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Hope tech 3 E4 (4 pot hydraulic) UK made mountain bike brakes £110.40 an end @ UBYK (with 20% off code) also works on Santa Cruz yeti etc
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Posted 21st Nov 2018Posted 21st Nov 2018
Hope tech 3 E4 (4 pot hydraulic) UK made mountain bike brakes £110.40 an end @ UBYK (with 20% off code) also works on Santa Cruz yeti etc£110.40£16533% off
Not sure if they go Cold, but they certainly are one of the better mtb brakes ever made, far superior to shimano and sram IMHO these are premium brakes cnc machine in barnoldswick… Read more

Don't want no for-nurs around these parts :P


Great price, I have these on my bike


Hope do amazing components and the brilliant HB160 mountain bike. Absolutely stunning quality generally. I've got a few bits of their kit and never disappointed.


Quality components for sure.


They all talk with funny accents in that Lancashire, they’ll have been locals

Ubyk 20% off 2018 bikes (Road, Mountain, Cross, triathlon) santa cruz, yeti cycles, orange, cipollini, look, de rosa, colnago, scott, mondraker
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Posted 24th Nov 2017Posted 24th Nov 2017
Ubyk 20% off 2018 bikes (Road, Mountain, Cross, triathlon) santa cruz, yeti cycles, orange, cipollini, look, de rosa, colnago, scott, mondraker
dare you look.. 20% off 2018 models until Sunday santa cruz, orange, cipollini, look, de rosa, colnago, look, parlee, cannondale, scott, orro, argon, yeti, mondraker, ibis, ghos… Read more

i got a frame last week, struggling to find deals, got a few XT rear derailleurs and a shifter. need everything else :0)


Some seriously nice bikes over at Ubyk. I'd be all over this if I hadn't recently picked up a new 2018 frameset (All City Cosmic Stallion)


dont look, ... haha, them yetis are gorgeous and definately avoid canyon today, some cracking deals far better than UK sites on shimano brakes


Quad Lock Universal - Smartphone Bike Mount £19.99 ubyk
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Posted 6th Sep 2016Posted 6th Sep 2016
Quad Lock Universal - Smartphone Bike Mount £19.99 ubyk£19.99
Cheapest on sale atm, reduced to £19.99, combined with an 'old' Sony smartphone and Strava it's a pretty unbeatable match. Had been using a Bike Citizens Finn for the last year whi… Read more

​In my experience of discussing this topic here and elsewhere, I'd say that a number of the cold votes will come from the Garmin brigade. These poor fools have been seduced/brainwashed in to believing that only a Garmin can be used on a bike as a computer. The problem with this point of view is that it's utter nonsense and with each new upgrade to the Garmin line it becomes more so. As Garmin try to squeeze even more features and functions into their computers, they fail to sufficiently increase the performance of the hardware and the usability decreases. Adding mapping makes sense, but mapping on small, low res screens makes little sense if you can't read the details on the map. Touchscreens are great but a touch screen that is so slow and unresponsive that using it is as much fun as having your nads massaged with sandpaper is an unacceptably rubbish feature on a 300+ quid piece of hardware. The new Garmin's problem are that they are trying to provide smartphone functionality on feature phone internals, limited by a cycling computer form factor. Worse still, many of these new features require you to have your smartphone with you and connected to the Garmin for the Garmin to fully function. This is idiotic! But Garmin lovers refuse to accept this. I have a draw full of bike computers that no longer get used except for when I race, but for training, touring and just fun riding I use a smartphone (Sony Z3 bought used for £100 just to use on the bike) and a quadlock mount. By far the best solution if you want mapping, Strava etc plus you can take pictures, shoot video, post a status update.........


Just people down voting probably because they dont really know anything about it or comparing it to a cheaper holder that only has one application. Ive had this for a few years, use it on my MTB and used it on my motorbike from UK to Dijon -France ,also in my car ( adapter sold separately). I also have a wall adapter to use it in the bathroom again it simply twists and clicks into place. Its very stable otherwise I wouldnt trust using it with my Z3. Its quick and easy to install and disconnect the phone with a twist. I believe Quad lock also do a version similar to the Garmin handlebar mount.


Its showing £17.99 now, usually £25 on Amazon.


Is it cheaper elsewhere or are the cold votes because someone using a bike might use it and therefore a lower class of citizen? I'm interested in this - not see the quadlock before so thanks OP and replies - you all get likes which mean internet points!


This product is not really in the same class as a Quad Lock (weight, aero, build quality). I also have a Sony smartphone running Strava stuck to a Quad Lock, it's been perfect for 2 seasons.

Smart 700 Lumen USB Front light  £32.99 delivered @ Ubyk
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Posted 19th Nov 2014Posted 19th Nov 2014
Smart 700 Lumen USB Front light £32.99 delivered @ Ubyk£32.99
700 lumens front bike light. USB chargeable (internal battery). Light Functions 4 (low beam steady, medium beam steady, high beam steady & flashing) Up to 10.5 hours run time … Read more

Thanks for the feedback.


There's not much out there because it is new. For reference, the Smart Lunars usually get good reviews and are plenty bright enough to be noticed on city commutes, not to light up the road though. The next cheapest 700 lumens (USB) lights from Moon, Cateye or Lezyne would be over £70.


At about 200-ish lumens, more than likely :)


Good price but not sure how this performs... anyone know?