Toys R Us save £10 off a £50 spend instore

Toys R Us save £10 off a £50 spend instore



Will add voucher shortly as you need to print it off.
Hi there, can you tell me where you got this from, as i looked at their site and couldnt find it.. Is it definately okay printed at this size, I dont want to get to their checkout and have a prob..Cheers x
It's from direct email to previous customers

Just printed mine off!

Makes Xmas a bit cheaper. I normally pop in TRU Sat morning anyway. hopefully i'll be able to get served before 10am.
The number of tills they normally have open is a joke!
It's from an email a few hours ago I cant see as what size you print it off at will make a difference as long as you can get your details on it. If you are still that concerned pm me your email address and I can forward it.
Thanks Jase, Voted hot and gave rep.
Good find Jase, I wonder if you could use the promotional code on the website?
I doubt it I think they would have made mention of it if you could afterall they sent it via email so they know they have sent it to online shoppers but you never know. I think it's an incentive to get shoppers instore early on that day.
Definitely says

"unfortunatly cannot be used online"
Yes it does
Yep I got the same email with the voucher so is good for in store use tomorrow. :thumbsup:
There goes my lie-in!
Hmmmm Saturday morning in December at 8am in a toy shop I think I can miss this one :lol:
Great find Jase, many thanks ... could find myself up early on sat morning :thumbsup:
Thanks millarcat, not a bad offer if you need to make a few purchases over the £50 mark you can always print off 2 and drag the other half along to use the 2nd voucher that way no one gets to have a lie-in :giggle:
Thanks v handy
what if i make a £100 purchase, do i get £20 off?? or do i still get £10 off?
I would expect it will be just the £10

what if i make a £100 purchase, do i get £20 off?? or do i still get £10 o … what if i make a £100 purchase, do i get £20 off?? or do i still get £10 off?

1 per person & per purchase so even if you bought a 360 you could only get £10 off.
perfect! We can use for xmas!!
[SIZE=2]Just a reminder this offer is avaliable Saturday morning, probably gonna be the less craziest Saturday shopping day before christmas. Remember it's a warzone out there in toy land :santa: [/SIZE]
Seems Toys R Us will be having stock tomorrow of the Wii according to another post on here so this might come in handy.
Thanks for this jase71
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