TRAVELODGE (Today only - Black Friday Deal) 25% off Stays 3rd Dec 2016 to 10th Feb 2017 - Travelodge

TRAVELODGE (Today only - Black Friday Deal) 25% off Stays 3rd Dec 2016 to 10th Feb 2017 - Travelodge

Found 25th Nov 2016
Working link:…als?cmpid=homepage~hero1~blackfriday

Only valid to use on Black Friday (25th Nov 2016)
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Doesn't work ... not on saver rates anyway ... even though it did at lunchtime ... the e-mail says that it should work on saver rates all day ... what a rip off con from Travelodge!!
If the link doesn't work, the code does, I've just booked a saver price in Edinburgh using the code 'blackfriday' gaps between the words or it doesn't accept the code.
Does not accept code... RIP OFF
Does not accept code... RIP OFF

Not sure how you managed it, as it won't accept code when I try
Code expired last night at midnight Housekeeper

Does not accept code... RIP OFF

The code was for use on Black Friday only.
Code stopped working between 12 noon and midnight ..... 12 hours too early. I know, I used the discount at noon but forgot my debit card at work, went on at 5pm and it wouldn't work ....... as above, con!
How can it be a con MrRee when I used it to book after your first post?
Because I could have at noon, couldn't few hours later ...... it said code was invalid
Think you've just been unlucky. I went on the site earlier in the day to check prices, taking it through as far as the pay button to check I was getting a discount, which I was, then came out.
Went back in later and booked, that's when found I that you had to enter the code as one word not two separate words.
If you missed out on this one then you've got another chance HERE.
25% off for Cyber Monday, same dates apply.
Still not working ........... this is the error message ........

We're sorry, but the code CYBERMONDAY you have entered is not valid for this booking. This may be because the dates, hotel or room rates selected are incorrect, or the code has expired. Please check the code terms and conditions and then try again.
You will be allowed 2 further attempts to enter a correct code, after which this booking session will not accept a discount code.

Rip Off!!
Mr Ree, step away from the computer. I've just used the code to do another pretend booking and it works. If I could attach the photos to prove it I would. Think you're at it. I'm out.
Discount Code
Discount code applied:
Cybermonday -£11.25
Remove discount code
Booking subtotal £45.00
Discount -£11.25
Total booking price £33.75
Confirm & pay
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