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Toshiba Excite (Pure, Pro, Write) Bluetooth Keyboard Cover only £26.40 inc vat delivered @ Toshiba
57° Expired
Posted 11th Mar 2014Posted 11th Mar 2014
Toshiba Excite (Pure, Pro, Write) Bluetooth Keyboard Cover only £26.40 inc vat delivered @ Toshiba£26.40
Absolutely stellar price for this, rrp of £80. For anyone like myself that grabbed the Excite Pro for just £169 in December, it's amazing that you still have change for fish and c… Read more

Should be unexpired.


And with how some people have been ridiculously finicky over the "heat" of the processor, I am sure there has been a fair few returned that have not needed repair, just reboxing.


I think there was only three for sale. One had gone & I bought the second so the offer has passed. The unit only had one update to reach v4.3 JellyBean, the battery was partly charged (~80%) & there were no stickers on the camera lens. These points were mentioned in the main Excite deal as indicating that the items had been back to Amazon & re-sold. This was never proved IIR. The one I purchased was billed as "refurbished" & direct from Toshiba with 12mths warranty so I gambled that it was up-to-speed. No problems so far. I'd suggest that any returns from the batch sold before Xmas could reach Toshiba & appear as refurbished in the future.


Hi, could you provide a linky for the refurb excite pro? I've had a look for it but found nothing thank you


Ordered yesterday midday, delivered first thing this morning. Excellent build quality and thinner than the generic cover I had been using. Thanks for the heads up.

Toshiba Excite AT10-A-104 - £159.99 @ Toshiba Outlet
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Posted 7th Jan 2014Posted 7th Jan 2014LocalLocal
Toshiba Excite AT10-A-104 - £159.99 @ Toshiba Outlet£159.99
Available in both Ashford and Braintree Toshiba Outlet stores, when you buy it for £159.99 you get a free £20 Voucher which can easily get you a case or memory card! Online price £… Read more
Avatar alfiekilsby
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my excite pro is perfect no problems intensive gaming, 1440 and 1600p vids on youtube, heavy multitasking you need to update to 4.3 and that's that


I never said it was, I was replying to the comment 2 above mine


my exite pro is fine gets a little warm at the corner but over all very impressive for the 169 I paid for it. get the pro instead.


This isn't an excite pro


dont waste your time with a excite pro, ive just sent 2 back, after 30 mins of intensive gaming they over heat & the screen jumps instead of moving smoothly, look at the pixel count, nearly twice as many as all other tablets yet its only got the same power, the screen is to good for the tablet & it cant handle it, its great when you 1st turn it on but then sadly it overheats & becomes unstable

BDX5400 SMART 3D BLU-RAY PLAYER  & 2 Free Cineworld Tickets per month for 6 months  & 500 Clubcard points  for  £75  INSTORE ONLY AT TESCO
464° Expired
Posted 13th Jun 2013Posted 13th Jun 2013
BDX5400 SMART 3D BLU-RAY PLAYER & 2 Free Cineworld Tickets per month for 6 months & 500 Clubcard points for £75 INSTORE ONLY AT TESCO£75
Saw this in store at Tesco Silverburn Glasgow,you need to claim the free cinema tickets via Toshiba online. ( links in post 1 ) Also 500 extra Clubcard points,also might be able t… Read more

No longer available from BHS but Richer Sounds have it for the same price.


I'd avoid it like the plague. I've bought a Sony BDP 490 for £76 from BHS Direct. Far, far better, and What Hifi gave it 5 stars. It's such a good deal I'm thinking of adding it on here.


does anyone know if this has a usb slot that I could plug a usb stick into to play .avi, .mpeg4 and .mkv files on? I'm looking for a blu ray player for the bedroom that can work with digital copies of films (not illegal ones before someone cries copyright infringment!)


First one has sound issues, losing audio sync. Back to Tesco on Monday for a swap.


I've just found the 3400 in my local Tesco in Clay Cross for £75.00 - seeing as the 3D isn't important to me, this is still a good deal. Might pick one up after a chat with my better half. EDIT: The 3400 doesn't have built in wifi or 3D but neither of those are important to me.

Toshiba X400 HD Camcorder Red or Black £99.98 + £4.79 P&P @ Toshiba
57° Expired
Posted 15th Jan 2013Posted 15th Jan 2013
Toshiba X400 HD Camcorder Red or Black £99.98 + £4.79 P&P @ Toshiba£99.98
Got emailed this offer and thought I would share it all you have to do is buy now and price will be adjusted at checkout

At the end of the day, the picture and sound matter on a Camcorder and both are terrible on this. Although I must say when I did a firmware upgrade on it, the picture did improve.


I disagree with the comments here. For £99.98 it's an absolute steal. I bought one the other day when I got the offer email from Toshiba and it arrived today. It's £99.98 including FREE delivery by the way (which was Express Next Day). It doesn't feel cheap and plasticky at all. In fact I'd say quite the opposite; it reeks of quality, from the plush box that it comes in to the faux carbon-fibre casing of the screen. The body is covered mostly in a rubberised material, so you can grip easily. So, not at all plasticky. The image quality is not up to the standard of some other camcorders, but for £99.98 you really can't go wrong. You'd have to spend twice that on a JVC / Panasonic / Canon to get anything that gives significantly better results. Toshiba don't manufacture them in the same way that Apple don't manufacture the iPad. Production is outsourced to large, cheap factories in China. It is as much a Toshiba product as you're going to find. It's badged Toshiba, the handle carries the Toshiba logo, the carry case that comes with it is badged Toshiba, the firmware is Toshiba, etc etc. It even comes with a remote control and a mini HDMI to regular HDMI lead so you can plug it into your TV to view the results.


