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US Dollar rate 1.65 @ Travelex
-51° Expired
Posted 26th Apr 2017Posted 26th Apr 2017
US Dollar rate 1.65 @ Travelex
I've had just done a comparison on Money Saving Expert to find the rates of the US Dollar to the Pound and found that Travelex have a rate of $1.65 to the Pound. Be quick as it onl… Read more

Still, 20 squid for nowt better than nothing


Bathplugs canceled the order and have given me a £20 voucher. Feel that maybe a way to entice people to use there site or am I too cynical!


I know the technical error happened I just wanna see dollars in hand :3 Apparently all orders are getting cancelled


Just look on Twitter holmes


you mean it was an obvious error and is being cancelled as with every other order

Travelex Money Card: No ATM charges + FREE WIFI
759° Expired
Posted 3rd Apr 2017Posted 3rd Apr 2017
Travelex Money Card: No ATM charges + FREE WIFI
I’ve tried out a few currency cards on my adventures over the years and this one looks pretty good. The Travelex Money Card supersedes Travelex’s Multi Currency Cash Passport card… Read more

just back for usa, Monza card worked perfectly.


I had horrendous customer service with Revolut. I set up the account only for it to be locked for no reason. One customer service rep said it was because of my model of phone (even though is a popular phone and relatively new!). Another said it was a secrutiy check. They demanded a scan of my passport to 'validate the account', which may well have been legit but rang alarm bells. I then just asked for them to just close the account because I was fed up with going around in circles. They refused to even do that too without having a scan of my passport, so I just deleted the app. Crap customer service and a hellish company to deal with. I emailed the high ups too and received no reply. Don't bother with Revolut, people. They do not deserve your custom and are more hassle than they are worth.


Go Halifax Clarity


Is this better than Monzo?


I have Monzo which is good.... great app also Starling bank card and app do a similiar thing.... instant app notifications for contactless etc

Sainsburys - Travel Money (Euros - 1.271, or 1.274 with Nectar Card)
-5° Expired
Posted 24th Jun 2016Posted 24th Jun 2016
Sainsburys - Travel Money (Euros - 1.271, or 1.274 with Nectar Card)
I don't know how long this will last, but Sainsburys still have the exchange rate for Euros at a decent price (if you compare it to how it should be against the pound at this momen… Read more

Now down to 1.2085


Wouldn't let me enter the nectar card number for some reason though but not particularly bothered about that!!!


I've just ordered at 1.27! Thank you!!!


It been pulled already? Think I may have it in my cache then...


They have

Travelex Supercard is back - but not as good as the pilot
Posted 14th Jun 2016Posted 14th Jun 2016
Travelex Supercard is back - but not as good as the pilot
Travelex's SuperCard is back but not quite as good as the pilot as cash now costs 2.99% purchases are still free. It uses MasterCard rather than visa now so rates may be slightly … Read more

Revolute is better than Supercard, except in Thailand & Russia where they can't be bothered to monitor FX properly so instead add a hefty charge.


​No good in Thailand for payment in shops, restaurants etc, need a pin and Thailand mostly uses signature. ATMs should be fine.


OK I appreciate your £120 a year bank account provides more features than the free supercard, but others may find the free insurance useful if they are caught out. There used to be a website you could use rather than the application so hopefully that will come back. Regarding the ATM fee - I agree that is a shame, but its still cheaper for purchases, costs nothing and can be linked to a points visa or mastercard. I'll still use but will have another card for cash etc. IIRC Nationwide is only fee free in the EU?


#58 and it is still a waste of space as overseas cash costs money to withdraw and the app still will not run on a tablet and I get full, rather than limited, travel insurance with Nationwide. It will be interesting to visit this thread in a year to discover whether any of us have actually used the "new and improved" Supercard. I suspect I might be close to the top of the list of those that have only used it to scrape ice from car windscreens. :) p.s. - OK, Nationwide costs me £10 per month but provides us with much more than £10's worth of monthly insurance. The main things are worldwide comprehensive travel insurance for my wife and myself, UK+Europe breakdown insurance for both our cars and comprehensive insurance for our mobile phones.


hmm they are adding basic travel insurance from Sept 21 see Appendix B here:

Free foreign transactions with Supercard from Travelex
267° Expired
Posted 5th May 2016Posted 5th May 2016
Free foreign transactions with Supercard from Travelex
You can pre-register your interest for this card being launched nationwide in the summer. You link it to your bank card (similar to paypal for instance) and can then use it for b… Read more

Is this still the best card to use for Spain? Have previously used this without issue linked to my uk bank card at Santander?


by leaving money in my current account I earn 3-5% interest so would loose this toping up a pre-loaded card. revolute limits spend to £500 per month before it starts charging a fee, I tend to take a big annual holiday in which the hotel alone takes this much without any other spending. This alone means Revolut would have to be used with something else and it says they may start charging after 1 year


Revolut also have a proven track record, it's hardly difficult to pre-load a card through an app, and then withdraw what remains directly back to your debit card. If you know anything about this part of the financial industry you will know that all client funds are ring fenced i.e. if the firm goes belly up your money is safe. If you're happy paying a poor exchange rate when the true interbank rate is on offer then that's up to you.


