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Free AA cover for Key Workers (Health and social care, government, food production, education, transport, utilities etc) for Toyota drivers
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Posted 3rd Apr 2020Posted 3rd Apr 2020
Free AA cover for Key Workers (Health and social care, government, food production, education, transport, utilities etc) for Toyota driversFREE£0.01
Toyota is partnering with the AA to provide the UK’s key workers who drive Toyota vehicles with free roadside assistance cover, regardless of how old their car might be. The move w… Read more

Yeah I've completely misunderstood. I need to call about my membership anyways :D Thanks


You only need to call it if you've broken down. You don't need to sign up to it.


Brill thanks, I've written down the numbers and I'll call tomorrow.


You don't click through anything... The deal is if you have a Toyota, you get free AA cover by ringing the number.


I annoyingly renewed and paid for mine in February, however, my wife should be able to take advantage. When I click through though it is still requesting payment. Have I missed a step where you prove yourself a key worker etc? Has anyone gone through the process yet and taken advantage of the offer?

TOYOTA 0%APR Managers pricelist event 9th-11th NATIONALLY
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Posted 8th Feb 2018Posted 8th Feb 2018
TOYOTA 0%APR Managers pricelist event 9th-11th NATIONALLY
0% APR on the new Toyota C-HR this weekend 3 Years 0% APR Finance* Cars from £129 per month Up to £2,000 towards your deposit Ends 5pm, Sunday 11 th February … Read more

Did anyone take up this offer? What car did you buy and what sort of deal?


These are all new 18 plates so will likely be consigned stock rather than pre reg stock. You can still get a good deal but probably not til the last weekend in march.


Majority of Toyota cars are fleet cars and they can be negotiated for a very low price compared to the retail prices you see... do your research and I’m sure a local dealer is able to drop thousands on the pre reg cars as they have a target to shift their cars, Toyota however, IMO isn’t as well made as it used to be, had a brand new company car for three years and it felt very cheap ... not worth the retail price imo.


This is a standard nationwide marketing campaign deal across many makes and dealers run at various time through the year


hard enough to find the prices of them new before this amazing deal!

Toyota Yaris Icon, 0% APR and £2500 scrappage discount - £11,995 @ Toyota
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Posted 15th Nov 2017Posted 15th Nov 2017
Toyota Yaris Icon, 0% APR and £2500 scrappage discount - £11,995 @ Toyota£11,995
I am thinking about this offer, I have checked most of the scrappage deals and I think this is the best one for now.


You are missing the 0% APR, can you get no interest payment over 3.5 years on drivethedeal as well?


You can buy this car from drive the deal , at the same price (11995)... Without scrapping your car .


Have a read of Honest John ( scrappage con) report... pretty much in all instances you can get a better discount by not using it Manufacturer 'scrappage deals' are actually nothing more than standard discounts and you can probably get a better discount anyway by buying via a good broker such as The only way a scrappage deal offers a genuine benefit over and above a discount is if it is supported with funding from the government. In other words, if the governemt gives you some of your taxes back if you scrap your old car and buy a new one.


I have just looked on the website and it appears to be the cash price after the scrappage discount.

24 Hour test drive Toyota Auris Hybrid
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Posted 19th Sep 2014Posted 19th Sep 2014
24 Hour test drive Toyota Auris Hybrid
24 Hour Test Drive. Cheap if you need a hire care that day :)

Booked online, got a phone call and asked come in & I said its a 24 hour one right? & they said NO. Only for business users a 24 hour test drive is for


Still only 10% more, basically £500 more off than a lexus deal, be interesting to see whether depreciation closes the gap. Only thing against lexus is their rather crappy 3 year warranty when you'll get 5 in a toyota now. Wish I had 5 years when I bought my IQ (only came with 3 in 2009), toyota Derby charged me nearly £450 to change a faulty airbag last week.


DriveTheDeal offering £4k off the Auris, making it £19800.


The 2014 lexus ct is nicer, and not that much more if you compare top end auris vs lux spec ct. For example the auris excel with leather and sat nav is a touch under £24k mrp, a luxury spec ct with nav is £25500, less than 10% more. Drivethedeal will give you £3500 off the lexus making it £22k.


Nice find.

15% discount at Halfords every time you visit for a year via Toyota Owners Club
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Posted 21st Aug 2014Posted 21st Aug 2014
15% discount at Halfords every time you visit for a year via Toyota Owners Club£15.95
Saw this in Auto Express last week, all you need to do is sign up to membership of this Toyota Owners Club (even if you don't have a Toyota which I don't) and as part of the pack, … Read more
Get deal*Get deal*

Great deal!


Trade card holder here as well :)


no but loads is excluded so worth this. The trade card is good and brings down some prices a lot but only auto trade items.


But isn't that only off of Halfords' own brand products?


Every time I visit for a year!? What if I don't want to stay that long?

