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Hitachi 42" Full HD LED TV £185 - Total Digital
62° Expired
Posted 30th Jan 2015Posted 30th Jan 2015
Hitachi 42" Full HD LED TV £185 - Total Digital£299
This is the cheapest deal that I've seen for this TV. Elsewhere it's selling for around £269. It's a Smart TV & has Freeview HD. The reviews are pretty positive. Overall it's a… Read more

I bought this tv from Argos 3 weeks ago for £229 plus the dongle for £10. For the money the picture is fab but the sound was a bit too tinny for me so I bought the hitachi soundbar with bluetooth for it and now it is perfect


just ordered 1 of these babies


great tv


Requires separate WIFI dongle priced at £24.99 (Argos).


£215 inc delivery nonetheless a good price

Hitachi 50HYT62 LED TV 50" Smart Full HD 1080p (Freeview HD USB WiFi) - £279.00 Delivered - Total Digital
696° Expired
Posted 24th Jan 2015Posted 24th Jan 2015
Hitachi 50HYT62 LED TV 50" Smart Full HD 1080p (Freeview HD USB WiFi) - £279.00 Delivered - Total Digital£279
50HYT62U Upgrade your home entertainment with this 50" Full HD TV. Hitachi's latest Smart LED TVs feature built in Freeview HD, Wi-Fi, Netflix, Smart apps, an open web browser to b… Read more

i had one of these for 30 days before it stopped working :(


crap tv I have one ..never again


deal now expired


£299 now plus delivery.


Comment I think anything above 100hz is good

LG 49UB850V LED TV 49" Smart 4K TV £939 @ TotalDigital
174° Expired
Posted 20th Jul 2014Posted 20th Jul 2014
LG 49UB850V LED TV 49" Smart 4K TV £939 @ TotalDigital£939
Description REDUCED EVEN FURTHER from the original deal of £989 Experience detail as life intended with LG's 49UB850 49" 4K Ultra HD 3D LED TV. Boasting a resolution four times t… Read more

Check the update on the review while eating your biscuits and drinking your tea.


Wow theres hdmi 2? But then techology moves so fast that by the time you find what you want in this price range you will yourself wishing for hdmi3 (whatever that would be)


having only one hdmi 2 connection puts me off as only hdmi 2 is capable of 60fps and full colour


Read on here. Updated review after software update. Not so bad now.


Would John lewis price match?

Philips HTD3500 £68 @ Total Digital (In Store) Or £77.94 Delivered @ CPC
71° Expired
Posted 4th Jul 2014Posted 4th Jul 2014
Philips HTD3500 £68 @ Total Digital (In Store) Or £77.94 Delivered @ CPC£68
Philips HTD3500 £68. Seems like a decent price. Bring the power of the cinema into your home! The Philips HTD3500/12 Home theater with exposed speakers drivers offering powerful … Read more

[image missing]

Brand New PS4 Console 289.99 at Total Digital
Posted 30th Jun 2014Posted 30th Jun 2014
Brand New PS4 Console 289.99 at Total Digital£289.99
Googled PS4 and this came up! Brand new! £289.99 Including VAT and delivery! Has anyone ever bought from them tho? I'm a bit curious.

Cheap marketing?


Looks dodgy as fk. Can you even buy one at £300? Why sell it at £290


Hmmm I think you may have had a lucky escape, I wouldn't trust them.


I wish now that I had ordered it earlier. It was £289.99 for a New one. But yeah now changed.


and £10 delivery. I'm voting cold in my head.

Samsung UE48H8000 LED TV 48" Curved 3D Smart HD £1302 including delivery @ Totaldigital
-102° Expired
Posted 8th Jun 2014Posted 8th Jun 2014
Samsung UE48H8000 LED TV 48" Curved 3D Smart HD £1302 including delivery @ Totaldigital£1,302
A great Samsung LED Curved 3D & HD TV at a great price. plus you get a 5 year warranty if you buy from John Lewis and use their price match service. And yes they will price mat… Read more

I think they are amazing. Heat added!


There was a study published in the media this week saying that people naturally prefer curves.


I've said this in other curved TV threads but when Samsung launched their super thin LED TV's in 2009 they had lots of complaints from customers stating their TV's were curved, damaged and noticeably bent in the middle from poor handling. now they're charging thousands for them lol. I was looking at them the other day, they look nice but what's the point especially at this size.


