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Highly rated LED flood light, with optional PIR module available, £26.35 (+ £4 delivery) @ Trading Depot
-165° Expired
Posted 29th JanPosted 29th Jan
Highly rated LED flood light, with optional PIR module available, £26.35 (+ £4 delivery) @ Trading Depot£30.35
I decided against the Luecco lights posted early from screwfix, as it's more hassle than it's worth when they go wrong. I'm not looking at doing my third set in 3 years due to buy… Read more

Heat, bet they wont last 30,000 hours though that's a greater claim than the Philip's Dubai LED'S


How dare you post something of decent quality here, at a price that’s double the cheap stuff (lol)


These are crap only joking 😁 like yourself had the luceko and replaced a few times but easy to install ill have a look at these you've posted


Looks good. The fact they are re-wirable is a positive.


sorry should have proof read that, should say I'm looking at changing my third set now!

Ring Video Doorbell PRO Kit with Chime and Transformer, 1080p. £165.98 Free delivery @ Tradingdepot
233° Expired
Posted 22nd Dec 2018Posted 22nd Dec 2018
Ring Video Doorbell PRO Kit with Chime and Transformer, 1080p. £165.98 Free delivery @ Tradingdepot
Best price I could find and better still comes with FREE delivery. Here's a little info on the product itself; Never miss a visitor with this Ring Pro smart video doorbell kit wit… Read more

Showing as 198 :(




I would budget around 100 pounds.


Can I ask how much the electrician charged you to do all that? Just trying to figure out a rough cost for it all. Thanks.


To be honest I've got one and it has been very handy for deliveries. I bought the chime first, cost approx. £4 with free delivery. It allows different chimes for pressing the bell and for detected movement.

Nest 3rd Gen Thermostat £174 @ Trading Depot
506° Expired
Posted 28th Oct 2018Posted 28th Oct 2018
Nest 3rd Gen Thermostat £174 @ Trading Depot£174£19913% off
The Nest Learning Thermostat T3010GB does what it says in its name, "Learns". This innovative thermostat builds a schedule around you, learning the temperature you like, whilst sav… Read more

This stat come with a heat-link that need to be wired to your boiler. Display unit will communicate with boiler via this heat-link.


Can this be fitted on Worcester GreenStar R35 HE plus? As per the boiler manual all that can be used on this is own brand TR2.


Do you need a transmitter or anything to connect to the boiler with this system?


Yep which makes this no better than a £20 old school thermostat for me. Why they won't just provide a scheduling option to 'apply when away' I don't understand, especially as they've changed this behaviour in the time I've owned it. I have found a workaround which works for me which is to create an activity on my Harmony Hub that sets the nest to heat and sets the temperature, and call that avtivity from IFTTT on the schedule I want. I think another workaround would be to set a routine in Google Home, which you can now schedule, that runs 'set heat to 20 degrees'. That should also change the mode to heat and set temperature but I haven't tried that yet.


OK. I got you... Then the only solution is to turn this functionality off I guess...

Franke Ascona Kitchen Tap in Silksteel £88.44 delivered from
-15° Expired
Posted 9th Apr 2014Posted 9th Apr 2014
Franke Ascona Kitchen Tap in Silksteel £88.44 delivered from£88.44
Good quality kitchen tap that Comes with a 50 year manufactures guarantee. Delivery is free over £50 I can't find this tap near this price anywhere else, apart from second hand f… Read more

Aqva state 5 year rather than 50 year guarantee. 5 years sounds more realistic.


That price is for the chrome one the satin one is. £88 plus £5 delivery


My only issue with Franke taps is the ceramic washers they use. If they ever fail you'll have a nightmare trying to find any, and Franke don't reply to emails or even letters...

j8ulia cheaper even with postage included