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Dublin Rail Day Trips

Thanks booked to go next saturday. have been looking for a good deal day out as the usual Ayr daytrip with the daily mirror was not so hot an offer this year


[LEFT]Thanks zippy22 :) Good prices.I've fixed the link in your op so it goes straight to the offer.[/LEFT][CENTER][image missing] [/CENTER][LEFT] [/LEFT]


£10, £15 or £20 day return on the Enterprise train service, which runs between Belfast & Dublin :)


whats the deal? your link does not seem to be working

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Northern Ireland Only - FREE yLink card for 16 to 23 year olds (usually £8.00) / Free 24+ Student Railcard @ Translink
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Posted 10th Sep 2020Posted 10th Sep 2020
Northern Ireland Only - FREE yLink card for 16 to 23 year olds (usually £8.00) / Free 24+ Student Railcard @ TranslinkFREE£0.01
Nice offer for students in Northern Ireland - Translink have removed the £8 fee for the yLink travelcard, and they are offering the Translink 24+ Student Railcard for free too. Th… Read more

Come on guys.. Get over it with the UK, not UK, Derry, Londonderry..etc. Its a good deal, and Northern Ireland is Northern Ireland. I haven't been on Translink for about 11 years but hoping it's more reliable now! Hot from me


Can yousuns stop arguing like. Especially those who think any deal related to NI shouldn't be on here. Yeah there's not as many trains but the line is pretty much a backbone for the most popular places and it is used a lot. Especially by people in this age range. So wind your necks in and go back to whining about the tube.


Yes, you have underlined the AND, I have already pointed out the Northern Ireland is part of the UK, it is not the entire UK though.



Free Public Transport for Health and Social Care Workers ( Northern Ireland) - Bus & Train Travel
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Posted 27th Mar 2020Posted 27th Mar 2020LocalLocal
Free Public Transport for Health and Social Care Workers ( Northern Ireland) - Bus & Train TravelFREE£0.01
Translink from Friday 27th March introduce free transport rail and bus journeys for Doctors ,Nurses Health care assistant , even in the private sector. Not everyone own car or had… Read more

Heat added (y)


Fabulous they deserve more that free transport right now but it’s a good start carers and NHS are stars. I have carers that come to my house twice a week and there fabulous xxx


Good job. Would be £3.50 per day saved from my home to Mater return instead of all day ticket. (y)

Free yLink Card -Translink Northern Ireland only
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Posted 23rd Aug 2016Posted 23rd Aug 2016
Free yLink Card -Translink Northern Ireland only
NOTE: This is for use in Northern Ireland only, expires 29th August. Card usually cost £8.00 Make the Smartmove with yLink and get a massive 1/3 off all bus and rail travel plus … Read more

Nice reminder... just before the start of term

50 per cent off a day return ticket @ Translink
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Posted 28th Oct 2013Posted 28th Oct 2013
50 per cent off a day return ticket @ Translink
Day return ticket up to 50 per cent off through translink goldline

Appreciate the post, but Translink really are the worst bus/train company I have ever come across. It would pain me to give them the money.


I can't see the 50% off Can only see this for third off


For others who had no idea what Goldline is.... "About us Goldline offers great value, fast and frequent services, in comfortable coaches on key routes around Northern Ireland, to Dublin Airport and Dublin City Centre. Goldline delivers safe, reliable and punctual services, providing passengers with attractive and affordable journeys across the network. Goldline Express cross-border services operate into the Republic of Ireland linking with the Bus Éireann network."


Link is still broken. This is right here


Oops! Your link doesn't work..

Belfast - Dublin £22.75 RETURN ANY DAY (Save £20!) @ translink
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Posted 23rd Jul 2013Posted 23rd Jul 2013
Belfast - Dublin £22.75 RETURN ANY DAY (Save £20!) @ translink£22.75
Hi all, I was booking a ticket for our trip to Dublin for next week and found this trick to get cheaper return tickets on ANY DAY. The usual price is £32 for a day return and £43 … Read more

I've tried two from the website, if you book in advance 72 hours notice, you get if you have an idea what day you are going to go, book and during the week its around £17.50 return and at weekends £20[image missing]


This is ridiculous.


