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Rakuten TV is an on-demand streaming service founded in 2009. Compatible with many devices, including Smart TVs, tablets, laptops, and Chromecast, Rakuten TV offers subscriptions, rentals and purchases of various TV series, movies and kids shows. With all the available discount and promo codes on HotUKDeals, shoppers can save more on their favourite TV series, award-winning films and blockbusters.
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£0.99 Discount
£0.99 Discount
Rent any movie for 99p with code oscars17uk @ Wuaki
INSTRUCTIONS: Rent any movie until 26th February for 99p

Thanks for the tip :{


Code in the post mentioned above still works...just used it :)


Damn, another voucher that I've missed. Wuaki have been very right with their promos of late


(Correctly) submitting an offer as a voucher rather than a deal seems to mean that it gets fewer eyeballs and therefore less heat. Moral of the story is if you can possibly couch a voucher as a deal then do! Heat added - Girl with all the Gifts for me.


Thanks... think I can get this on the Roku box... will give it a shot.

£4.99 Discount
£4.99 Discount
Buy any film from Wuaki.tv in HD for £4.99 with code, includes pre-orders
INSTRUCTIONS: Code UK499B016 works on any movie. I just pre-ordered BFG in HD for the kids. Choose your movie then click Redeem voucher and hey presto APPLIES TO: All fi… Read more


£3.46 Discount
£3.46 Discount
Rent any movie in HD for 99p @ Wuaki TV With Code
INSTRUCTIONS: *Final price will be displayed after the voucher is redeemed. Only one redemption per consumer. Offer is available only in HD quality, valid until 31st July, 11:59… Read more

there hasn't been a 4.99 code for july


No, The weekly 99p offer on Wednesdays is a limited selection of mostly older releases. Then there is the EE Club which runs Mon/Tue/Wed but doesn't include everything. But they send this particular deal on the last Friday of every month and it really is worth looking out for. Only this time I didn't receive it in an email as I usually have which is what led me here. Thanks OP. It really is the best deal they offer as you can use it to rent any film including their simultaneous cinema releases which are usually between 5.99 and 9.99 to rent in HD. 2 weeks after this deal they regularly send out a code for any purchase (as opposed to rental) at 4.99 which is very good too.


Pretty much send one of these out everyweek, but nontheless still useful

£3.46 Discount
£3.46 Discount
Rent ANY MOVIE in HD for 99p! @ Wuaki TV With Code
INSTRUCTIONS: *Final price will be displayed after the voucher is redeemed. Only one redemption per consumer. Offer is available only in HD quality, valid until June 26th, 11:59… Read more

Great just rented Dads army


nah the old ones are better


Not Snoopy? :'(


These are my recommendations Deadpool The Revenant Spotlight Creed


Best most recent releases? *Snoopy! :D

Rent any HD movie for 99p at Wuaki this weekend (incl Ant-Man, Inside Out, Minions, Man From Uncle, Jurassic World)

Heated, well worth a quid to save clicking multiple links to get a stream, only for it to buffer like mad 75% through.


Quidco tracked cash back so essentially a freebie.


Worth a try for £1.01 topcashback too X) http://www.topcashback.co.uk/wuaki-tv-aff-uk/