Free car wash @ Toyota when you test drive a Hybrid
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Posted 5th Aug 2013Posted 5th Aug 2013
Free car wash @ Toyota when you test drive a Hybrid
This August is Hybrid month. You can 'try' a full range of our hybrid cars at your leisure … and whilst you're doing so, we'll give your car some TLC with a free car wash*. Contact… Read more

Is the valet valid in Guildford?


No its Stoke


is this London, and the offer if you already have a\hybrid will they still honor the offer


My local dealer have the offer as a Valet not just a wash.

0% apr on selected toyota models and free 1st year insurance
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Posted 13th May 2013Posted 13th May 2013
0% apr on selected toyota models and free 1st year insurance
0% apr on selected models and free 1st year insurance Conditions apply

Haven't dealt with Toyota, but if you can get a good price from dealer could turn out to be a good deal.


Work for Toy Yoda do we?

Toyota GT86 Now available to pre-order@Toyota Dealers from £24,995
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Posted 22nd Feb 2012Posted 22nd Feb 2012
Toyota GT86 Now available to pre-order@Toyota Dealers from £24,995£24,995
Price has been officially announced on the Toyota GT86. Prices start from £24,995 and are available to pre-order now.… Read more

Subaru have just announced their top of the range BRZ will be £26,000. So hopefully their range will start at below £25k.


apparent it's got 205 nm / 152 lb ft of torque from it's na 2 litre engine, the old celica 190/tsport had 180 nm / 133 lb ft of torque from a 1.8 engine.


Any idea if it's a traditional auto (torque converter etc) or a robotised manual ala DSG, DCT, PDK systems offered by VW, BMW or Porsche? Just out of interest really, as if this is a 'drivers car' it must surely be the latter? I'm honestly thinking it's starting to look more and more like it is actually meant to be aimed at the 'hairdresser' stereotype, as opposed to the driving purist (which is where I put the 370z and even the MX-5 which is IMHO a very fine car...) Matt


Oh, forgot to say, the Gearbox options are 6 speed manual or 6 speed auto (with paddleshift).


Just for those who share an interest in this car, I've just read through the brochures for this car and although it has a Toyota badge its pretty much fully Subaru engineered.... Toyotas design team definitely worked on the designs, but it is Subaru engineered (apparantley all the Toyota engineers were busy with other projects?) The engine bears both Subaru & Toyota names (as its a Subaru block design with a Toyota designed head). Not that it matters that much as they are both pretty good for build quality anyway. As for the differences with the FT-86 concept, it has indeed been toned down, partly to meet safety rules and also the bodywork that was used on the FT-86 would be difficult (i.e expensive) to produce consistently to the required tolerances. The interior options seem a bit daft to me, as all the options incorporate Red in one way or another, be it leather, panels or stitching. I dont like red! Still would like one though!... just need to find £25k down the back of the settee now!

Breakdown Cover Club Toyota
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Posted 23rd Aug 2010Posted 23rd Aug 2010
Breakdown Cover Club Toyota£64
Got this through the post the other day my renewal for Club Toyota Breakdown Cover: How Club Toyota prices compare Don’t be fooled by low headline prices elsewhere. Only Club Toyo… Read more
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Wich number u have to use if ur car breakdown in Europe


basic cover that comes free usually are brokers, so could be any local garage coming to you, AA however and RAC covers differ, there vans are equipped with state of the art technology, AA vans worth something like over £40,000, so it's like a mobile garage, that's just one van, they have more of their own patrol vans than anyone else, so u pay for what u get, obviously AA and RAC are going to be more expensive


this is provided by AA and it is good cover (i'm in my first free yr at the mo) but be warned this covers your toyota car only where as most policies cover you and partner etc, so if you are out driving a second car/motorbike etc you arent covered. and its only £64 if you do it on a rolling direct debit mandate (£68 otherwise).


And by basic, some only operate during office hours! A friend of my broke down on a Saturday evening, phone the number she had for her breakdown service (free with the insurance) to jusy get a message telling her when office hours are! royals - Im with GEM too, have found them to be extremely good and family cover (4 people) for just £107.55, cant go wrong, and it doesnt matter how old your car is, or what it is.


will have to mention this to the folks with there on year old yaris must be due for renewal soon

Toyota engine oil £10.99 + vat
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Posted 23rd Jun 2009Posted 23rd Jun 2009
Toyota engine oil £10.99 + vat£10.99
I bought some engine oil for Yaris 1.0 Semi synthetic oil 5L at Toyota Erdington (BGham) -fort dunlop - 10.99 +vat fully synthetic oil 5L at Toyota Erdington (BGham) -fort dunlop -… Read more
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Depends on wat kind of Yaris ,T-Sport model is good... miss my t-sport


good find op, repped for price. Though, not for choice of car:p I too had a Yaris once...never again. Just thought I'd share that with the crowd.


agree cheap. i usually go to GSF for oil. its slightly more expensive thou




sounds cheap to me that from toyota