1. Travelex has a proven track record. 2. You have to preload the Revolut card. The Supercard takes only what's spent, when it's spent.


Why not just use the revolut card, you get the interbank exchange rate and no fees also, you can't get a better rate than that

Travelex - Happy Hour possible 2-4% saving (11am-1pm on 22nd)
45° Expired
Posted 22nd Mar 2016Posted 22nd Mar 2016
Travelex - Happy Hour possible 2-4% saving (11am-1pm on 22nd)
If you’re jetting off somewhere exciting this Easter, we’ve got a little something special to treat you with: it’s our next Happy Hour! Tuesday 22nd March from 11am until 1pm. Whe… Read more

Needs expiring

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Travelex - Happy Hour possible 2-4% saving (11am-1pm on 28th)
-45° Expired
Posted 27th Apr 2015Posted 27th Apr 2015
Travelex - Happy Hour possible 2-4% saving (11am-1pm on 28th)
Travelex do this every now and again -previously its been 2-4% better than their normal rates. I would always check before buying, but may… Read more

ye. no1currency are at 1.3736 too although I went for travelex in the end still the best rate for today, plus they offer 0.5% cashback in quidco, so another few quid off depending on how much you order Plus free delivery on £500 or more, no1currency is collection only at least 2 days later should of checked eurochnage, can get the rate upto 1.3780 :(


Looks like it's gone up to 1.374 Euro/GBP However I bought some Euros this morning using Eurochange at 1.3725 so not really that fantastic a rate

deleted150774 also has good rates. € is currently 1.3699.


Worth a shout - normally use this tool to check the best rates


Can see the title updated, thanks for editing. Was waiting on the moneycorp to go over 1.37, think i'll see what travelex drops to before 11 tomorrow

Supercard Travelex Visa "Debit" - No International Fees
1280° Expired
Posted 12th Mar 2015Posted 12th Mar 2015
Supercard Travelex Visa "Debit" - No International Fees
Visa Debit type card from Travelex. Charges no foreign transaction/conversion fees with the Visa exchange rate. Sort of like a physical PayPal account as it's linked to your usual… Read more

Wasn't enthusiastic about a 2.99 fee raised a new thread on this


Just got the email regarding the new card. You have to re-apply even if you had one before. They've also introduced a fee of 2.99% for ATM withdrawals.


I haven't had an email yet, I'll look out for one, thanks.


Impression i got was it would be June, they've already decided to go live but it isn't clear what happens next to trial people. I think they will issue a new card but i got an email yesterday about registering, no mention of me being an account holder already


Has June been confirmed? I thought it was just "This summer" and the end of the pilot is 7th June.

Travelex Happy Hour ALL Currencies Sale - 11am - 1pm Tuesday 16
25° Expired
Posted 15th Sep 2014Posted 15th Sep 2014
Travelex Happy Hour ALL Currencies Sale - 11am - 1pm Tuesday 16
Is this a deal? I don't know! I'm hoping you'll tell me! Has anyone tried the Travelex happy hour before? Did you get a good deal? Remember, not everyone can get a Clarity card .… Read more

Dont forget TCB and the price match, its easy enough to do and matches the best online rates which don't give you the guarantees Travelex provide.


Not the greatest this time. changing 1000£ to US$, only better off by 3.7$, lets hope Scotland stays with GB and the $ goes back up again


its gone from 122.49 to 123.00 - wow huge saving - NOT !


Will the rate change automatically ?


for sar you can use travelex through tesco and order online or you can visit travelex instore either tesco or anywhere else travelex had better rate than anywhere else

Travelex Happy Hour Euro Sale - 11am - 1pm today
-10° Expired
Posted 18th Jul 2014Posted 18th Jul 2014
Travelex Happy Hour Euro Sale - 11am - 1pm today
Not seen this posted before. If you are about to go on holiday in the next couple of weeks this may be for you. Easy to order and pick up from the airport on the day you travel.

ICE has a better rate of 1.2456


Try FAIR FX to compare before you buy

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