List of movies: The Man From U.N.C.L.E. Mission impossible: Rogue nation Pixels The Gift (2015) Magic Mike XXL Ant-Man Inside Out Halo: Fall of Reach Trainwreck Ted 2 Absolutely Anything Maggie Listen to Me Marlon Mr. Calzaghe Mistress America Spy Minions True Story Michael McIntyre: Happy & Glorious Mandela, my Dad and Me Song of the Sea Paul Chowdhry-Pc's World Dylan Moran - Off the Hook Hal Cruttenden: Tough Luvvie Love San Andreas Henning Wehn -Eins, Zwei, D.I.Y. Terminator Genisys 13 Minutes Being A.P Slow West Ben Collins: Stunt Driver Rugby World Cup 2015 - The Official Review A Christmas Star The Legend of Barney Thomson Mad Max: Fury Road Russell Kane Live 2015 Ronaldo Kevin Bridges Live Jurassic World John Wick Dara O Briain: Crowd Tickler Live Avengers: Age of Ultron Shaolin Monks Live Production 2015 Roy Chubby Brown Hangs Up his Helmet An Evening with Noel Fielding Santa's Little Helper Steve Jobs: the Man in the Machine Pitch Perfect 2 Jethro - 40 Years the Joker Entourage Mr Holmes Justin Moorhouse - Destiny Calling Poltergeist - Theatrical version Neil Delamere Live (The Fresh Prince of Delamere) Shelby: The Dog who Saved Christmas Alan Carr: Yap, Yap, Yap! Tomorrowland The Incredible Adventures of Professor Branestawm Insidious: Chapter 3 A Christmas Promise Low Down 12 Dogs of Christmas 12 Dogs Of Christmas 2: Great Puppy Race Des Bishop: Made in China The Christmas Dragon Lessons in Love Northpole The Longest Ride A Magic Christmas (2014) Palio Nativity 3: Dude, Where's My Donkey? 12 Dog Days till Christmas Get Santa The Overnight Manglehorn 10 Year Plan After the Ball Hidden One Christmas Eve Howl Barely Lethal Nerdist Presents The Hive The Snow Queen 2: Magic of the Ice Mirror Wer A Christmas Horror Story The Diabolical Pay the Ghost Sleeping Dogs Cop Car Maneater Lambert & Stamp The Games Maker Tekken 2: Kazuya's Revenge Pups United Curious George 3: Back to the Jungle The Nightmare The Lazarus Effect The Connection Some Kind of Hate AAAAAAAAH! The Sand Stung Tremors 5: Bloodlines Cooties Turbo Kid Superbob Get Up & Go Night of the Living Deb AfterDeath (2015) Estranged Friday Download: The Movie Exorcism of Molly Hartley October Gale Misery Loves Comedy Building Jerusalem Search Party Survivor Convenience Danny Collins Haunt Monster Hunter Wolf Warrior The Final Girls Scooby-Doo! & KISS: Rock & Roll Mystery American Girl: Isabelle Dances into the Spotlight Anarchy Ride or Die LEGO DC Super Heroes: Justice League: Attack of the Legion of Doom! Deadly Sisters Starship Apocalypse Ashby Let Us Prey Blunt Force Trauma Spooks: The Greater Good Jennifer Lopez: Dance Again The Choir Looney Tunes: Rabbit's Run Barbie & Her Sisters in the Great Puppy Adventure The Scandalous Lady W R.L. Stine's Monsterville: The Cabinet of Souls Albert June Inanimate Aliens on the Moon Coconut the Little Dragon The Madness of Max (2015) Big Game Man Up Get Hard Aloha Focus La Famille Beliers Demonic (2015) Moomins on the Riviera Sunshine Superman In the Name of the King 3: The Last Mission Escobar: Paradise Lost Batman Unlimited: Monster Mayhem Man from Reno Extinction The Water Diviner Run all night Tiger House Samba The Heat is Back On - The Remaking of Miss Saigon

Best Rakuten TV deals from our community

Free Movie Download for NHS Staff Members (New sign ups only) @ Rakuten TV from Vouchercodes
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Posted 25th JanPosted 25th Jan
New sign ups only. Through Rakuten TV https://www.vouchercodes.co.uk/campaign/free-movie-nhs? To be eligible for this giveaway you must be a verified NHS staff member Verif… Read more

There were exceptions to that ruling, I work on a rotating shift pattern and we were exempt, every 5 weeks we do 5 12 hour shifts in that week and some guys work the shifts taht we are supposed to be off as well, so do a 84 hour week


But that doesn't mean that's what we are working. To the Doctor ( if you really as one) who said it's the nurses who work 37.5 hours, you need to respect the nurses as you'd be stuck without them . I don't know when I or many of my colleagues last worked our basic hours. We wish we could because we're exhausted.but most of all it will mean this nightmare if slowing or over and our patients are safe. My NHS trust has lost 3 staff in 2 weeks to Covid so ever shift is a risk to us, and stressful. Ps please remember we appreciate the offers but majority don't ask for them so don't judge NHS workers


It did come through. But about 12 hours later.


