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Merkur razors on offer at Traditional Shaving (£2 del free over £30)
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Posted 18th May 2016Posted 18th May 2016
Merkur razors on offer at Traditional Shaving (£2 del free over £30)£2
I received the following email from Traditional Shaving today. They're offering some good discounts on Merkur razors until the end of May. From now until the end of May, you can … Read more

Or look for an adjustable Gillette on ebay, that way you can adjust how exposed the blade is. Or how about trying a shavette.? You can get cheap ones for about £3 they get super close but you need to concentrate, defiantly not a quick shave over in the morning but amazing shaving once you get used to them.


thanks for answering I'll be ordering one come payday-- hope it's still on offer then.


The easiest way would be to add a few packs of blades to the basket.


Good price for the 34c - shame about their prices for everything else on their site as I'm struggling to get the basket to £30 for the free delivery.


thanks for that, I have tried feathers but they just cut me to bits, I seem to like derby the best out of all the razors I have, but would just like it that bit closer, I will have a go at shimming the blade first before buying another.

Muhle R89 Chrome Safety Razor £19.95 shipped @ traditionalshaving with code 'TSR'
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Posted 10th Nov 2015Posted 10th Nov 2015
Muhle R89 Chrome Safety Razor £19.95 shipped @ traditionalshaving with code 'TSR'£19.95
Saw this and thought it was a very good offer for those of us who like DE shaving (or those of us who would like to have a go at it). This is an excellent razor, and ideal for beg… Read more

A straight would be better for precise sculpturing - you can see the blade edge so know exactly what you are cutting. Problem is they are not so safe. Anyway this de razor recently mentioned here


Safety razors are perfect for sculpting goatees/beards/moustaches/sideburns. It has a single edge that will cut all the hairs in a single stroke so you get perfectly straight lines. As long as you use very little pressure and hold the razor at the correct angle you shouldn't ever cut yourself when using a safety razor.


I use gillet with the extra blade thing for sculpting my goatee. it's terrible and I normally bleed like my face is having a period. will this be any good for the same. or will i die from severe blood loss. genuine question.


I've changed the deal as per the constructive comments above. Thanks


Deal headline price should show £19.95 to include cheapest P&P... still a good deal though :)

Merkur 34c HD traditional safety razor, £24.95 (further £1 off possible using 4% sharing discount at checkout), the traditionalshavingcompany
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Posted 13th Mar 2015Posted 13th Mar 2015
Merkur 34c HD traditional safety razor, £24.95 (further £1 off possible using 4% sharing discount at checkout), the traditionalshavingcompany£24.95
Great traditional shaver, no going back to the plastic things! Around £40+ on Amazon at the moment

Please expire, price no longer valid


march10 expired 6th march for some reason.. i tried that too haha


There is 1 error This voucher has expired The shop owner is obviously watching HUKD as the code instantly stopped working..


There is 1 error This voucher has expired Cheers to the OP, what a fantastic price for a great DE Razor. HUKD


Get a further 10% using the code March10

Merkur  HD 34c Safety Razor Chrome £22.45 with voucher code at the Traditional Shaving Company (were £29.95)
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Posted 9th Jul 2013Posted 9th Jul 2013
Merkur HD 34c Safety Razor Chrome £22.45 with voucher code at the Traditional Shaving Company (were £29.95)£22.45
Traditional Shaving Company have the Merkur HD 34C Safety Razor Chrome back down to £22.45 (£24.95 with 10% off using "TSR" voucher code) for anyone that fancies converting to Dou… Read more

+1 for Feather's - they are the sharpest and provide the most shaves per blade and in my opinion no point wasting money on something that will dull after the first shave; albeit there is a steep learning curve on how to use them and very daunting for someone starting out on DE shaving. I bought a lot of sampler packs before settling on my favourite blade. I have not used Astra, so cannot comment. However, this guide is true of my experience with some of the blades I have tried - very specifically the 'pull' described for the sub-par Merkur blade.


Yup I realised I should have done that but I read the HUKD thread on shaving and just bought all of that. The Astra ones are nice enough.


