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Everflex 125C3 One Hour Caulk - White - 310ml 84p + £6.99 p&p - Toolnet
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Posted 27th Jul 2017Posted 27th Jul 2017
Everflex 125C3 One Hour Caulk - White - 310ml 84p + £6.99 p&p - Toolnet£0.84
Everflex 125C3 One Hour Caulk - White - 310ml Really good price for sealant Postage need to be added to £6.99
Price Glitch, Sealey AVR2500A 2.5 Tonne Air/Hydraulic Vehicle Lift - 1p
Posted 2nd May 2017Posted 2nd May 2017
Price Glitch, Sealey AVR2500A 2.5 Tonne Air/Hydraulic Vehicle Lift - 1p£0.01
Hi, this is my first post on here, was looking for a car lift and came across this. my order has gone through so lets hope they honour it..
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mine is much the same, looks like I've ordered 2. I've asked for refund anyway lol


Thank you for your recent order. It has come to our attention that there has been a price error on the item you have ordered online. The Sealey AVR2500A 2.5 Tonne Air/Hydraulic Vehicle Lift is £1112.76 + VAT rather than £0.01 + VAT. Due to this, there is an outstanding balance of £2670.60 to be paid. Alternatively, we can cancel this order and issue you with a full refund. Can you please advise how you wish to continue? I am sincerely sorry for the inconvenience caused. Kind Regards April Pescott My calculations are bit different :{


TOOL-net by name, T***s by nature!


I agree mate, they've copy and pasted the same message, from someone who bought two, and sent it to everyone.My reply below![image missing]


I just got the same email with the same prices. Gonna make sure i steer clear of this company in the future as it sounds like a bloody circus lol

Tool-net £20 off £50 Existing customers
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Posted 16th Dec 2016Posted 16th Dec 2016
Tool-net £20 off £50 Existing customers
Tool-net are offering £20 off orders over £50 by adding this discount to basket for existing customers by leaving feedback. Also possibly free delivery…
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Fork Handles, handles for forks - Tool-Net - £3.95 + £6.99 Delivery (£10.94)
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Posted 16th Jan 2015Posted 16th Jan 2015
Fork Handles, handles for forks - Tool-Net - £3.95 + £6.99 Delivery (£10.94)£10.94
Great price as over £4 everywhere else. They also do plugs. 13a and bathroom

I'm only 16 but I'd place comedy like this, well above the comedy of today. And although people I my class all just prefer the stand-up comedians like Jack Whitehall et al., I really don't find most all that funny (and I'd say my sense of humour's rather good and broad too). Also I think most nowadays, of my generation, wouldn't, and couldn't, appreciate the masterful skills of people like the Two Ronnies.


Comment I'm 16 after people in my year all just love the stand-up comedians of today, and even though I don't mind some (they're nothing amazing, all just moderately funny I'd say, although only one or two I enjoy), you simply can't beat the comedy from years gone by. Also, people nowadays wouldn't, and couldn't, appreciate the masterful skills of people like the Two Ronnies.




You checked join date of account.... for that?!


Any pumps......very well done OP...!

Black & Decker TLD100 Thermal Leak Detector **SPECIAL OFFER** £25.19 @ Toolnet
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Posted 20th Dec 2013Posted 20th Dec 2013
Black & Decker TLD100 Thermal Leak Detector **SPECIAL OFFER** £25.19 @ Toolnet£25.19
If tracking down power-draining draughts in your home is driving you up the wall, the Black & Decker TLD100 thermal leak detector unit will effortlessly uncover those hidden leaks. The T…
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i shouldn't want one... bit I do now. dang


Somethink for Ghost hunting :)


Would this work on the Wife, quite often when she opens her mouth to say things there are quite large thermal leaks.


still cheaper. 46p cheaper


Thermal leak detected!

