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Tyre-Shopper is one of the country’s most visited online tyre stores. Not only is there a very wide and comprehensive range of tyre types (budget tyres, all season tyres and more) brands and products to pick from, the online store also offers great discounts to buyers. There is also a useful comparison feature available on the website: the Price Comparison tool lets you compare by brand, pattern, wheel size, speed rating, load index and other criteria.
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-10% Discount
-10% Discount
10% OFF selected tyre manufacturers @ Tyre-Shopper
As part of the Black Friday deals Tyre Shopper currently have 10% OFF selected tyres made by Avon, Barum, Bridgestone & Pirelli. Just enter code BLACKFTS to discount. Happy B… Read more

You need to use the link I posted above :)


Once you have the code applied (via cliosport65 link),open the page via quidco for another 3% cash back. Took the price of an Avon I ordered from £71 to £61.Thanks


where do you type in the code? I went through it all twice and didn't see it. Mind you I am trying to buy Goodyears to maybe it disappears when its not a tyre on the list


Thanks for the link, worked a treat. All booked in 😋


Had the same thing earlier have to use this https://www.tyre-shopper.co.uk/Voucher_code and it will work fine :)

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Goodyear efficient grip compact 175/70/13 £50.54 @ Tyre Shopper
-96° Expired
Posted 31st Dec 2017Posted 31st Dec 2017
Goodyear efficient grip compact 175/70/13 £50.54 @ Tyre Shopper£50.54
Best price I could find fitted for this well known / trusted brand. A few things I won't skimp on when it comes to my car and safety is quality tyres and brakes. If you know of a b… Read more

One is better off with a full set of Michelin CrossClimates for the same price: better ride quality, lower noise and better steering feel as well as the cold weather benefits and with no penalty in wear rate or fuel economy.


£47.99 fitted at Costco


Plenty of older cars on the road still running on 13 inch wheels. Mk1 Clios, Pug 106s, Saxo's, Seicentos etc. You just can't win on this site - you post a lease deal and everyone tells you you'd be better off buying an old car instead. Then people mock you for posting deals related to older cars!


What kind of vehicle has 13" tyres? Not seen so small for many years. Even fiestas/corsas are 14“ and 15"


14p cheaper @ F1autocentres. £50.40 fitted.

Tyre shopper 5% discount on all tyres over £200 spend
Posted 25th Feb 2016Posted 25th Feb 2016
Tyre shopper 5% discount on all tyres over £200 spend
Just received email from Tyre Shopper advising an extra 5% of any tyres when you spend £200 or more. I recently bought some Cross climates through these and they were by far the ch… Read more

code to use is TSFEB5 at checkout


why expired?



Westlake SP06 [165/60 R14] £143.44 full set tyres fitted @ via Tyre Shopper
43° Expired
Posted 12th Jan 2016Posted 12th Jan 2016
Westlake SP06 [165/60 R14] £143.44 full set tyres fitted @ via Tyre Shopper£143.44
Good (Canadian) budget tyre with Good reviews this is for 4 tyres on a small car. 4.2% TopCashBack. Got these for mum for the short period she will have the car, micra. slow-ish c… Read more

I will admit nexens n8000 are very good cheap tyres, had them a few times but now tyres have come down in price I go for Goodyear eagle f1's imo best tyres u can buy.


Budget tyres I've sworn by them for years but always check the reviews first . Some of you might have herd of kuhmo or nexen or linglong all started as cheap budgets until they got established.


No, Chinese company marketing in Canada.


Like for like with the OP's deal it's £141. Most people want new valve, don't have a balancer at home and don't want to take their old tyres home. While I'm on a rant (lol) it does annoy me that they keep calling it 'wheel balancing'. No, its tyre balancing! It's balancing out the imperfections in the tyre manufacture. You want me to pay 10%-15% of the tyre price to sort out a product issue! I don't get charged extra at the cafe to scrape the burnt off the toast!


thanks sorry i was looking for 175/65/14 for my car 8)

Avon - ZV5 - 205/50VR15 - Car Tyre - C/C/71 £50.71 Fitted @ Tyre-Shopper
56° Expired
Posted 27th Aug 2015Posted 27th Aug 2015
Avon - ZV5 - 205/50VR15 - Car Tyre - C/C/71 £50.71 Fitted @ Tyre-Shopper£50.71
A decent tyre for a decent (fitted) price in my mind. I hope that it helps someone. Quidco 4% and TCB 5% also available if you so choose.

