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Edinburgh to Orlando via Manchester with Virgin and Flybe 08/10/18-15/10/18 - £332pp @ Travel bag
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Posted 25th Feb 2018Posted 25th Feb 2018
Edinburgh to Orlando via Manchester with Virgin and Flybe 08/10/18-15/10/18 - £332pp @ Travel bag£332
Great deal for those that can use those dates. The cost of the flights is £45 - all the rest is tax!

Great price...... well spotted, and yes you can just go for a week, they will allow you entry (there are no current visit restrictions)


Of course you can go to Orlando for a week - lots of people do.


Been for a week twice, better than not at all


Excellent but u can't go to Orlando for just a week!

From London: Premium Economy Spaceseat Direct flights to LA with Air NZ £765 @ Travel Bag
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Posted 4th Sep 2016Posted 4th Sep 2016
From London: Premium Economy Spaceseat Direct flights to LA with Air NZ £765 @ Travel Bag£765
From now until March/April Air NZ has some good fares on Premium Economy. These seats aren't like Premium Economy I've seen on other airlines and they actually look more like busin… Read more

I'm slumming it then I've just this minute booked economy flights from AKL to the Cook Islands!


Same overused joke, different day


They have some very good prices for business too


Like any airline, hotel, etc etc there will be good and bad reviews, it just depends on people's expectations v price paid. Watch the videos, read reviews and then make your own decision. I saw very few poor reviews too as you said, lots of people seemed to like them, their Economy gets slated and the PE on the other planes, but I guess it just depends on people's expectations and reviews are just that, peoples opinions, which can be misleading as it was pointed out to me. One person will have a different experience than another. It's just a deal, whether anyone is interested in it is up to them. If you want a 'proper' business class then of course you can pay extra.


Well I kept reading, and then I found some more reviews and everyone says they are fantastic. Do I need to cut and paste? I honestly cannot find a bad word about them

Return flight London to Melbourne for 2 adults £1177.70 via Travelbag
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Posted 6th Aug 2016Posted 6th Aug 2016
Return flight London to Melbourne for 2 adults £1177.70 via Travelbag£1,177.70
Booked to visit my family in January (smack in the middle of Aussie summer) and was surprised since it costs less per person than my one-way ticket from Aus to London about 2 years… Read more

Love love love Melbourne .. Well Richmond !!


There's and "expire" button under the deal/first post but if the offer is still available I wouldn't expire it. It's a seriously good deal (but personally I'd do the break in Bali on the way back). I nearly booked it myself hence I mentioned it, but with two Oz trips already booked I decided to just to book a return to Bali for £410 instead and save £180... Garuda is a 5-star airline, their safety record may not be that great (mainly due to domestic maintenance and weather) but the international/long-haul flights are generally to a similar standard as other "bigger" brands - makes you wonder what Emirates safety record will be next year?!.


​The Thai Airways one to NZ is ridiculously cheap. How do I expire this one? The Etihad one is going live soon I think.


So you haven't really booked it yet, just testing to see if it got hot or not.. Why not ask for advice? My guess is you'll be extremely lucky if Etihad have flights to Australia in their summer for £450..Air China may release some for £560ish but anything under £500 (for Jan-Mar, East of Perth) is a bargain.. I've two trips to Oz booked for 2016 (one with Qatar and Emirates/Qantas the other Garuda and Jetstar) and just took advantage of the Thai Airways offer to New Zealand for February..


might hold off on this one. My dad called today and said there'll be an offer for around £450 return pp direct with Etihad for flights in mid-late Jan so I'll post​ that here when it comes on.

Manchester to Dubai flying 19th September 2015 to 26th September 2015 - £317!! @ TravelBag
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Posted 2nd Sep 2015Posted 2nd Sep 2015
Manchester to Dubai flying 19th September 2015 to 26th September 2015 - £317!! @ TravelBag£317
Just booked a flight to see a friend in Dubai. Flying out in 3 weeks, I thought this was a barging deal. Just need to find a cheap hotel :) ... With 23kg luggage allowance No tr… Read more

Cool, although this is from Manchester, not birmingham. Anything further south is even cheaper.. Around London you are looking at around £270 mark during these dates...


travelsupermarket birmingham. jobs done


Good stuff! Can you let us know how you got it at the price? Which site, which airport, any vouchers you may have used?


i got it 343 direct emirates. same time. better than going KLM as the stop over in amsterdam is a pain


Going with KLM is OK, the problem is if you have to travel back via CDG Airport. A nightmare of a place. Will never go anywhere near that airport again.

Manchester - New York Flights £166 Virgin Various Dates Glitch @ travelbag
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Posted 10th Sep 2014Posted 10th Sep 2014
Manchester - New York Flights £166 Virgin Various Dates Glitch @ travelbag£193
Not for me as I went to NY in April for £197 return direct from Manchester glitch. For those that missed the Oslo ones, this is better for us Northerners!!!! Be quick - error far… Read more

Thank you for this deal. It was the best week of my life!!!


Thank you for this deal. We went last week for 5 nights, no issues or questions asked with the cheap tickets.


We are going in a fortnight to NY thanks to this deal. Did notice our layover in ATL has been slightly extended by about half an hour taking it to 3.5 hours which is just fine


I've had a couple of changes to my itinerary, only minor though. I did, however, check my booking this morning and noticed Delta had removed the very first flight from MAN > ATL. I was straight to their customer service on Twitter and they rectified it. Odd though, I was worried that part of my reservation had been canceled!


Hi All, has anybody received an email ref inbound flight itinerary change making the layover in ATL over 8 hours?

Dubai from Newcastle inc hotel & B & B 1 week @ Travelbag
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Posted 2nd Aug 2013Posted 2nd Aug 2013
Dubai from Newcastle inc hotel & B & B 1 week @ Travelbag£539
Travelbag online staying at the Ibis Deira City Centre 1 week from Newcastle B & B 1 week. Free transfers to Jumeriah beach. Over the road from the Deira shopping centre and M… Read more

yes in august. booked online,alot cheaper if booked on the internet. R u rozy that goes to chorus gym


Has anyone booked with Travelbag before?


Very safe place. The biggest risk is road traffic accidents. If you want to know what its like walking outside from aircon building, with your oven on 200oC, open the door and put your face in the opening. It'll take your breath away. World cup in Qatar in the summer? Hahaha


It's cheaper than a flight only. Extremely hot for me.


Well, that depends on the person. I despised it - going all that way just to spend 95% of the time indoors because you'll risk fainting if you stay outside too long (thank God for those air conditioned bus stops!) seemed completely pointless to me! I do agree it's safe at night though (but as the other person said - still too hot to really spend any decent amount of time outside).

BARGAIN - Malaysia+Bali 12nts from £599 @ Travelbag
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Posted 3rd Jan 2010Posted 3rd Jan 2010
BARGAIN - Malaysia+Bali 12nts from £599 @ Travelbag£599
On this amazing deal we've managed to include free hotel nights in beautiful Bali... The Istana, Kuala Lumpur is right in the heart of Kuala Lumpur's famous Golden Triangle. The … Read more
View Deal

so they claim. pity they want you to call up a premium rate number to find out whether that's true.


Why has this been expired when it's available to 15/01?


These kind of deals are available. I know as i travelled on a similar deal last year with another company. And it was great. Note it's usually because the flights are not direct (not uncommon anyway) And as the Far East is struggling, hotel rooms are good value in 2010. The 5* deals are also good. 14 nights in a five star, twin centre for less than £1000 each is amazing value.


we also went last year, great place. MHO its too far to only go for 12 nights, need at least 14 for all that travelling


exactly. no evidence the advertised price is available.

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