Clarke Jump Start 900 Portable Booster Charger £55.72 @
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Posted 27th Oct 2012Posted 27th Oct 2012
Clarke Jump Start 900 Portable Booster Charger £55.72 @£55.72
Winter has arrived again and it seems like it might be earlier than last year.I get to my car at end of night shift to find a low battery with not enough juice to start her up and have to re…
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Would be great to charge the battery weekly i did think of that but i would have to take the battery off every time and charge it indoors which i was not to keen on (no garage/shed) but thanks for the advice


Well There are loads of different 'makes' of these and by makes I mean different company stickers on them. They are ALL made in china in 2 or 3 different factories :p


Battery and/or Alernator still sound Xmas crackered to me. If both are genuinely fine then at worst I would expect the battery to gradually deplete to an insufficient residual charge (even when cold) over a few weeks at worst. Presumably every time you've reached the stage that you need the booster - you will need to mains-recharge your battery anyway? To keep a wet lead-acid battery in good shape, it is best to keep it as fully charged as possible. Therefore to repeatedly deplete the battery and boost/charge it will soon kill it. If I were in your position I would invest my money (and less of it) in a reasonable mains charger and routinely charge the battery say weekly or fortnightly. An ideal candidate would be a CTEK charger or similar because besides being very good chargers they also come with a quick-connect in-line plug and socket so you could permanently attach the tail to the battery for greater convenience. You might even be able to discretely and safely route the cable through a gap or grill to avoid even popping the bonnet. If you want/need a booster then the price of this one seems 'okay' at best.


Because they tend to get used fairly infrequently the main thing with battery boosters is to keep them on charge, if you don't the batteries self discharge and then die. I had one from Lidl with an air pump in it for years and years, it was great until one year the charger got unplugged and forgotten for a few months and it died. I now have a leisure battery which is kept on a trickle charger.


Much cheaper makes/versioms available in many other places for less.

200 screws for for 40p (33p exc VAT) online @Tool-Net - min order value of £10 + £6.50 delivery
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Posted 21st Mar 2011Posted 21st Mar 2011
200 screws for for 40p (33p exc VAT) online @Tool-Net - min order value of £10 + £6.50 delivery£0.40
Great deal uncomparable to the likes of B&Q and Wickes etc... Thought this was worth sharing! Singlethread, countersunk chipboard screws from a well-known top brand. Ideal for screwin…

I'll stick with Toolstation where delivery is free on a £10 order.


thats a lot of screws


misleading OP - cold from me


40 pence, my backside. Are we being screwed here ? Surely it is £16.50 ?


The price listed needs to include all applicable fees, if it's not a product that can be purchased in store. Thus all taxes, fees, extras etc etc must be included. I realise the poster is trying to show the cheapness of a a packet of screws, but that's the way this site works, and the user has been registered for over a year.

Expanding / Expansion Foam 500ml normally £13 now £2.83 @ toolnet
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Posted 18th Dec 2010Posted 18th Dec 2010
Expanding / Expansion Foam 500ml normally £13 now £2.83 @ toolnet£2.83
Quick setting polyurethane based expanding foam. Can be cut, sawn, plastered and sealed over after approximately 1 hour.;-fill-aeroso…
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I agree it seems steep but if ordering aload of stuff for a job it works out good, some of the equipment of the site must be priced wrong (100 anchorage bolts for less than £20)


This foam is never £13 - generally available for about £5 for this size quick-setting or for a bit less for 50% more normal setting Using this foam for insulation can't even warm this deal up


who voted this hot? its £9! £3 is the standard price and OP just made up the £13 bit to get hot votes from the lemmings lol


Just some quick pointers that may help sort the confusion, from someone who can't sleep: There are actually 3 different types grades of expanding foam B1 B2 B3. There are 3 different delivery methods upside down foam gun foam and (Fischer do one that fits into a skeleton gun but really expensive). The gun will not get 'gunked up' provided you leave the foam can attached, if / when you take it off, either put another can of foam straight on or get a foam cleaner. The everbuild fix n fill foam is B3 filler foam OK for home use provided no fire rating is required, filling holes etc. B1 is fire retardant foam usually more expensive (at least double) and acts as a fire retardant insulation and construction foam developed to make a fire retardant seal between masonry joints. Fire rating specification: Tested according to NEN 6069 B2 is the most common in construction has fire retardant properties (i.e. will burn, but only when a flame is in contact) and must be used with an in tumescent (fire rated) mastic if a fire retardant seal is required (think in terms of the filling of a mastic sandwich) Please look into this further and don't take my word for it if you are's a good price though and a good product. Hope this helps someone


750ml for £3.87 at toolstation, free delivery on order over £10.