That's an awful amount of blades to order without trying other offerings. For me the Feather blades are my preference but I didn't make that decision until trying about 5 different blades. i did a blind test with a new blade, then a once used blade and finally a twice used blade. I then bought my 100 Feather blades. There certainly is no better or worse blade as it's personal preference. However it's worth doing.


Hi, no the HD doesn't come in a case, just a card box.


Cheers anonimousse :)

Merkur 34c razor £24.95 @ Traditional shaving Company
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Posted 29th Jun 2013Posted 29th Jun 2013
Merkur 34c razor £24.95 @ Traditional shaving Company£24.95
Have been looking for a solid de razor, this seems to fit the bill. Add code tsr for an extra 10pc off as well!!! Reviews seem promising.

Already posted


check this out -


You can get a Merkur Futur Gold Plated Razor for less than £40 delivered. Mankind with 15% discount, free delivery over £45 + cash-back.


Coz it's only girls voting all the men are in the pub :p 8)


Ive an edwin jagger myself, but this is a great deal for a merkur!

Merkur Vision Safety Razor Brushed Chrome from the traditional shaving company £74.95
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Posted 29th Jun 2013Posted 29th Jun 2013
Merkur Vision Safety Razor Brushed Chrome from the traditional shaving company £74.95£74.95
Have been looking for one of these for a while now just noticed that the traditional shaving company have reduced the price from £94.95 to £74.95 it's the cheapest on the net inc f… Read more
Get deal*Get deal*

23p, clueless...


Use code tsr for 10% off making it £67.45 :)


If you want one, buy one. But please don't share your delusions of bargainicity. It costs them 23p (max) to make it. This is NOT a bargain. Get back on the meds.




paid £55 for mine, the matching brush was a bit more but both are very well made...

Merkur HD 34C - £24.95 - £22.45 with voucher code - Traditional Shaving
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Posted 20th Jun 2013Posted 20th Jun 2013
Merkur HD 34C - £24.95 - £22.45 with voucher code - Traditional Shaving£22.45
Merkur HD Special Offer For a limited time only we are offering the Merkur HD 34C safety razor for the fantastic low price of only £24.95. The Merkur HD 34C safety razor is our mos… Read more

Unbelievable how this deal can receive so many negative comments yet 3 weeks later the same deal is really hot :- Yes this site is supposed to be about bargain prices on specific items not personal opinions ..... Easier said than done unfortunately ....


If you can't see the difference between a cree torch (which will have about 400-600 lumen output) and a poundland torch, which will have 20-40, then you'll never see the light....literally....


It's still on actually.


Hi If you are with the company couldn't you do a special deal for us site members? I missed out on this deal and the other gold Merkur too :-(


I'll give my contribution to this rather embattled thread. I've used this same razor as my first DE razor and I've also tried my father's old Wilkinson Sword DE razor using identical razor blades for comparsion. I can say both gave a close shave but the Merkur gave far less razor burn with the same blade. I'm very new to DE shaving but for me I'm glad I spent on a good quality razor. I have the annoying combination of thick stubble and sensitive skin so whilst it may not make a difference for everyone, for me it's a more expensive razor of covering my face in tissue paper every day.

Merkur 34G HD safety razor £32.45 delivered @ traditionalshaving
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Posted 14th May 2013Posted 14th May 2013
Merkur 34G HD safety razor £32.45 delivered @ traditionalshaving£32.45
My first deal on here, been a long time lurker and thought it was time I posted a deal. Great razor according to the reviews, I had a 34C HD a while a go but sold it on. Have just… Read more

Its gold and quality manufacturer ? I think purely on cost I'll stick to my cheapy method.


What makes this so great it's worth over £32 ?


Always been tempted buy these but scared I'll cut my self to threads :/ .. currently using a razor pit and a gillete m3 disposable on the 38th shave and still going strong, got it on discount for £3 something at Tesco for a pack of three that will last a year easy! doesn't get any cheaper than that for me and after the layout for all the kit for these I don't think its much of a saving if any for me its would cost more. More importantly it gives a go close clean shave, as close as I like if before I look like I should be in school.


This is new. Also, to answer your question, search in eBay via category: Collectibles>Vanity/Perfume/Grooming>Barber Shop and Shaving and you'll see how many buy and sell used razors...


bear in mind its got a short handle...

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