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All Smyths Toys offers for June 2021 - How to redeem Smyths Toys vouchers
A major retailer of children's toys, Smyths stock products for all ages, from rattles and comforters for babies, to gaming consoles, bikes and play sets for older children. The best offers from the store can be found at the hotukdeals Smyths page, where we list any voucher codes and reductions as they are released. How to redeem Smyths Toys vouchers
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£6 Discount
£6 Discount
£6 off £15 spend instore at Smyths toys in Poole
Poole store only. Valid from 24/10 - 07/11

Staff aren’t taking the vouchers, so you can buy items separately and walk back in to rinse and repeat.


How do you find out about these vouchers?


This is a good deal. I got £18 Lego set for £12 last spring. The price of the set hasn’t come as low as £12 yet.

£6 Discount
£6 Discount
Smyths New store opening offer from 21st October - 4th Nov 2019 = Unit A1 Meadowhall Retail Park , Attercliffe Common , S9 2YZ , Sheffield
New store opening offer ( Instore Only ) Purchase from Meadow Hall retail Park only from 21st October - 4th November 2019 Spend over £15.00 get £6.00 off Instore Only Please read b… Read more

Perfect, Thankyou x


You can just show them on your phone. Me and partner both used it earlier x


Do you have to have a print out or can it be used from your phone?


Thank you


Just Download Voucher and print Off

£6 Discount
£6 Discount
Smyths solihull store opening £6 off £15 spend
New smyths toy store opening in solihull with £6 off £15 spend valid 10th to 24th october

Expires today! We have used it multiple times and saved a fortune so thanks OP!


Nice. Time for some early Christmas Shopping. (y)


It's where the old toys r us was on Sears retail park


Where in solihull is it ?


New store opening in Aylesbury on 7th October with similar vocuher

£9 Discount
£9 Discount
£6 off a £15 spend at Smyths Metro Centre Store
Decent off here in celebration of the new shop opening. Hope it helps someone.

If I bought lego. Say paid £60. Could I use multiple vouchers on one item?


Just a heads up, if you use the vouches and spend more than £15 for more than one item (as you do when you enter a toystore) and you might return something as you not sure, pay for the items separately as they will deduct proportionally your offer even tho you keep items for over £15.


No doesn't include video games


Would this work with call of duty pre order as £5 off that



£6 Discount
£6 Discount
Smyth’s Toys Aylesbury store - £6 off £15 spend
Smyth’s are opening a new store in Aylesbury on 7th October. save £6 when you spend £15 at the Aylesbury store only ne per household/transaction.… Read more

Never had any issue exchanging or returning items.


Sad little person. Spending precious time on pulling strangers spelling mistakes. Get a life, sad sack! (lol)


Absolutely shocking grammar! Check out the rules:


Absolutely shocking buisness! Check out there returns policy and reviews.


That ends today and Aylesbury store opens 7th October

£6 Discount
£6 Discount
£6 off a £15 spend at Smyths new store in Warrington from 30/9 to 14/10
New store opening 30/9, print off and use in store. Usual exclusions such as video games unfortunately, but looks like it will be valid for Lego.

Great thank you, found it


To find a voucher for another store I googled smyths then the store name voucher. Managed to find one for another store opening soon.


I spent 130 for two boxes of lego. When I returned one with value of 65 they deducted from discount £3, even tho I stayed well over the £15. So annoyed.


How did you find this voucher? Looking for one for when my local store opens.


Cheers OP (y)

£6 Discount
£6 Discount
£6 off a £15 spend in Smyths Sunderland
For the new store over at Wessington Way Voucher expires 5th September

Great that this store is opening. Heat added.

£6 Discount
£6 Discount
£6 off £15 spend at Smyths Toys Greenford
£6 off £15 spend In smyths toys greenford They just scan code Seen a few people use it more than once Stocked up on some early xmas bits

The link for the voucher doesn’t seem to work for me. Can’t see any vouchers


is there a voucher for Friern Barnet store please?


A member of staff told me today u can use voucher as often as you want


Just copy it to you phone and they will scan it


How do you get a voucher for the Greenford Store

£6 Discount
£6 Discount
Smyths toys shop £6 off £50
If anyone need £6 off from £50 spend or £12 off £100 spend in store or online Plus some same in-store.

Not quiye sure but i hope it will be helpful for all of us


Do you think this offer will be back for Christmas?


I just used it instore so thought will be handy for someone probably can delete it


Surprised this is still here


Best Smyths Toys deals from our community

The Witcher 3 For Nintendo Switch Complete Edition £20 instore @ Smyth's Kent
Posted 1 h, 5 m agoPosted 1 h, 5 m agoLocalLocal
Just popped in to have a look and saw this was one of the daily deals in store. Grabbed one for the collection and might be worth taking a look in your local :) (y) 🏻

It doesn't appear to be online, but my local had a few copies out and they were on the end of the aisle as a deal along with some other games including the FF7 remake on PS4 for £20 which someone posted yesterday so I'm assuming the deals must be the same in every store :/ I hope they do have some elsewhere as it's a great deal and comes with all the DLC :)


Any suggestion this is national?


Can I get this delivered?

