled, yep I've used it, from London, shropshire and the Midlands so far. Also people can provide a snapshot feedback where they can say if they felt what they got was any good, so you can use that to help you chose - screenshot attached. Happy culinary adventures :D Heat added :3


This is what I had from a cafe in Croydon for £3.59; - A bacon, cheese, chorizo pasta - A mushroom, cheese combination crossiant (very nice actually, they toasted it for me) - A teeny tiny pot of pineapple - A cinnamon swirl The pasta alone was priced at £5.50.


No. I only went to Costa once because their coffee was poo. Hands up I didn't make it clear


You went to Costa because the coffee is poo? Each to their own, I suppose...


Tried this once and crap. Food wasnt worth it. Shoo treats you like theyre giving it to you for free

Too Good To Go - Order Reduced Cost Local Food - Mystery Bag Worth For £4 (Goods Worth £14)
1578° Expired
Posted 22nd May 2019Posted 22nd May 2019
Too Good To Go - Order Reduced Cost Local Food - Mystery Bag Worth For £4 (Goods Worth £14)£4£1471% off
Haven’t seen this posted here before. TooGoodToGo is an app that allows you to order “mystery bags” of food from local businesses that would otherwise get thrown out, at a reduced… Read more

They've added Toby Carvery in Worthing, my god this is a dangerous game to play with my health lol, definitely going to get one next week


I tried a hotel this morning, wasn't sure what I was going to get, like you say they let me choose what I wanted and gave me a coffee to, was very surprised and they were all friendly.


Yo sushi twice ( I would say I broke even price wise . Second visit was atrocious) Pizza punks was a disaster ( terrible Mac and cheese only ) Brave baker's cancelled and absurd bird has cancelled twice with no food going to waste today message ( someone else had same message ) Refuse to do Chinese buffets or the carvery so not a great experience so far . Might give it another go but not hoping for much


Well done a truly selfless act


I’ve used this a few times in London for a late lunch. If you’re not fussy about exactly what food you’ll eat, you’ll pick up a real bargain!

Toogoodtogo buy 3 get one free and entered into a draw for a fridge!
222° Expired
Posted 15th Oct 2018Posted 15th Oct 2018
Toogoodtogo buy 3 get one free and entered into a draw for a fridge!
Before the end of the month, if you use the app toogoodtogo you can get a meal for free when you purchase 3. And as a bonus entry into a prize draw to win a fridge. I know it's no… Read more

Does one need to opt in? If not, I’ve already made more than three purchases this month :)


That's pretty much the whole concept. Some things are less popular so you're actively paying for food (in whatever form that takes) and ensuring it doesn't go to waste. If there was choice, there would still be a ton of food left over as peope would take what they wanted over other stuff.


Its good.... BUT... in a sense they are just advertising.... you do not get any choice.... and then wat I dont understand is... how does the store know how much they are gonna have left at the end of trading... and some its not when they close... Its good if ur not too bothered about wat u get ....but not always a bargain!!


I use this regularly so thats handy.


heat, Can be pretty hit and miss tho :(

Toogoodtogo 2 for 1 deal! London Brighton and Manchester
238° Expired
Posted 13th Aug 2018Posted 13th Aug 2018
Toogoodtogo 2 for 1 deal! London Brighton and Manchester
If you haven't already discovered too good to really should. As someone who often works late I love picking up something late on my way back home. loads of restaurants tak… Read more

Unfortunately I picked up my meals last night, both were a little below par :/ , the tiniest salad ever and a little warmed bun as the staff knew nothing about it, in the main I've had a great experience and fully support the movement to reduce waste.


Thanks Kyle, I've updated the title 😘


I've looked this up, it seems that it's running till the 19th and it also works in Brighton and Manchester!


I think it might be a one off thing, remember the 2 meals have to be from different places. Hope that helps ;)


Is it a one-off offer, or can it be used multiple times on one account?

Join the fight against food waste and grab a bargain! @ toogoodtogo
295° Expired
Posted 1st Apr 2018Posted 1st Apr 2018
Join the fight against food waste and grab a bargain! @ toogoodtogo
Food waste is a global epidemic. One-third of all the food produced worldwide is binned, and if less than a quarter of the wasted food in the USA, UK and Europe alone were put to i… Read more
Get deal*Get deal*

I thought it was great. I got all this for £2.50


Tried this but i felt that Manager kept the good food fir next day and gave the salads that no one would really eat anymore. Disappointed even for £3.80 only.


Heat added, great idea (highfive)


Have some heat. Great idea imo.


When does the food get released to book? Only one restaurant in my city uses this app (despite us having 2 yo sushi'S) and it says it was sold out at 9.30am

Get Restaurant Meals From £2 And Help Save Waste @ Toogoodtogo
1115° Expired
Posted 12th Aug 2016Posted 12th Aug 2016
Get Restaurant Meals From £2 And Help Save Waste @ Toogoodtogo£2
Apps available for Android and IOS. Also available online. I think this is a brilliant idea. So much food is wasted every year but if this catches on it will reduce that waste, p… Read more

Due to health and safety most companies throw away bin the food and save them selfs from lawsuits and health claims etc as in today society a good deed can cost you a lot of money. It cheaper for them to bin the food than fight court cases for compensation from consumers who have got ill after eating it. That why they are very strict on binning the food even for employees


Its good, buts its not quite right. I ordered a Korma

Good idea , but very small numbers at mom! Hope it catch's on.


I was surprised to see a reply from them this morning. They emailed me to say that they thought the flyers was a good idea and that they would get some put on their site very soon. They also said that they had been to look at this thread and were very pleased at how enthusiastic folk were about TooGoodToGo. I pass seceral take aways and resteraunts every day on my way to work so I'll definitely pop a flyer in when I'm passing.


​I'm sure many folk would print a flyer and drop it off at their favourite eatery. So lets hope they listen.