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DEWALT DWH079D Dust Box Evacuator - £2.95 + £5 Delivery @ ToolStoreUK
27/05/2022Expires on 27/05/2022Posted 14th MayPosted 14th May
* Empty onboard dust boxes without a mess. DeWalt's Dust Box Evacuator is the worlds first easy solution to safely dispose of concrete dust collected with any of DeWalt's onboard d… Read more

Thanks for sharing your first deal @Lewis_Marie (y)

DEWALT DCS355N 18v Multi-Tool + Accessories + TStak 2 BODY ONLY £139.58 delivered @ Toolstore
86° Expired
Posted 11th MayPosted 11th May
Missed this last time now back in stock

Purchased, I have plenty of batteries. The other alternative is below, with code PICKSAVINGS, brings it down to £150, a tenner more for less accessories, but with a nice 5Ah battery.




Do you receive all the accessories shown?


For extra £30 you can get this deal


Mine arrived yesterday. All good. Pleased with it

DEWALT DCMPS567N 18v Brushless Pole Pruner - £165.12 delivered @ TooleStoreUK
69° Expired
Posted 1st MayPosted 1st May
DEWALT DCMPS567N 18v Brushless Pole Pruner BODY ONLY. This works of your XR range batteries. I have been keeping an eye on this for a while. This is the cheapest I have seen. I… Read more



Are greenworks good? Never heard of them


It’s not available right now but if you’re not in a hurry, it comes up 3-5 times a year on Amazon. Green works makes 40v batteries for a few companies so the tabs can be cut off to fit some stuff.


google can't seem to find it near this price with battery+charger? I'm also assuming that Greenworks batteries don't fit anything else and vice versa?


Oh they had some when I posted it. They seem to get regular stock as when I originally found it a few weeks ago they had some. I procrastinated few days and it sold out. I called them and they told me when more would be available then held one for me until they called me back.

MILWAUKEE M18CCS55-0 18v 165mm Circular Saw BODY ONLY £145 @ ToolStoreUK
92° Expired
Posted 7th AprPosted 7th Apr
MILWAUKEE M18CCS55-0 18v 165mm Circular Saw BODY ONLY £145 @ ToolStoreUK£145 Free P&P Free
MILWAUKEE M18CCS55-0 18v 165mm Circular Saw BODY ONLY Battery type: 18v Li-ion Body Only Machine: Yes Blade diameter: 165 mm No load speed: 5000 rpm Bore size: 15.87 mm Max.… Read more

Oh right - yes, it makes sense. I always thought it was to stop an arm crossing over the top of the blade on the outside chance something were to happen and so it kept the blade in between both arms instead. But you’re right, you would get to eye the cut if you could stand on the same side as the blade. I’m somewhat ambidextrous so never never thought about about which side the blade was so long as my arms didn’t cross it but I’ve got a different perspective today (y)


Yeah the 66mm would still need 2 passes on sleepers. So I'm right handed so my right hand is on the trigger grip so my body is already stood to the left of the tool so from a standing position I can see the blade and cut path. Whereas if I was using a blade right I would have to lean more over the top of the saw to see my cut path if that makes sense. The tools aren't designed for certain handed users just different applications and styles, a few times I would have preferred a blade right saw but overall the blade left was the best buy for me.


Ok, making sense. As for blade on the right - that’s for right handed folk? Guessing left hand on the other handle so the arm doesn’t cross the blade! 66mm one wouldn’t get through the sleepers so would still be two cuts anyway!


You can make your own track with 2 long pieces of plywood. Cut a thin piece of the plywood with the circular saw and attach it to the top of the rest of the plywood using wood glue. Be sure to have excess plywood on both sides of the glue joint.Place the circular saw on one side of the straight edge and cut the excess plywood.Flip the board and repeat on the other side of the circular saw


Yeah there's a 66mm brushless and a 66mm fuel I personally prefer the fuel over the brushless but the non fuel version is fine for DIY use.

