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FREE gym and spa pass for any Total Fitness Health Club
236° Expired
Posted 9th Jan 2019Posted 9th Jan 2019
FREE gym and spa pass for any Total Fitness Health ClubFREE£12
Used this the other day in Lincoln, got free access to all facilities including classes, hydropool and sauna. Not sure if families can use it but know that individuals and couples… Read more

Most of them in Manchester and Liverpool. None in the south!

Open Weekend @ Total Fitness all gyms
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Posted 18th May 2018Posted 18th May 2018
Open Weekend @ Total Fitness all gyms
Looks like total fitness are hosting an all-access open weekend for all their Gyms. I'll be going just for the Spa XD Club locations are here:… Read more

Health and safety will dictate you'll need an 'induction' to safely use the machines and to explain where everything is.


Well the form has an optin button so aslong as you dont opt in i would say no. May get a phone call to confirm the booking though


Will you have to take the clubtour, sit and listen to the sales pitch for 30 minutes and then get bombarded with spam emails and sales calls after?.


Looks like she's been overdoing it.

12 Days For £12 @ TotalFitness (with code)
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Posted 5th Dec 2017Posted 5th Dec 2017
12 Days For £12 @ TotalFitness (with code)£12
This December we would love for you to experience the Total Fitness community. That’s why we’re offering 12 days of membership for just £12. Every Total Fitness hosts a wide range… Read more

fair point Mega, the appeal of joining in a bacterial haven of sweaty grunters doesn't do it for me, but i guess mental health is a thing too (i think you'd have to be slightly unhinged to pay for that... but thanks for the detailed explanation, i feel enlightened... you've almost talked me into joining a really expensive gym that i'll never use. :p


Not everyone goes to the gym because they're unhealthy lol


losing a pound a day before you even exercise... sorry, i just don't get why people pay to get healthy.... how about a nice walk in the fresh air, or not getting unhealthy in the first place?


Recently not anymore. Those who missed out or didn't see can take up this deal.


Just recently it was a free 10 day trial. This isn't a deal.

Total fitness no contract no joining fee and dec free
Posted 4th Dec 2012Posted 4th Dec 2012
Total fitness no contract no joining fee and dec free£39.99
This is my first post so please be gentle. Total fitness gyms are doing a special offer through out December where u get December free, have no contract and no joining fee. I reali… Read more

Yes this is why I signed up too, however because my son is under 3 it's only cos me £10 for the year :)


Includes family membership :p from me


Best deal I found is annual membership for LA Fitness using Tesco Clubcard points. Useful if you have an LA Fitness near and shop wisely at Tesco.


The place is pricey, but no contract is a great deal... if you use it lots then you will get the moneys worth... its people who think they will use it lots and then after a month aren't but too late, they are stuck in a 12 month contract....


£10 too much for me. Tight but Xcercise is only £10 over the road from Total Fitness for me.

Years Membership at Total Fitness £295
-63° Expired
Posted 20th Jan 2010Posted 20th Jan 2010LocalLocal
Years Membership at Total Fitness £295£295
Think this is a nationwide deal, but if you sign with total fitness before Sunday this week (24th) and pay in one lump sum there is NO joining fee and only costs £295 for the whole… Read more
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Total Fitness is a total rip off. My wife and 2 kids are members costing over £40 per month. I pay for swimming lessons which are £60 per child yet in order for me (or any one else) to take the children to their lesson and sit on the side of the pool they want an additional £15 for a pass. My daughter recently cut her toe at the pool side and both 1st aid kits were completely empty (surely that is illegal?) The showers smell of foul drains and the place is generally filthy. Find a David Lloyd or DW Fitness gym before you give this lot your hard earned cash!


yep me too. managed to get it the day before it opened £9.99... cant argue with that


That's the one I just joined. Got the starting price for Wolverhampton just before it opened. Very busy at peak periods and too many treadmills compared to weight machines/free weights, but paying less per month than I would have to for a day visit to TF, I'm not complaining. After all, how many gyms are open 24/7?


they (gyms) are very overpriced. ive just joined pure gym. they only have gyms in edinburgh, leeds, manchester and wolverhampton, but its only £15.99 per month with no minimum contract


I used them while working up north just before Xmas. £15 for a day membership or £70 for a month's "trial". I paid less in London at a better equipped gym. I now pay £10 a month. New gym, no creche, swimming pool, jacuzzi, holistic reiki meditation etc. Considering that most members at the branch of TF I visited never used anything but the gym and didn't see the point of subsidising all of the spas, beauticians and extra nonsense that some of these clubs delight in crammng in, the likes of Total Fitness are going to have to lower their prices or lose custom.

12 months gym membership £295 (24.58/mo) EXISTING MEMBERS TOO! @ Total Fitness
-14° Expired
Posted 26th Oct 2009Posted 26th Oct 2009
12 months gym membership £295 (24.58/mo) EXISTING MEMBERS TOO! @ Total Fitness£295
We got a leaflet through the door for 12 months membership at Total Fitness for £295. I'm currently a member, and was paying £43/month - I was all ready to cancel my current membe… Read more

oops. Link changed! Thanks


working link for you Regards J


It's cold up north.


Voted hot for you. Good deal. Pity it's upfront payment though. Oh, and the link doesnt work.


All the others have expired, and none of them mention that existing members can use it.