Its, Its like Garlic Bread all over again.!!!.............. ;)


Does the curves make a flower shape?

Sony KDL-55W805 55" Led 3d TV £840 with 5yr Warranty @ Total Digital
377° Expired
Posted 20th Apr 2014Posted 20th Apr 2014
Sony KDL-55W805 55" Led 3d TV £840 with 5yr Warranty @ Total Digital£840
Good price for a brilliant TV, great for HD and Gaming. Specs on Go To Deal link £30 extra if you require delivery.

I got this TV and it's brilliant. I price matched this website with John Lewis and they approved it. Unfortunately they don't have any left otherwise you could've got the 5 year warranty. However the TV is amazing for gaming and movies. Good price for a good tv, especially it being 55"


I disagree, and you must be very unfortunate having 2 most slagged Sony tv's in recent years. Both W805 and W955 are based on the same screen type - IPS - which works well as PC monitor but not TV screen. As mentioned earlier - black levels and contrast are non existent on both Tv's when watched in dark. So yes, you have passive 3D thanks to IPS technology, and at the same time you have the worst Sony tellys in last 2 years. W905 has VA screen along with this year's W829, and although W905 is superior thanks to local dimming technology W829 isn't far behind. Also I'd take active 3D any time...


Each to their own..absolutely not awful TV. I have one currently together with the W955 and in all honesty I am happier with this than the W955 except for the triluminos display... This has better blacks than the w955, even my mrs could spot that easily.. and what a lot of people are no considering is the fact that this Tv has hard a few Updates which has made things a lot better.... I took this over the W905 purely because of passive 3D and viewing angles before the sony £660 deal came along... I ll still take this over the W905 come another day. So this is not a rubbish TV for anyone interested.


Awful TV. Returned and got a KDL-50W829 for £779


905 or new 955 (£1600) which I got..... ;)

Samsung UE55F8000 LED TV 55" Smart 3D Full HD - £1494 at Total Digital but price match at John Lewis
92° Expired
Posted 13th Apr 2014Posted 13th Apr 2014
Samsung UE55F8000 LED TV 55" Smart 3D Full HD - £1494 at Total Digital but price match at John Lewis£1,494
Hi Just bought this wonderful 55" TV from John Lewis, Trafford Centre. Just take a printout of the Total Digital page with you and you can get this for £1494. You will get 5 years … Read more

£100 less - today only


hot .great tv


wow that looks amazing from the side!


Has JL stopped stocking the ue55f8000?


I think JL has stopped stocking UE55F8000?

Sony KDL55W805 3D Smart LED TV £840 5 Yr Warrant - £870 Delivered @ Total Digital
67° Expired
Posted 6th Apr 2014Posted 6th Apr 2014
Sony KDL55W805 3D Smart LED TV £840 5 Yr Warrant - £870 Delivered @ Total Digital£840
X-Reality PRO 400hz - Passive 3D (2 pairs inc.) - 5 yr Warrant - One Touch Mirroring With NFC - Full HD - Frame Dimming - In Stock Any thoughts folks??

Yes it is.


It's not smart TV


did we???


I agree but it's not the deals fault that Sony made an error. I'm just gauging the quality of the deal, not the IT system the outlet store uses.


Hot from me even though I also ordered the W905 for £660, though whether the order is honoured or not. It is a mistake by Sony but these things happen now and again, it's a case of human error. At least we get a £25 Sony voucher ;-)

Samsung UE40F8000 LED TV 40" Smart 3D Full HD Wi-Fi 1000Hz CMR £893 @ totaldigital
-121° Expired
Posted 17th Feb 2014Posted 17th Feb 2014
Samsung UE40F8000 LED TV 40" Smart 3D Full HD Wi-Fi 1000Hz CMR £893 @ totaldigital£893
UE40F8000STXXU UE40F8000ST UE-40F8000ST UE40-F8000STXXU Smart TV that understands you. Spend more time watching the things you want to watch, rather than searching through thousand… Read more

Because you can get the 42la740 for £649 sky tv of the year and witch best buy.


Why it's cold ?????


it is 1000 Hz CMR every manufacturer have their own marketing tricks google it there is a conversion table for this to real refresh rate


1000hz? Yer ok, was that a typo? And 400hz doesnt exist either, theres only upto 200hz (plasma screens are 100hz x 6 before anyone thinks i dont know what I'm talking about)


1000hz damn my tv like 400 hz