Good post highlighting some good alternatives. I specifically needed the 205 size to match the existing tyres on the rear of my car. The Federal 595 RS-R certainly looks like they would be fun to experience on a cold wet day!


Ah sorry, I voted it cold on the wim. Maybe on reflection it isnt that bad. I would normally buy it online and pay locals to fit it. (depending on your location its between £8-16 per tyre fitting) Also if I had to go with that specific profile I would go with this: http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/1x-Summer-KUMHO-ECSTA-SPT-KU31-205-50R15-86V-FSL-/381368819149?fits=Tyre+Width%3A205%7CAspect+Ratio%3A50%7CRim+Diameter%3A15&hash=item58cb5a5dcd Or if you want to spend a little more - http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/1x-Summer-BRIDGESTONE-POTENZA-ADR-RE002-205-50R15-86W-/351358649714?fits=Tyre+Width%3A205%7CAspect+Ratio%3A50%7CRim+Diameter%3A15&hash=item51ce9b8572 ...Or if you want silly stiff tyres and and exciting moments in the rain: http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/2x-Federal-595-RS-R-Tyres-Track-Day-Race-Road-205-50-R15-89W-XL-ALL-SIZES-/231408523662?fits=Tyre+Width%3A205%7CAspect+Ratio%3A50%7CRim+Diameter%3A15&hash=item35e105d98e (but I would go 195, or 215 for market demand of tyres)


c/c/71 decent?

Bridgestone Potenza S001  225/40R18 92Y Tyre  Fully Fitted (with Free LifeTime Warranty) £73.00 tyre-shopper
96° Expired
Posted 8th Jul 2015Posted 8th Jul 2015
Bridgestone Potenza S001 225/40R18 92Y Tyre Fully Fitted (with Free LifeTime Warranty) £73.00 tyre-shopper£73
Excellent price for fully fitted option, have no idea about any existing discount codes... 4% quidco anyway



£87 now - expired?


Gutted! I was shopping around and just bought 3 mid-range tyres for my TT :( Would've put these bad boys on :(


Good timing! I have been shopping around for a good tyre deal.....


http://www.valuetyres.co.uk/tyre/brand/nexen/code/2254518VSU1/id/26645 http://www.tyrereviews.co.uk/Tyre/Nexen/N-Fera-SU1.htm

Bridgestone Potenza adrenalin re002 tyres,  235/40/18 95W XL -  £96.95 each + 4% quidco cashback) ,  including fitting @ tyre-shopper
77° Expired
Posted 13th Apr 2015Posted 13th Apr 2015
Bridgestone Potenza adrenalin re002 tyres, 235/40/18 95W XL - £96.95 each + 4% quidco cashback) , including fitting @ tyre-shopper£96.95
Bridgestone potenza adrenalin re002 235/40/18 95W XL tyres at £96.95 each with 4% cashback from quidco @ tyre shopper. Price includes balancing, valves, disposal of old tyres and… Read more
Get deal*Get deal*

Tyre wear update**** Had these tyrea fitted on the front of my mondeo. Done about 12000 mls in 6 months and still plenty of thread left (about 5mm). Tyres had great dry and wet grip so I can't complain about that however, both tyres were constantly underinflated. Had the valves replaced twice and still the same. After MOT I sent the tyres back to Bridgestone as I had an advisory stating that both of them are cracking on the interrior. After about 2 months I received a letter saying that it was my fault for the tyres cracking as I ran them underinflated. In retrospect, I am happy with how much miles I got out of them for the price paid although I feel kinda cheated. Im running pirrellis now and they never needed inflating since I fitted them.


Why are they great? It all depends on the criteria you apply to your purchase. It looks a terrible tred pattern for the wet and the dry performance would be down to the compound (a good grippy compound I would not expect to last no more than 6000 miles).


great tyres


Similar price at tyreleader http://www.tyreleader.co.uk/car-tyres/bridgestone/potenza-adrenalin-re002/235-40-r18-95w-72443 .....just have to get them fitted at your choice of local garage (usually £5 to £10 all in).


This is a good price. Just looking around I think most of the tyres for this size seem to be lower than when I was looking around in October last year for my Mondeo. Also note that Kwik Fit have the Goodyear Eagle F1 for ~£121 fitted with £20 cashback if you buy 2 and Michelin Pilot sport 3 are ~£125 each no cash back though. Asda tyres had these Bridgestones at £111 fitted so this is a good deal.

