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Totally Wicked is the online resource for ‘vaping’, or the new generation of vapour cigarettes. The online e cigarette store lets you mix your own liquid or buy pre-mixed products via the online store.  Choose from e-liquids, electronic cigarette kits, variable voltage devices, RCS tanks and atomisers, TECC products, accessories and batteries. Make online purchases, get product information and get all the news about smoking statistics, public health policies and more.
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UD Goblin Mini V3 RTA Tank inc 4ml adapter. £26.06 Delivered Totally Wicked.
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Posted 14th Sep 2016Posted 14th Sep 2016
UD Goblin Mini V3 RTA Tank inc 4ml adapter. £26.06 Delivered Totally Wicked.£26.06
Use code SEP1415 TO TAKE DOWN FROM £27.99. Good price for the latest Goblin model with two decks. Good reviews. Includes the 4ml adapter which is usually around a fiver. Free deliv… Read more
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Totally Wicked 25% off across the whole site Black Friday Weekend
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Posted 27th Nov 2015Posted 27th Nov 2015
Totally Wicked 25% off across the whole site Black Friday Weekend
25% off the whole range for Black Friday Weekend. plus Free Postage on orders over £50 plus Free e-liquid with purchases over £30
£5 free credit @ totally wicked for existing customers
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Posted 4th Aug 2015Posted 4th Aug 2015
£5 free credit @ totally wicked for existing customers£5
Hi just log in to your T W account and you will have £5 free credit which you can use in anything . Quick example Pg mixing juice 60ml £2.99 Standard delivery £1.99 £4.98 2p left … Read more
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did this at Xmas.... signed up with few years back but need to be existing customer who's paid before.... there prices are crazy thou


I know I put existing customers in the title


You can use the 25% discount and then the £5 voucher, so a bottle of £4.49 e liquid becomes 36p delivered. They do this a few times a year so register an account if you don't already have one so you can have the free stuff next time ;)


doesn't work if you sign up unfortunately

Totally Wicked E-Cig - Full Site Sale
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Posted 11th Oct 2014Posted 11th Oct 2014
Totally Wicked E-Cig - Full Site Sale£14.99
Not a regular poster so please be kind! Totally Wicked are having a full site Yoyo sale on their website with up to 40% off products. Realise this won't appeal to all but I manag… Read more
upto 40% off with YOYO Promo @ E-Cig site.
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Posted 3rd May 2014Posted 3rd May 2014
upto 40% off with YOYO Promo @ E-Cig site.
Managed to get a couple of giftcards with 35% off. then once this offer ends you will get another offer like last time 20% off, making a saving of 55%. upto 40% off products to.. … Read more
25% off on 20 pound gift cards unlimited amounts @ Totally Wicked E Liquid
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Posted 23rd Apr 2014Posted 23rd Apr 2014
25% off on 20 pound gift cards unlimited amounts @ Totally Wicked E Liquid£15
buy as many 20pound gift cards as you want and pay only 15 pounds can then spend them on the ecig eliquid products on site and even on the special offers you get 25% off o… Read more
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I know totally wicked is an unpopular company but who cares I am vaping on a novatank which costs 2.25 with the giftcard and comes with 2 spare atomiser coils for free.The coils cost more than this alone.Oh and free postage too.Look on ebay and see it is at least twice as much and could be fake copies.These are not fakes.I am not suggesting you become best friends with the owner.I am pointing out real bargains.


Far better vendors out there for stock, quality and price. Sorry OP cold sadly


Overpriced to begin with

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Totally Wicked E-cigs 40% off
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Posted 6th Jan 2014Posted 6th Jan 2014
Totally Wicked E-cigs 40% off
If you are giving up smoking for the new year , Totally Wicked are selling at 40% off I have got a Tornado tank and its worked for me for the last two weeks
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Depending on how much you smoke now might determine how much you want to spend on your kit. Any of the EGO kits which come with CE5 or CE4 clearomizers will work. They're ok but some are made better than others. I recommended this kit to a guy at work: It's £20 and for that you have one battery with charger. One high quality tank (bit that holds your liquid) and 5 replaceable coils. The coils burn out over time, depending on use. Depending on your use that battery may last you a few hours up to a day or so! The Protank that this comes with is partly pyrex which tends to keep the vape slightly cooler and some say with a better taste. The pyrex will also take any liquid where as plastic ones can get damaged from a small number of liquid types (cinnamon and citrus based ones generally) If you can stretch to £30 then this kit is a lot better: For that you have a very good higher capacity battery with controls so you can change how the vape feels. You can also use it whilst it is plugged in charging.You also get 5 clearomizers (liquid tanks) The iTaste Kit is a much better deal really. As for how it works you just have a battery connected to a clearomizer or tank (sometimes referred to generally as the atomizer) Inside the clearomizer will be a coil {or more specifically the actual atomizer). The liquid goes onto the coil and turns into a vape. As they heat up a lot that's the bit that breaks so you will have to buy more coils for your type of clearomizer when they do. The most common devices will be threaded for either EGO or 510. Anything 510 threaded should fit an EGO battery. If you buy replacements of whats in these kits you won't go wrong! As for cig equiv that sort of changes person to person. As a general guide heavy smokers tend to start on 18-24mg liquid. Average smokers more around 12mg. I've noticed that over time a lot of people drop off the nicotine content to either 6mg or 3mg or just no nicotine at all. All liquids will be a PG or VG base (the carrier fluid) or a mixture of the two. PG gives more throat hit to give a more recognisable cig feel. VG makes more vapor clouds. Few people such as myself find they react a little to PG so go for full VG based liquids. For liquid suppliers try one of these: There are many many others. If you do want a tobacco tasting liquid I can't recommend any but look for ones with RY4 or RY5 in their title as they're the ones people tend to go for. I'd just buy a handful of 10ml bottles to see what you like before investing in bigger ones.


