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MG5 EV Excite 52kw Electric Car - £21,639.45 @ UK Car Discount
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Posted 19th JanPosted 19th Jan
MG5 EV Excite 52kw Electric Car - £21,639.45 @ UK Car Discount£21,639.35£27,49421% off
Found a good deal on the MG5 EV Excite, the better equipped exclusive is also available with a similar discount at just under £1800 more here . Some of the differences between t… Read more

Solid state batteries are so 22nd century. I'm waiting for nuclear fusion powered, carbon nanotube space elevators, before I bite. I will be laughing at you, and your silly little solid state battery car, while I'm sipping on gin and juice from low earth oribit.


"How did it cost more to use less?" Economies of scale. Gas boilers since been used for decades so many efficiencies have been found. New technologies are less mature so similar gains haven't been found yet. Li-ion batteries have dropped 90% in in cost per KWh over 10 years while increasing in capacity. Solar panels have also made similar gains.


The latest towering achievement of the Eco Warrior Brigade. Spaffing £billions more taxpayers money into govt mates pockets achieveing nothing for the environment. How come it actually costs more to use less??? Government plans to turn England homes green 'in chaos' with debt and job losses England’s much-hyped £2bn green homes grant is in chaos, renewable energy installers say, with some owed tens of thousands of pounds and struggling to stay in business. Members of the public have been left waiting nearly four months, in some cases, to take advantage of the scheme to fit low carbon heating systems. Some installers say customers are pulling out after losing faith in the green grants. Boris Johnson touted the grants as one of the key programmes in his ten 10-point plan for a green industrial revolution. It aims to help 600,000 households switch their energy to low carbon and help the UK meet its commitment to reach net zero carbon emissions by 2050. Ministers awarded the contract to run the programme to ICF, a large American consulting corporation based in Virginia. Details of the value of the government contract have not yet been published.


3 year olds with battery for 14k isn't bad for a car that cost me 18k new. 4k depreciation over 3 years on a car that saves me 1-2k fuel a year. Not to mention that the car you seen at 14k probably cost 16k when it was new, so 2k depreciation for them if they haggled for a deal when new


Yes we have agreed that you landed on a fab deal and with your free lekky have beaten the system. But even you found out a new Zoe would be £6,000+ more than you paid and it seems to come as a shock to you that 3yr olds inc battery are retailing at £14,000. If you were starting now you may/may not end up with an EV after considering everything but it wouldn't be as clear cut and for someone not planning on 10 years with the same car possibly the ICE would be financially better.

NISSAN JUKE HATCHBACK 1.6 [112] Tekna 5dr [Bose] £13,982 (£7203 off) @ UK Car Discount
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Posted 26th Apr 2019Posted 26th Apr 2019
NISSAN JUKE HATCHBACK 1.6 [112] Tekna 5dr [Bose] £13,982 (£7203 off) @ UK Car Discount£13,982
Previous supply of Nissan Juke vehicles sold out quickly, went to the Nissan Main Dealers and they said they couldn't get within £6000 of these prices This is for the top of the R… Read more

Should have gone to specsavers :)


They're a great way to tell the weather. If a Juke driver has the fog lights on it's pretty much guaranteed to be a beautiful sunny day.


Some would say ugly some would say beautiful, I am probably calling her ‘striking’


Ugly car


It's not because of the co2.

FERRARI 458 COUPE Italia - £179,461 @ UK Car Discount
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Posted 12th Jan 2018Posted 12th Jan 2018
FERRARI 458 COUPE Italia - £179,461 @ UK Car Discount£179,461
Fantastic New Car Deals on FERRARI 458 COUPE Italia 2dr Auto available now cheaper than your local FERRARI Dealer. UK Main Dealer Supplied Vehicles With Full Manufacturers Warranty… Read more

Gonna hold out for my biting point at £179,300!


Maybe there were a few they forgot to modify after they started going on fire


Bought 5 to sell on eBay (devil)


Anti lease people be like: ‘At least you get to own it (nerd) ’



Save up to £6,000 on a new Peugeot 308 64 Reg From £13139 @ UK-Car-Discount
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Posted 12th Sep 2014Posted 12th Sep 2014
Save up to £6,000 on a new Peugeot 308 64 Reg From £13139 @ UK-Car-Discount£13,139
There are some great offers to be had at UK Car Discount. These are the ones available for the new Peugeot 308: New Peugeot 308 Hatchback deals: Peugeot 308 1.2 VTi Access 5dr … Read more