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24 Month Lease (6+24) Cupra Formentor V2 1.5 TSI Auto DSG - 5000mpa - £240.09pm + £1440.54 initial + £180 processing = £7142.61 @ UK Carline
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Posted 24th AprPosted 24th Apr
Great deal for the V2 DSG model in my opinion. 23 monthly payments of £240.09 Inc. VAT Initial payment of £1,440.54 (6 x monthly payments + £180.00 additional fees) Finance t… Read more

Haven't driven it myself. The writeups and video reviews it's getting are very positive though


This car any good?


Just ordered one in Red, 8k miles £2800 down and £318/month, roll on September.😃


Looks like the price has gone up.


Try this: Comes in at £288.55pm on 9+23 for 15k miles pa. includes metallic paint too

36 month Lease (3+35) - Seat Leon Hatchback 1.0 TSI SE Dynamic - 5k miles p/a - £489 initial + £163pm + £180 admin = £6373 @ UKCarline
420° Expired
Posted 3rd Dec 2020Posted 3rd Dec 2020
36 month Lease (3+35) - Seat Leon Hatchback 1.0 TSI SE Dynamic - 5k miles p/a - £489 initial + £163pm + £180 admin = £6373 @ UKCarline£6,373
3 year lease deal for this new Seat Leon Hatchback 1.0 TSI SE Dynamic 5dr - works out at £177.03 net per month with 5k miles per year (total cost £6373) on a 3+35 deal, equivalent … Read more

Who am I in debt with please let me know, because if you tell me who I owe money to I will pay it out of my savings. Please read the posts


You say life is for living. Hardly when you are in debt to your eyeballs. Freedom by having money is living. It's a shame they don't teach basic financial skills at school.


Your presuming people who earn 30k would need to save to get to RUDE Used cars are not reliable, it's this very fact that keeps me in a job at less than 30k Yes I can live with the depreciation costs and happy to have some thing new now rather than wait for the next 20/30/40 years and still only buy a 30k car, by the way I don't lease or finance. I was thinking of staying at home and living with my parents and not having kids or my own home, walk or cycle to work so I could be wealthy later in life, but decided against it...lifes for living..enjoy because yours sounds like it might start soon when you hit retirement :D


Sorry thought you would understand my comment but not agree...but by your adult"child like" response looks like your struggling.


If you are on 20-30k you should save up and buy a 4-5k car. You cannot afford depreciation on a 30k car. Not in your wildest dreams. You can afford depreciation on a 4-5k car. Used cars are reliable. You just need to do your research before buying it. Leases ensure you are broke for the rest of your life and well into retirement. You enjoy putting 2000-5000 each year into a car whilst I put it into maxing out my ISAs. When I retire I'll be able to afford any car outright I want whilst you will still be leasing, well probably not as you won't have any income or savings.

Volvo Xc40 1.5 T3 163hp Momentum Fwd - 24m Business Lease (ex VAT) - 8k miles p/a - £702 upfront + £224 pm + £150 admin = £6,230 @ UKCarline
860° Expired
Posted 26th Aug 2020Posted 26th Aug 2020
Volvo Xc40 1.5 T3 163hp Momentum Fwd - 24m Business Lease (ex VAT) - 8k miles p/a - £702 upfront + £224 pm + £150 admin = £6,230 @ UKCarline£6,230
Volvo Xc40 1.5 T3 163hp Momentum Fwd on a 2 year business lease with 8k miles - works out at £6230 total ex VAT or £260 net per month , 21.4% of £29k list price, based on a 3+… Read more

When was the last time you saw Indians trying to expand their territory and infiltrate and then threaten the UK? It's one thing to look the other way and participate in supporting a rogue regime. But to slander a peaceful democracy highlights your ignorance!


Not really, they are Chinese owned yes, but that's it. And frankly, right now, they are one of the best manufacturers right now. Are range rover Indian then?


It's not 21.4 percent but 25.8 you are comparing non vat lease with list price Inc vat


Brothers 80 year MiL gets a new car every 3 years and does less than 1,000 miles a year. She thinks people commuting over 8,000 miles just to get to work are pathetic.


£6,230 +VAT = £7460 +BiK (for 20% band, for 2 yrs): + £4264 for 24 months = £11,740 Average per month = £489 Savings on CT and dividend tax will offset to about £420 per month. Is that right? Doesn't sound great... But each to their own.

VW Golf GTI Performance 2.0 TSI 6speed 3DR Hatch @ UK Carline - £2,022.41 up Front / £224.71pm x 23 Months - Total Cost: £7,190.74
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Posted 22nd Jan 2020Posted 22nd Jan 2020
VW Golf GTI Performance 2.0 TSI 6speed 3DR Hatch @ UK Carline - £2,022.41 up Front / £224.71pm x 23 Months - Total Cost: £7,190.74£7,190.74
2 year lease with 5,000 miles a year allowed and they are £187.26 + VAT with £1685.34 + VAT up front! We’ve ordered one through the business but the guy told me they can do persona… Read more
Get deal*Get deal*

You can always pay more and have extra mileage, but obviously the lease company factors in that they are going to sell a car with 20k miles after 2 years for a lot less than a car with 10k miles. Personally I live/work in the same city and the family runs 2 cars so 5k miles is not out of the question. If you so go over the mileage, it is only about 5-7p per mile you have to pay on top. It normally doesn't work out a hell of a lot different than paying up front for a higher mileage. The only difference is that if you pay up front for more miles and you actually do less, there is no chance of any refund. As with all deals, check the small print, look at your driving history, bash it into a calculator and see if it works for you.


Is it just me or does anyone else think that these offers with a measly 5,000 annual milage aren't really that great? I personally clock up way more than that and would really struggle with such a low allowance!


They're completely different cars (lol)


Good point, forgot about that. Last of the old stock they need to shift?


Strange, they stopped making the 3 door version quite a while ago.

Volvo Xc40 1.5 T3 163hp Momentum Fwd £191.99 pm + £1727.89 + £180 total £6323.66 over 24 months @ UK carline
426° Expired
Posted 17th Jan 2020Posted 17th Jan 2020
Volvo Xc40 1.5 T3 163hp Momentum Fwd £191.99 pm + £1727.89 + £180 total £6323.66 over 24 months @ UK carline£6,323.66
I know this deal has been up. But it is still live, and having just ordered a car, it really is a great deal. Personally I’ve ordered a R Design but that’s quite a bit more exp… Read more

Got a deal on a BMW 2 series gran tourer - and it's ok, but really loved the XC40


Happened to me too...was informed just under a month before I was due to give my old car back! Pretty pissed off but luckily manage to sort out a nice deal on a C5 Aircross


Wow I was going to go for this deal too. Sorry to hear.


Nope! And my deal crashed and burned as the dealer went bust. Waited till last week still on order and boom! No car coming! Sorry for those who were employed at dealership, and miffed at nearly 7 months wait!


Anyone got any decent xc40 deals at the moment? Really want one of these