Yep...same here. I am looking to ditch the cancer sticks and need to know how these electronic things work. As above. What do we order to start, how many cigs equiv is it, and what do we then need to order in the future? Where's the best place to order from? Ebay links, Cheers for the advice (_;)


I gave up about 3 months ago using a ego vision from vapeescape which cost £59.99, I have now moved up to a much better kit and what a price and quality with a vamo v5 its awsome £49.99 delivered for the full kit. Have a link if needed, try to post it the other day but mods took it down. still don't Know why..... :p




I bought these, offered £3.25 each best offer.

Tornado eGo-C Slim Full Kit was £44.99 now £26.99 + Others (40% Off) P+P £2.99 @ totallywicked-eliquid.
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Posted 30th Dec 2013Posted 30th Dec 2013
Tornado eGo-C Slim Full Kit was £44.99 now £26.99 + Others (40% Off) P+P £2.99 @ totallywicked-eliquid.£26.99
14 days of 40% off all Titan and Tornado kits, including the Tornado eGo-C Slim and Tornado eGo-C Twist kits. Great as a present, spare kit or a treat for yourself. Maybe you can h… Read more

Got there in the end, I'm ordering another kit from there before the code expires, can't have too many batteries! Happy to have helped :)


Thank you, that worked :)


Ah, try this one SALE14


Ooops! The discount code you entered is invaild or expired, it therefore could not be applied to your order. Going to try ordering in Firefox, nope same problem as Chrome, XMAS25 does not work for me :(


the code XMAS25 is valid until 31st January. This site worth bookmarking too

Totally Wicked (E-Cigarettes) up to 70% or more off!! Kits/accessories/liquid
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Posted 30th Nov 2012Posted 30th Nov 2012
Totally Wicked (E-Cigarettes) up to 70% or more off!! Kits/accessories/liquid
if you are wanting to give up smoking totally wicked is ideal! various % off various items such as kits (great for newcomers) batteries liquids and accessories i personally have be… Read more
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I own a Varible Voltage E cig fantastic product got the Torpedo Chrome also known as lavatube smash some boge cartomizers on these and bang your sorted. Will be buying plenty of liquids from totally wicked during this time, Deffo getting more strawberry its amazing vape.


furthest i've see is 35% - bit rubbish to be honest - probably would have got better value with their normal vouchers/offers etc


after few days of watching the site i managed to snap Microlite Cartomizer Kit at 35%, so yeah, it goes over 30%. The furthest I've seen being 39% as far as I remember.


if substantiating this deal, does come across as trolling then i am happy for you to come to that conclusion. fact is as i said prior to rectifying the misinformation, and beyond, this deal is good. excellent in fact as has transpired.


oh dear this is getting tiresome and personal do not accuse me of telling lies or being dishonest, there is really no need to resort to name calling this thread is not just for that battery but other products for which my statement is true... you are simply nit picking i do not have a grudge against TW ..i was pointing out a fact only after you claimed how supportive TW were the riva as i said in my view does perform better as it is not regulated / restricted to 3.2volts ...on a fresh battery charge you will get 4.2volts hence a better performance i know you enjoy trolling but this really isnt the place... you know where to find me if you would like to continue your insults

25% of EVERYTHING until 31st August @ Totally Wicked
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Posted 29th Jul 2012Posted 29th Jul 2012
25% of EVERYTHING until 31st August @ Totally Wicked
Can't think of a better time to have a go at this product and give up smoking and start vaping than now!!! 2.99 p&p - yeahbutitsnotfree

glad i read about totally wicked, took my biz elsewhere.... managed to persuade a guy at work to do the same aswell


Even with the sale @ TW are still more expensive than other vendors. Shop around. I would rather chew grass if I had no alternative than give this bully a penny


Hot and great customer service simple as


the unscrupulous information purposely left to remain amid the internet, was and is managed ... believing what we read is a choice. the alternate and rival company that affords credence to the 40 fags per cartridge outfit, launched its dirty tricks campaign. the campaign was in part successful as we can see by the negative attitude from the ignorant. fact remains that Totally Wicked previously won the day for vaping and we might all be without had they not successfully fought the corner. 25% off is infact a deal ... politics aside and this might have become duly hot ... for example £2 for 10ml of flavour concentrate is extremelly good value, as are other offers across their store.


"The e-cigarettes that people see advertised everywhere, have there place, but can be expensive and you can get much more choice and throat hit with a battery/clearomizer set up" with that said, probably best to shop at Totally Wicked then ... ;)

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