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Wahl 5560-917 Battery Operated Nasal Trimmer - £2.58 delivered @ UK Dapper
525° Expired
Posted 25th Mar 2020Posted 25th Mar 2020
Wahl 5560-917 Battery Operated Nasal Trimmer - £2.58 delivered @ UK Dapper£2.58
Decent price for a wahl nasal Trimmer, quick question, how old were you when you first trimmed your nose hair? (cheeky) Wahl Battery Operated Nasal Trimmer Perfect for trimmin… Read more

Mine turned up today, still got my septum left so class it a success


Thats correct. The hairs can trap the virus.


You can get a nasal trimmer in poundland. They have an awful metallic smell when you use em but they get the job done.


Nurp! Expired!


£3.84. Is there a code?

Rusell-Hobbs 22470  dual voltage travel iron  £10.92 delivered @
28° Expired
Posted 9th Oct 2019Posted 9th Oct 2019
Rusell-Hobbs 22470 dual voltage travel iron £10.92 delivered @£10.92£11.253% off
This is a nice Travel steam Iron. Dual voltage so useable in the US and Japan. There is a small switch. It is very lightweight (under 1Kg) with a three year guarantee. I'm not sure… Read more
Sonos ONE-G1 One Voice Controlled Smart Speaker with Amazon Alexa - White - £178.80 @ UKDapper
-103° Expired
Posted 20th Feb 2018Posted 20th Feb 2018
Sonos ONE-G1 One Voice Controlled Smart Speaker with Amazon Alexa - White - £178.80 @ UKDapper£178.80
Sonos ONE-G1 One Voice Controlled Smart Speaker with Amazon Alexa - White Enjoy seamless high quality audio with the new One speaker from Sonos, built from the mighty PLAY:1 bluep… Read more

OK, so it was late last night and I'll now think about the UK prices without tax..... £200 = £167 = $232 which sells for $200 in the US Lets see what Germany pays for the same product, with their 19% sales tax: €205 = €172 = $211 which sells for $200. Obviously they have to factor in some fluctuations in currency, so I'm thinking along the lines that they can see Brexit going really badly and the £ reaching closer to $1.1, hence their pricing structure now. Yet some other manufacturers have managed to avoid this. I just find it very intriguing.


The post I was replying to was quoting US prices before tax versus UK price with tax, to say Sonos charges substantially more in UK. I remived UK tax, so as to compare tax free prices,Tax is irrelevant to the post I am responding too as it is out with Sonos control.


Not true..... you can't just take that blanket approach to the cost I'm afraid. In the US the states are allowed to set their own rates of sales tax. The difference in sales tax compare to the UK is big but ranges as well. If you made this purchase in Delaware then I'm afraid you need to add the full 20% back on. In most states you would be adding around 14-16% of that tax back on I'm afraid (it's fairly easy to avoid the local surcharges). So you can't just take 20% off.


So how come other companies, like Amazon, still manage to build in that difference in the price yet Sonos can't? Even if it was just $10 it's still something to say we understand there is a difference in price. I fully understand tax, and also tax in the US as I'm a regular visitor (my advice if you're in Philly or Washington, go to Delaware for your electronics ;)). I fully understand international trading costs, working for a global large enterprise for many a year. Here's the thing, the EUR standard price is 205EUR.... that equates to around £185, compared to £200 in the UK. The import taxes are no different because it's the EU and we all know they can't have trade deals with Malaysia different in one country. The EU countries are paying less for their Sonos fix. I notice neither the EU or the US have a free trade agreement with Malaysia, meaning we're on WTO tariffs for both. You believe that we're not seen as an excuse to add to the cost, I believe otherwise.


Bought 2 for £300 from currys last month, and richer sounds had similar deal, so not the best price they’ve been if you’re looking to buy more than 1.

Bose QuietComfort II £291 @ UKDapper
-163° Expired
Posted 24th Nov 2017Posted 24th Nov 2017
Bose QuietComfort II £291 @ UKDapper£291£2951% off
Bose Quiet Comfort 35 Wireless Noise Cancelling Headphones II - Black These headphones are the product of more than 40 years of noise cancelling obsession. The result is one of th… Read more

I initially saw them at HiFi confidential for 299, so googled to see if there was any cheaper price and came across them.I did it with good intentions, but ouch I got more ice to last a life time. Will research more


i was looking at these, is the reason its so cold because of the seller? trust pilot reviews all good, or are they fake?

PS4 Pro Fifa ‘18 bundle £246 @ UK Dapper
-31° Expired
Posted 12th Nov 2017Posted 12th Nov 2017
PS4 Pro Fifa ‘18 bundle £246 @ UK Dapper£246
Can’t comment on ‘UKDapper’ but they have good reviews and accept PayPal so should be protected

Same here. Obviously was too good to be true, but it was worth a try. I replied to them asking for a refund. (skeptical)


Just got this email: "Hi, We have noted on this listing there is a error on the title. This is PS4 1 TB + FIFA 18 with Ultimate Team Icons & Rare Player Pack. Please advise if you wish to continue with order refund as seems like the web team added pro to the title without knowing there is two types. We do not stock the pro or 500GB model only the standard 1TB with Fifa 18. Sorry for this and please let us know so we can refund or process order. Thanks UKD"


That's true but in the URL it does say pro. But let's see what happens.