Did you check it wasn't going into Spam folder as it will be from an external source.


It's any movie upto the rental cost of £3.50. You can pay the extra if it's over.

Free Family Movies For Christmas Day @ Rakuten TV
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Posted 22nd Dec 2020Posted 22nd Dec 2020
Free Family Movies For Christmas Day @ Rakuten TVFREE£0.01
FREE FAMILY MOVIES FOR CHRISTMASSY DAYS https://rakuten.tv/uk/lists/free-top-movies

How do you look through the free movies on the app through the tv? I just get get a list of different film genres. Cant see the free ones anywhere


Never mind the xmas crap, machette and american beauty


'We remind you that you can not play movies on GNU/Linux, but you can enjoy the content on other compatible devices.' You've just lost a customer, Rakuten...


I absolutely agree. Just got to make sure you don't shoot your eye out, break a lamp, or lick a lamppost.


I feel most films on this Rakuten promotion are very average

Sheep & Wolves - Free (with ads) @ Rakuten TV
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Posted 5th Nov 2020Posted 5th Nov 2020
Sheep & Wolves - Free (with ads) @ Rakuten TVFREE£0.01
In a magical faraway land, in a picturesque little village nestled among green meadows and rolling hills, lives a flock of carefree sheep. But their pastoral and stress-free life i… Read more
All Dogs go to Heaven (Free to Watch With Ads) @ Rakuten TV
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Posted 20th Oct 2020Posted 20th Oct 2020
All Dogs go to Heaven (Free to Watch With Ads) @ Rakuten TVFREE£0.01
Was looking for some free films to watch. If you have a rakuten.tv account they have some free films to watch although does have ads. Found this classic kids movie enjoy! https… Read more

A lovely film from a bygone era. I saw this in the cinema with my Nana when I was 7 years old. I enjoy watching Don Bluth films with my old children now from time to time, such beautiful animation


Lovely film but wish they'd kept the original 4:3 ratio, they've done a 'crop' job to make it wide screen.


also on Amazon prime


Great family movie, Sweet have some heat


He’s doing gods work.. ask yourself “what have I done to deserve this?”

The Girl... Trilogy - Watch Free with Ads on Rakuten TV
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Posted 19th Oct 2020Posted 19th Oct 2020
The Girl... Trilogy - Watch Free with Ads on Rakuten TVFREE£0.01
The Girl Who Played With Fire - LINK The Girl Who Kicked The Hornets' Nest - LINK Trilogy of films based on the bestselling novels by late Swedish author Stieg Larsson. ‘… Read more

Cracking deal. Thanks.


Can't cast it either. No Biggie. Rakuten app wasn't meant for my collection of apps, I suppose.


I had the same problem


Tried watching.... Same 4ads repeated every 10 - 15 minutes.


I have the full-length, serialised Girl With The Dragon Tattoo and agree it was a better watch than the film/

Free Movie Rental Rakuten via Samsung TV App
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Posted 16th Oct 2020Posted 16th Oct 2020
Free Movie Rental Rakuten via Samsung TV AppFREE£0.01 Free P&P Free
Just had an email from Samsung... Take your pick of blockbusters movies without the box office price. Claim a 4K UHD movie rental from Rakuten TV, no ticket necessary. Simply go t… Read more

If anyone has a code they don't want send it my way please, thank you


Worked for me , Thanks OP


Nice work on your first post, @SeymourHoffman !


Awesome, thank you! I managed to redeem it approx 10 minutes ago so it’s still possible .