MILWAUKEE M18BLCS66-0 18v Brushless 190 mm Circular Saw BODY ONLY £154.99 at ToolStoreUK
63° Expired
Posted 7th AprPosted 7th Apr
MILWAUKEE M18BLCS66-0 18v Brushless 190 mm Circular Saw BODY ONLY £154.99 at ToolStoreUK£154.99 Free P&P Free
MILWAUKEE M18BLCS66-0 18v Brushless 190mm Circular Saw BODY ONLY Battery type: Li-ion Blade diameter: 190 mm Bore size: 30 mm Max. cutting depth 45°: 48 mm Max. cutting dep… Read more

If your arm and leg is only worth 154.99 I am happy to give you this saw in exchange


Good news is that with this you can easily cut through an arm and a leg to pay for it

DEWALT DCS355N 18v Multi-Tool + Accessories + TStak 2 BODY ONLY - £109 @ ToolStoreUK
170° Expired
Posted 25th MarPosted 25th Mar
DEWALT DCS355N 18v Multi-Tool + Accessories + TStak 2 BODY ONLY - £109 @ ToolStoreUK£109 Free P&P Free
Looks like a good price if you already have batteries. Comes with accessories pack, TSTAK and free next day delivery.

Nice find @dazp - cheers for taking time to share :)


Wow we could be doppelganger's i also have a cheap Aldi/Lidl one, so i was exactly like you, it works so why do i need a dewalt one (im not a tool snob in anyway so my opinion is not based on the name) i was on the fence for ages then i got a deal similar to this, even after the purchase i thought id mugged myself as i didn't need it. but then i used it and the difference was insane, the clean cuts to make room for pipes, the crazy little angles you can cut at made it instantly worth it, the whole feel of it makes me think somebody really thought this through. my other multi tool still has a job as a sander so thats a bonus also. Just pointing out my situation as i was very similar to you. :)


I've got a corded Bosch and a cheap cordless Aldi one (both bought before I had DeWalt drill and impact driver kit with batteries), and can't really justify a decent DeWalt cordless one as well (and this offer had already expired when I saw it), but agree the class of tools is definitely useful.


Thanks dazp


Get one for your kitchen alone, im no kitchen fitter but when i did mine this thing was a god send, ability to cut out little hard to reach bits its so useful. With regards to the batteries if your not in the Dewalt eco system yet i started with a set impact driver and drill set with 2x 2.5 and ive never needed any more, i used these to drill my house wall to feed a cable to the outside plug i was fitting, so i always use that as my bench mark, yes a bigger battery probably would have made it easier but i wasnt there for days drilling the wall. Also ive had decent results with after market batteries (selling sites around the £25 mark) never had an issue with them but they are in my box purely as back up but they always work. Finally if you have batteries for other makes look into "badapters" they allow you to use other brand batteries, i have a makita circular but use dewalt on them, looks weird as hell though :) but works a charm.

Dewalt DCH263N 18v Brushless SDS+ Hammer Drill BODY ONLY £124.99 delivered @ ToolStoreUK
397° Expired
Posted 24th MarPosted 24th Mar
Dewalt DCH263N 18v Brushless SDS+ Hammer Drill BODY ONLY £124.99 delivered @ ToolStoreUK£124.99 Free P&P Free
Voltage: 18v Motor: Brushless Impact Energy: 3.0J No Load Speed: 0-1165 No Load Impact Rate: 0-4300 bp 3 Modes: hammer drill, rotary only, hammer only Drilling capacity in co… Read more

I bought this too wish I did years ago it’s brilliant. I’ve been breaking up concrete and about to replace 2 slabs on my mind for ages.


2.7kg bare


Any idea on its weight?


Thanks for this. I went for it and the SDS drill arrived today. Managed to drill a couple of holes in a concrete fence post using the 1.3 AH without it dying so that's a positive start!