Let us know what turns up!


Only the pic is a pro...not mentioned in title etc

Bose QC35 mk II for £276 @ UKDapper
203° Expired
Posted 7th Nov 2017Posted 7th Nov 2017
Bose QC35 mk II for £276 @ UKDapper£276.49£309.9911% off
I was browsing Pricespy today and have been keeping a lookout on both the first model and the newer one, this price seems too good to be true but I have had a look a the website pr… Read more

Shame they won't ship these QC25 to the UK


No, but will have a look when I'm back at work (Not at Dixons I hasten to add!). Alternatively if you phone them they'll tell you over the phone look for the storefinder which gives a phone number.


did you notice the price of the in-ear QC20 earphones? Thanks in advance


£279 at Dixons Travel in airports with zero risk might be the better option.


Thanks, just bought it with next day delivery. Have some heat, fingers crossed it's legit.

Duracell Industrial AA or AAA batteries £2.51 delivered using code @ UKDapper
667° Expired
Posted 25th Jan 2017Posted 25th Jan 2017
Duracell Industrial AA or AAA batteries £2.51 delivered using code @ UKDapper£2.51
This is my third order from these guys. I know the odd person has said they never received their goods, but they do have a good reputation on TrustPilot. For £2.51 delivered it's g… Read more



I have had loads leak on me they never did before, the excuses Duracell come up with is likened to dell boy!!! I used to swear by Duracell for not leaking, not anymore I swear they will all leak and they do, I've had torches, clocks, remotes, and a Wii fit wrecked, when they leaked in my expensive camera I went nuts and had a rant at Duracell.....but same old answer you mixed I did not, anyway it was never a problem before they started to make cheapo leaky batteries!! Will never use them again, Kodak or Sony from poundland way better! Eneloop are the best batteries ever, I only use these now.


For several good deals, go to and get 40 Ultra Alkaline AAA (BT0631187) or AA (BT0615587) cells for £7.65 plus VAT post free. They have loads of other makes and sizes, including Philips 36 mixed pack at £6.59 plus VAT post free Order Code BT 063587.


ordered 3 days ago and received today, all looks good but not tested yet, I will give the wife a couple to test later


As per previous post code no longer valid so a little more expensive now

JVC Gumy Bass Boost Earphones - £2.99 Delivered using code @ UKDapper
62° Expired
Posted 2nd Nov 2016Posted 2nd Nov 2016
JVC Gumy Bass Boost Earphones - £2.99 Delivered using code @ UKDapper£2.99
Use code UKD2016 to reduce them to £2.99 from £3.19 These are the bass boost version which are £5+ everywhere else, and multicolours available!
Get deal*Get deal*

They sent me black ones instead of the blue I ordered ffs


Gumy Bass, prices jumping here and there and everywhere.


How come the price has suddenly shot up?!


4.15 now


£3.94 now.

Panasonic RP-HV094E In Earphones - Black £2.80 delivered by UKDapper
49° Expired
Posted 26th Oct 2016Posted 26th Oct 2016
Panasonic RP-HV094E In Earphones - Black £2.80 delivered by UKDapper£2.80
Can't go far wrong at this price! Features: Inner ear and clip on design. Frequency response: 10Hz - 25kHz. Cord length: 1.1m (3.6ft). Plug type: 3.5mm.

There at £2.76 now still cheaper then other sellers online




They good enough for everyday use and cheap as chips!


They're all I use too. Only ever pay just over 3 quid for them though.


this price is great. I use only these headphones as they last very long and used to pay £5.50 a pair.

Duracell industrial 10 x AA batteries £2.55 + free p&p or £2.42 with code @ ukdapper
460° Expired
Posted 8th Oct 2016Posted 8th Oct 2016
Duracell industrial 10 x AA batteries £2.55 + free p&p or £2.42 with code @ ukdapper£2.55
Someone posted the aaa version of these a while back. Good value batteries at a great price. I've used this site a few times and always got the item but it took about a week to co… Read more

Did anyone actually receive their batteries? I still haven't received mine and no answer to emails.


I purchased some of these, on receipt I noticed that the colour of the batteries didn't seem to be exactly the same as those that I've had previously. I therefore sent photos etc to Duracell who have confirmed that they are genuine. Seems that Duracell have moved production from the Far East to Europe and there is a minor change in colour. Good to get confirmation!


Did anyone who ordered these actually receive them? I placed an order on 8 Oct for 3 boxes and nothing has arrived so far. I've also emailed them to ask about it and they haven't replied. I'm not sure if I should open a PayPal complaint or if I should wait a bit longer? Any advice? Lori x


That's unfortunate, as I got mine .. 2 lot's of these I ordered! (at the time?), if I'm not mistaken?.


nice find

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