Sorry guys. You have book your Dublin to Belfast tickets from the Irish Rail website which will cost you £13.76. If you go back to the Translink WebFare site and select a Oneway ticket it's actually only £8.99 which brings the whole lot to £22.75. That's 20.75 less! Thanks! Edited.


just checked this out Maybe I'm not seeing what you are doing, however if you select a return fare, you only need to select one fare, selecting the Outward and the Return on the same order which gives you the discount as long as you are booking 72 hours (3 days in advance). BTW just be careful, I had an argument a few years ago, had a ticket from Belfast and they were going to charge me more when I went to Lisburn (due to work on the track between Belfast and Lisburn, the line was closed and a bus operating between the two). The manager stepped in and sorted it for me, but apparently they can charge as they have to "account" for the fare at Lisburn. PS heat added, I'm hoping to travel to Dublin in August for a day :D

£2 Day ticket Translink, Belfast, Thursday 20th, Friday 21st
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Posted 20th Dec 2012Posted 20th Dec 2012LocalLocal
£2 Day ticket Translink, Belfast, Thursday 20th, Friday 21st£2
Translink metro have extended their "love metro Saturday" to Thursday and Friday, 20th 21st. Can purchase a day ticket for £2 between 9.30-3. normal price 3.00. please dont vote co… Read more

Democracy ignoring roadblocks abound! Apparently the new bus lanes DO work, enjoy your stay visitors :-)


Walked into town today, didn't get a bus. It was raining.


when i got the the bus stop and a bus was luckily coming down the road... but it went on past as it was full, arms squashed out doors and heads getting breath of air out the window (may be exaggerated), so i ended up just walking, rather than waiting half an hour ( for the next bus thats due in ten mins) for the same to happen again. Thats translink for ya, probably have half their staff off for the Xmas holidays.


I gave heat on this but Translink have shot themselves in the foot by not putting enough buses on today. My Daughter waited 40 minutes on a 3A which is supposed to run every 10 minutes and she isn't the only one I know who's waited far longer than usual.


I love Belfast. Went for the first time this year, mainly to take a friend to Titanic. That itself was just OK, bit the dry dock was fantastic. Have to say Belfast is brilliant, people were so friendly and beat Dublin, for me anyway, hands down! We did the main sites on the hop on hop off tourist bus and Giant's Gauseway. We commented to a taxi driver about how much we had enjoyed our time and his reply was "We love tourists, we just can't stand one another!" Such a shame with the current conflict..... Lovely city.

Translink. Belfast - Dublin return. £7.50 web fare
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Posted 14th Nov 2009Posted 14th Nov 2009
Translink. Belfast - Dublin return. £7.50 web fare£7.50
Group Chief Executives Weekly Message Enterprise at full service from Monday. On Monday 16th November the cross border rail line will reopen ahead of schedule with a full Enterpri… Read more
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Heat added. But I will wait a while before I travel over the bridge! Translink have said they will travel at a slower speed over the bridge for the 1st month!!!!!!


Very hot! Just wish it was always this price!


Great deal. This is less than half price

Sale Web Fares from just £10 Day Return  Belfast -- Dublin @ Translink
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Posted 1st Jul 2009Posted 1st Jul 2009
Sale Web Fares from just £10 Day Return Belfast -- Dublin @ Translink£10
The Rail Summer Sale is NOW on! Get on track with summer savings and travel in style to the heart of Dublin on Enterprise. We are currently offering special Summer Sale Web Fares f… Read more
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Belfast - Dublin rail link from £15 web fare day return @ Translink
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Posted 30th May 2009Posted 30th May 2009
Belfast - Dublin rail link from £15 web fare day return @ Translink£15
Book on line up to 50% cheaper on Belfast - Dublin enterprise.
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Here, HERE! :thumbsup: Heat Added! :thumbsup:


Got it now:


Cant seem to find he you have a link?


good post, nice to see something for NI folk. enjoy anyone who can go. pity about the lousy euro though.

£10 return belfast to dublin on Enterprise
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Posted 26th Jun 2007Posted 26th Jun 2007
£10 return belfast to dublin on Enterprise£10
Used this offer in may and had a great day. Travel Mon - Sat, 30 June - Sat, 01 September 2007 (inclusive) (Subject to availability) . 1st Plus upgrades Saturdays Only. Booking a… Read more
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