I use the 2ah battery on my dewalt circular saw , works fine and enough runtime for diy use. The 1.3 fully charged will run the drill ok but perhaps not long enough for multiple big holes.If you do buy a bare unit , just keep an eye out for 4 or 5ah battery deals. Remembering the dewalt battery rule :£10 per ah is a good deal.

Dewalt TSTAK-2 Tool Case - £12.42 (+£5 Delivery) @ ToolStoreUK
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Posted 4th MarPosted 4th Mar
Dewalt TSTAK-2 Tool Case - £12.42 (+£5 Delivery) @ ToolStoreUK£17.42
Dewalt TSTAK-2 Tool Case. This isn't the waterproof TSTAK 2.0 but still think it's a good deal. Free delivery if you spend over £50.

The plastic seems very tough to me, but I'm pretty gentle on them compared to some other people. Reports of breakages online don't seem too common though. There are quite a lot of video reviews from tradesmen on YouTube if you want some more info. The quality is very good, the lids and latches line up correctly (which is something I've had issues with on other cheaper toolboxes). I'd definitely recommend them at this price.


How tough is the plastic on these? Overall are they good quality?


Mine turned up this morning, both the boxes had stickers on showing that they came from a DCK551P3T kit (containing batteries + tools + cases etc.). The seller must be selling the parts individually. Each case also came with an insert which fits a drill (DCD796), impact driver (DCF887) and charger. The insert is removable, leaving the box exactly the same as the standard empty TSTAK. From what I can tell, these things come back in stock periodically. So hopefully this info is useful to anyone buying in the future.


Out Of Stock :(


I ordered a couple last night. Cheers for posting JJ0E, best price I've seen! I just checked the website again and they've now gone out of stock.

DEWALT TSTAK-1 Tool Case £19.96 @ ToolStoreUK
18° Expired
Posted 26th FebPosted 26th Feb
DEWALT TSTAK-1 Tool Case £19.96 @ ToolStoreUK£19.96
Back in stock great price for this TSTAK box with the metal handle. DeWalt DWST1-70704 TSTAK I Organiser Top Tool Storage BoxThe DWST1-70704 TSTAK I tool box by DeWalt comes with … Read more

Managed to get myself 2. I have them on notification, have to be very fast when ordering. But I got in there. YES!


£5 delivery for under £50 spend. That ebay shop has sold 1,500.


Yup I've bought tstak2 from this company and it was around £13. You've got to stick your head in from time to time to check the stock as the stock alerts seemingly come too late?


This won't be worth chasing, they sell the TSTAK-II even cheaper. PowerToolMate ebay £19.99 iinc. free delivery. In stock. T-STAK II. Fixes the bugs that version 1 had.


Sounds about right!!

MAKITA DHP485STX5 18v Combi Drill 1x5ah + 101 Accessories £169 at ToolStoreUK
-99° Expired
Posted 22nd FebPosted 22nd Feb
MAKITA DHP485STX5 18v Combi Drill 1x5ah + 101 Accessories £169 at ToolStoreUK£169 Free P&P Free
About MAKITA DHP485STX5 18v Combi Drill 1x5ah + 101 Accessories Capacity in Steel: 13 mm No Load Speed (Lo): 0 - 500 rpm No Load Speed (Hi): 0 - 1,900 rpm Capacity in Masonry: 13 m… Read more

Not sure that this is a good deal. Paid £106 a few months back from Howetools. With regards to the bits and drill, I've done a fair amount around the house and honestly can't fault it. Not let me down, but of course, I don't plan to build a house with mine. Can't comment on longevity but so far so good


Rubbish screwdriver and drill bits bits, get ya sens a 2 battery model


Better by a country mile. These bits are cheese anyway.


Would say that's a much more useful useful deal if you use your driil a fair bit


If you don't need the accessories Rexel have a offer for two 5 amp batteries case charger and drill for £155