No, just no. Terrible camcorder, most phones are better quality than this. Much better off with a cheap Panny or Canon.


I bought one when my old one packed up. The picture is very poor. So bad I gave it to the kids and bought a Panasonic.


These are made by another company and Toshiba badge them.... Pretty sure they're made by Aiptek which is a pretty budget manufacturer. Cheap, plasticky and ummm well nothing special.

FREE Dark Knight Rises Trilogy (Blu-Ray) with any Toshiba Blu-Ray player (BDX1300KB model is only £60)
1040° Expired
Posted 7th Nov 2012Posted 7th Nov 2012
FREE Dark Knight Rises Trilogy (Blu-Ray) with any Toshiba Blu-Ray player (BDX1300KB model is only £60)
Toshiba are currently (until 31st December) offering the free Dark Knight Rises Blu-Ray box set to anybody who registers their new Toshiba Blu-Ray player within 7 days of purchase … Read more

Mine has arrived today as well, also returned my printed Tesco email order confirmation,my claim was sent away around the 7th December.


Received my copy today thankfully. They sent my printed receipts back with a thank you letter. It said it was printed on the 9th January too


Hey All! I hope my post (#125) helped you all...I got the same rubbish from them when I rang. However, I just got through to Bennetts online (who I bought from) and a really helpful member of staff sent me the receipt just. I've sent it over to Toshiba who have confirmed they have received it, but informed me my box-set may take upto 14 days to arrive...on top of the 40 days I've been waiting? Ahhhh! Anyhow, hope you've all sorted yours out. Luke


Hi , Q for all those who have already received their box set- How did your blu rays arrive? first class, second or courier? thanks


I bought mine from tesco online so I sent everything tesco sent me. Best to just get in touch then I may have a chance of getting the boxset

Toshiba AT100-100 Tablet £229.99@Toshiba Outlet Cheshire Oaks
50° Expired
Posted 6th Apr 2012Posted 6th Apr 2012LocalLocal
Toshiba AT100-100 Tablet £229.99@Toshiba Outlet Cheshire Oaks£229.99
Toshiba's touch screen tablet, 16gb. 10.1", Android Seems to be a few specials in this shop this weekend, I seem to be a regular there! :-) probably only a good deal if you are loc… Read more
Avatar smith78
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Bought one in Ashford yesterday - 24th late afternoon. Staff said they still had a eight. Had a moment when the screen was a bit weird on initial charge but on taking all the updates sorted itself out. Very impressed - full sized SD card, USB and hdmi slots and an additional mini B USB. Screen is fine and bright enough - processor is fairly zippy compared to a phone (although struggles a bit certain multitasking situations like multiple installs/updates) battery life has been good so far and looks like it would be good for 5 hours minimum (unless you are caning the video).


Bought one at the Cheshire oaks store today looks like a new item, very happy so far and the price was brilliant!! Heat added


Just been ringing the Ashford outlet branch but it seems to auto hang up. Like the connectivity with this and the back is removable giving easy access to the battery, but it is a bit chunky.


had a quick play on one of these a while back and was impressed, very smooth, responsive! Good connections too, hdmi, sd etc. But like most Tosh items hard to actually find one to try! Heat added though!

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HD Toshiba Camileo X 200 Camcorder £124-78 delivered direct from Toshiba
Posted 16th Feb 2012Posted 16th Feb 2012
HD Toshiba Camileo X 200 Camcorder £124-78 delivered direct from Toshiba£124.78
Well made Camcorder from a good brand. Cheapest I have found. Here's some spec from their site With an 8 megapixel CMOS sensor recording HDvideos in 1080p and taking quality phot… Read more
Avatar deleted491592
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Toshiba 26DL833, 26" LED with built in DVD @Toshiba Outlet
40° Expired
Posted 11th Feb 2012Posted 11th Feb 2012
Toshiba 26DL833, 26" LED with built in DVD @Toshiba Outlet£219.99
Hi, first post so hope this helps someone.. Just got my self a Toshiba 26" LED with built in dvd for what I think seems like a very cheap price, especially for LED? Bought from t… Read more
Avatar smith78
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Yer i got the 32" version, can highly recommend this set!! Was going to get the 26", might now at this price!


I've got the 32" tv. Cracking picture.


picture here.. bought one with the voucher code via quidco here for £260 delivered on friday...seems they have shaved the price again this weekend!

Toshiba 40BV700 40" Full HD LCD TV £269.99@Toshiba Outlet instore only
621° Expired
Posted 22nd May 2011Posted 22nd May 2011
Toshiba 40BV700 40" Full HD LCD TV £269.99@Toshiba Outlet instore only£269.99
Saw this in Toshiba Outlet Cheshire Oaks Possible nationwide if there are other stores?? Pic in first post from window was very tempted but short on funds at the mo. £349.99 at ama… Read more
Avatar king_iang
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back in stock!!




Yes, of course LG and Samsung are totally crap. That sentence alone has pretty much summed up your electronics knowledge. Sigh..


Toshiba are becoming like Hitachi and Wharefedale now.



Satellite T130-17W - £353 and Satellite T130-13Q £348 @ Toshiba using code
22° Expired
Posted 8th Jul 2010Posted 8th Jul 2010
Satellite T130-17W - £353 and Satellite T130-13Q £348 @ Toshiba using code£353
Use code 3D6A7D0E to get this price. Toshiba also have the Satellite T130-13Q £348 using same code. Genuine Windows® 7 Home Premium 64-bit (pre-installed, Toshiba-HDD recovery)- I… Read more
Avatar deleted18839
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agreed,pentium dual core not celeron cpus are the norm for 350 pounds now.


Massive discount - but not a spectacular deal :(

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