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Avon z5 tyres 175/65/15 £45 @ Tyre Shopper
-53° Expired
Posted 6th Apr 2015Posted 6th Apr 2015
Avon z5 tyres 175/65/15 £45 @ Tyre Shopper£45
Tyre shopper is national tyres Order online the ones I got was £45 online fitted at local national tyres branch and £20 cheaper per tyre than buying in branch Ordered and paid on… Read more

My advice would be to stay well clear of tyreshopper and national tyres. Terrible companies. Full details here: https://uk.trustpilot.com/review/www.tyre-shopper.co.uk/550be0510000ff0002d65bdd


Good price for that particular tyre though personally would have went for the £50-£55 mark and gone for Goodyear or Pirelli's P1/P4. Avon's rarely ever make any top ten tyre buys and these in particular are quite a noisy tyre and terrible in the wet (Live in N.Ireland its always wet lol). Hot anyhow since cheap price.


Tyre shopper is national tyres just a subsidiary company


Tyre Shopper use National for fitting. Don't believe there is any other link between the companies. I used to use them all the time until National f....d four of my alloy wheels. Manager of the branch arranged for a refurbishment, still waiting. He told me there is no direct link between the companies.


Looks a good price, had avons before, decent tyre, but the Goodyear look a better buy.

avon zt5 195/60/15 tyres £49.80 @ Tyre-Shopper
20° Expired
Posted 29th Dec 2014Posted 29th Dec 2014
avon zt5 195/60/15 tyres £49.80 @ Tyre-Shopper£49.80
As per title, fitted price, cost this much everywhere else for budget tyres, if like me you find that there are no local garages (mine was 30 miles away) price match on black circl… Read more

5% Quidco


Nothing wrong with Avon - fair price if you haven't got a local garage that price matches


if some one can tell me why this is going cold and can show me where i can get the same size cheaper i would be very grateful

Avon ZV5 205/55 R16 tyre fully fitted £47.95 at Tyre-Shopper
278° Expired
Posted 14th Nov 2014Posted 14th Nov 2014
Avon ZV5 205/55 R16 tyre fully fitted £47.95 at Tyre-Shopper£47.95
I know it's another tyre deal for this size but this time it includes fitting! ...please use DC5ALL discount code at checkout

just bought these, thanks op!


Fitting a V rated tyre will not invalidate your insurance unless your driving at more than double the speed limit which is what the tyres are rated at.


Great tyres, I have the larger 225 on an Audi TT front end they are very good. Had on for a year now and a ton of tread left.


I agree these don't last very long at all - pay some more and get another brand. I had a pair that lasted just 15k miles which is 5-10k less than I usually get


Amazingly, it becomes very black and white if you'd just ring your insurer up. :p

Very competitive Tyre prices online with the Lifetime Guarantee deal- Bridgestone T001 - 205/55VR16  £74.30 @ Tyre-Shopper
61° Expired
Posted 27th Jun 2014Posted 27th Jun 2014
Very competitive Tyre prices online with the Lifetime Guarantee deal- Bridgestone T001 - 205/55VR16 £74.30 @ Tyre-Shopper£74.30
For Example: Bridgestone T001 - 205/55VR16 would have costed around £80++ from a tyre shop. It only costs £74.30 each with FREE Lifetime Guarantee, which will cover your future… Read more
Get deal*Get deal*

My tyres were cheaper pretty much everywhere else unfortunately ..


Hi, I am aware that it is not the cheapest in the market. F1 Autocentre offer cheaper than them. But, I can't find anywhere that could offer the Lifetime Tyre Guarantee. Because I had a bad experience of having to buy another new tyre to replace a 2-month-old tyre due to the punctual happen at the edge of the tyres. With the Tyre Guarantee, I am cover on punctual repair or replacement. Paying £7.50 to take the risk away from me, I think it is well worth it. But, Watch out on their Wheel alignment. They claimed to have the best and the most accurate Wheel alignment machine, but it is the worst. Both of my front tyres worn out on the outer edge, National Tyres checked the tracking and said it is within tolerance, but another 2 independent garages checked the tracking and said it is miles out. I'll only use the advantages of the Tyre Guarantee by buying the tyres from the tyreshopper, but get all the alignment check / done when need be from other garages.


I know they're the spawn of the devil but if it's more convenient Kwik Fit will price match online suppliers including Asda Tyres (as mentioned by a previous poster) and Costco, have had them match both of these in the past few years.


Same tyre here for £71.50 fitted....... ETB 205 55 16


Halfords will do them for £69.82 each provided you buy 2 or more tyres and you can get 5.05% at TCB if you book online. Unfortunately the free wheel alignment check & adjust offer that I used last month has now ended.

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