Thanks all redeemed

Terminator: Dark Fate - £1.99 to rent / £4.99 to buy (4K) @ Rakuten TV
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Posted 12th Aug 2020Posted 12th Aug 2020
Same price at iTunes (4K). Linda Hamilton (“Sarah Connor”) and Arnold Schwarzenegger (“T-800”) return in their iconic roles in Terminator: Dark Fate, directed by Tim Miller (Deadp… Read more

Very under appreciated film. Worthy successor to T2.


Just watched and enjoyed. Wouldn't have watched otherwise, so thanks (y) I liked: "I'm never gonna f****n call you Carl" (lol)


Genisys gets a bit better IF you watch it a couple of times. It beats the pants off T3 & clearly (as said above) they were trying something different. Dark fate - don't even... When watching it - I was half expecting R2-D2 to make a cameo appearance as a poly-alloy trash can.


T2 > T1> T4> T3 > Dark Fate (+ every other film ever made) > Genisys Just my opinion (y)


Not as bad as the last one but still pretty awful nonetheless. Bored the pants of me, at least Salvation had some originality. Each to their own so might be worth it to rent for some, wouldn't pay more than £2 though

Jumanji: The Next Level/Spiderman Far From Home UHD £4.99 @ RakutenTV
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Posted 10th Aug 2020Posted 10th Aug 2020
Jumanji: The Next Level/Spiderman Far From Home UHD £4.99 @ RakutenTV£4.99
Link goes to Jumanji. Link for Spiderman Far From Home here. They also have Terminator Dark Fate here. All recent films which will look good in 4K for £4.99 each.

(y) Yeah I know. I'm more annoyed that I've got a lovely Sony OLED and they still don't support it - they have a sorry list of 3 supported Sony's...


Agree. Not saying you should by a £1k TV just so you can watch a £5 film XD . I do very much recommend the LG OLED as a TV purchase irrespective.


The problem is, you shouldn't have to buy another 4k TV to watch them. If they went the same route as most other providers, then they should allow Chromecast or go the Prime firestick/ Roku route. Bigger audience immediately.


If you can get yourself a LG 4K OLED from one of the many good deals that get posted on them. The LG os app does it in 4K HDR. Ready Player One is a regular film in my house and it looks amazing.


They say they've been working on getting more devices for it for years, nothing has changed. Surely it can't take them that long. I guess they just don't have the resources to allow more 4k support/bandwidth.

Joker (UHD) for £4.99 on Rakuten TV
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Posted 10th Aug 2020Posted 10th Aug 2020
Joker (UHD) for £4.99 on Rakuten TV£4.99
“Joker” centres around the iconic arch-nemesis and is an original, standalone story not seen before on the big screen. The exploration of Arthur Fleck (Joaquin Phoenix), a man disr… Read more

It’s an 8 from me (popcorn)


What would you rate it out of 10


I’m a huge film buff and watch loads of dc related films. I have to admit I thought this film was trash. Watched it twice to make sure. £4.99 a good deal though for those who like this sort of thing so heat added


Just had 501 points in my account, so heat from me


Watched it in Hd then Uhd on sky . Couldn't see much difference

Dallas Buyers Club - Watch free with ads on Rakuten TV
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Posted 6th Aug 2020Posted 6th Aug 2020
Dallas Buyers Club - Watch free with ads on Rakuten TVFREE£0.01
Dallas Buyers Club free to watch from today on Rakuten TV. Texas cowboy Ron Woodroof (McConaughey) sees his free-wheeling life overturned when he’s diagnosed as HIV-positive and … Read more

No you don't usually pay for films with Ads, so it's not a deal. If you're just informing people then they have a discussions section. Enough said about it, we'll agree to disagree.


You'd prefer we didn't know about free deals then ? Is it usually paid for ? Yes. So it's a deal.


But it's not a deal. It's just like any movie on ITV, would you like those posted?


Typo, but you could count the Ad's as they will Add up.


We could always "pedant him back".... What are Add's? Are they like ads but longer? Or do you get more ads?

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£3.46Rent any movie in HD for 99p @ Wuaki TV With Code31/07/2016
£3.46Rent ANY MOVIE in HD for 99p! @ Wuaki TV With Code26/06/2016
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