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TUI Black Friday Discount Code

TUI Black Friday Discount Code

Posted 25th Nov
TUI have now released there Black Friday discount codes. They don't seem to have hiked their prices for what we've been wanting to book.

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First Choice is the same...



Is this for flights or packages
dallo25/11/2019 13:20

Is this for flights or packages

Same for First Choice

Pretty sure this is year round anyway.
They had the exact same offer on most of October.
Site looks down anyway when searching :l
Sadly most flights don't get announced till the new year so not really worth booking currently, don't forget to use cashback apps for additional savings
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kpaulyy25/11/2019 13:47

Pretty sure this is year round anyway.

Not really, it’s every now and then for codes applied to all holidays.
Not voting either way until I see Thomas Cook’s answer for this deal...
a break we were looking at was approx £2200 on with discount account added its actually more...theyve just adjusted prices to cater for the money off..these travel sites do same every year
Not much of a black friday deal... discount is quite low compared to the already inflated prices they have
Had our eye on a trip to Jamaica next September, had been monitoring the price closely.. As soon as this deal was released, they upped the price by 100 odd quid, absolute joke!

I've been monitoring prices for a cruise next year and they have been consistent until this week when the cost increased by £200!

They do this every year. I'm waiting until just before Christmas when booking holidays is the last thing people want to consider and see how they are then. They will rise again on Christmas Day ready for the Boxing Day adverts.
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