Immortals Fenyx Rising Xbox one/series £10 at Smyths Toys click and collect
Posted 3 h, 20 m agoPosted 3 h, 20 m ago
Immortals fenyx rising Xbox one/series £10 at Smyths, not too much stock but for anyone close to a store with stock it’s a great price

Wish it was this price on Playstation.


Amazon had it at £10 briefly yesterday morning - the copy I ordered just got delivered! - so they might do it again.


Such a great game. I played it quite a bit, and helped my 8 year old son to complete it. Really fun game


Brilliant deal really enjoyed this one the series x


Never pre-order a Ubisoft game, you know it will be on sale in a few weeks and then keep on dropping.

LEGO 71043 Harry Potter Hogwarts Castle Toy £299.99 delivered At Smyths
Posted 6 h, 15 m agoPosted 6 h, 15 m ago
LEGO 71043 Harry Potter Hogwarts Castle Toy ***Copied from Smyths website*** Product Description This highly detailed LEGO Harry Potter Hogwarts Castle collectible has over 6… Read more

I actually wasn’t aware of that. Pretty shocking!


I had so much fun making this. Worth every penny.


Lego now is a money making isn't lego at all...its a load of cheap plastic bits making something resembling a famous building or vehicle and to enable to call it lego they put some circles on a handful of the pieces and give it the Lego name so they can charge £300. A joke tbh


Yeah this is always in stock and been discounted a fair few times. I found this set deceiving, I think it was full size but it's mini size, does not support full size Lego figure only the mini one's concidering the other sets of harry potter are for full size and a lot of them click together i would advise getting the other sets and making a full size castle instead of a mini size one, in the end you prob spending around the same amount.


As well as Smyths It’s been in stock at Lego and John Lewis pretty much constantly. Really not hard to find stock of.

Final Fantasy VII remake (PS4) - £20 (Free Click & Collect) @ Smyths
Posted 18th JunPosted 18th Jun
Delivery not available but some stores still have stock for c+c.

I dont see why not. Same region. Saves shud be uploaded to ps5 version once downloaded. I have the Turkish version of the original. But having issues buying the dlc. So wondered if saves were region locked. I've finished ff7r 100% and wondered if I bought this would that save be compatible. I dnt think it will Be. Maybe if anyone knows?


Yeah currently this is probably one of the cheapest way to get into PS5 FF7R and buy Intergrade. On eBay I saw used ones going for more than £20 so I ended up buying the PS5 Intergrade for £40 from boss deals eBay.


I have this on psplus, if I got this would my saved games still work? The 60fps and increased graphics and textures are well worth the 20 quid / free upgrade but I cant be bothered to start the game from scratch !


Can't believe I paid £80 for this on release.......and I've yet to play it (shock) £20 is an absolute steal - tho obv it was given away with PS+ recently.


Upgrade to PS5 version first then you can buy the intergrade version at £15 which contains the yuffie dlc.

Water Gun Twin Pack £12.99 (free click & collect) @ Smyths Toys
Posted 18th JunPosted 18th Jun
Features Easy Pump to Shoot. Shoot up to 29.5 Feet. Perfect activity and game for hot summer! Shoot up to 30ft/10m. Great quality! Made with durable thick plastic. Non-Toxic. Wate… Read more

Unsure if this will help anyone but One below pound shops have some slime guns 🔫 Each gun has 2 sachets of ready to mix slime which I've chucked in the bin. Use them as water guns instead.

Crayola Colours of the World 24 Crayons 99p (Click+Collect) at Smyths Toys
Posted 18th JunPosted 18th Jun
Contents: 24 Coloured Crayons Formulated to better represent the growing diversity worldwide Ideal for crafts Product Description Crayola Colours of the World include 24 specially… Read more

These look great. Shame there isn't a Smyths near to me. ;(


It might be on my end, I can’t seem to open any smyths link for some reason.


It worked for me just now


The link isn’t working for me

Arcade1up Space Invaders Arcade Machine including riser £150 instore @ Smyths (Ballymena)
Posted 18th JunPosted 18th JunLocalLocal
Saw this approx 10 minutes ago in the ballymena store. Seems to be dead stock as its not online. Maybe worth phoning the store to see if they have any in the back.

Same 2 min. fun here, saves £150 though ;)


Maybe for the best. Unless you are going to mod it 150 quid for space invaders that would likely be played for 20 minutes before it gathered dust is a bit steep.


Full price in all of my nearby stores


Went to try to buy this today, sold yesterday ;( thanks OP!


Exactly this! Read and learn terminology... That's exactly what modding is! Kids pfft lol

Newest Smyths Toys Discount Codes:

DiscountSmyths Toys Discount DetailsExpires
Free DeliveryFree Delivery at Smyths19/08/2021
£6£6 off £15 spend instore at Smyths toys in Poole23/10/2019
£6Smyths New store opening offer from 21st October - 4th Nov 2019 = Unit A1 Meadowhall Retail Park , Attercliffe Common , S9 2YZ , Sheffield21/10/2019
£6Smyths solihull store opening £6 off £15 spend4/10/2019
£9£6 off a £15 spend at Smyths Metro Centre Store2/10/2019