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DeWalt 18V Orbital Sander DCW210N-XJ - Body Only - £123.20 with code @ UK Planet Tools
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Posted 25th MayPosted 25th May
Good price for this reputable sander if you don't want to risk buying the Amazon US version for just under £90. (separate HUKD deal) with no warranty. You get 3yrs UK warranty buy… Read more

I found it on Amazon you can just put in Dewalt 20 volt max or XR Random Orbital Sander and see if it comes up I do know it is a wee bit cheaper than I paid for it now. I comes through Amazon world service's or something similar to this but be aware the warranty isn't really valid over here but for DIY your not going to hammer it to death. Go on YouTube to watch video on the best standing discs to use I bought the ones that were best you get them here £21 for 50 or 100 and they last for ever you will get the name on there I can't remember it, all I know is they are like a wire mesh type of thing and have an unusual company name.


If you go to Amazon UK you will get on there now for £73+P+P and import charges it will work out less than I paid and I just paid £104 all in for the 3 speed Dewalt multi tool which is selling on Screwfix right now for £189 for the 18v XR okay it's the 20 volt XR but they still work on 18 volt batteries and if you're not sure buy compatible 20volt and a 20 volt charger with a UK plug or buy US Dewalt 20 volt and a Dewalt 20 volt US Charger and buy a transformer but I would go the compatible or just use your Dewalt 18 volt XR you have.


Do you have a link to the US multi tool?


I bought the US version and it works perfectly with 18volt XR batteries and I just bought the 20 volt max XR Multi Tool with 3 speed control for £104 all in will be delivered on the 6th of June next up is the Flexvolt reciprocating saw for just over £110 you save a good 3rd of the price to me it's worth it as I am a DIY user not a tradesmen and using these every day and really need the warranty, now if it was the Table saw that will be UK version as it is way to expensive not to have a warranty. But for a DIYer it seems a good deal if you buy from the States but add the total cost up it may just a couple of quid of a difference and just as cheap and hence more economical to by the 18volt XR version.


I think you're exactly right about the votes, anyway I ordered it. Good to hear your experience.

Dewalt DCD796N 18v XR Brushless Compact Combi Drill With TSTAK Case & Free Wellcut Screwdriver Bit set £82 at UK Plant Tools
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Posted 31st MarPosted 31st Mar
Dewalt DCD796N 18v XR Brushless Compact Combi Drill With T-Stack Case & Free Wellcut Screwdriver Bit set (add in at basket using "SDB35" or "SDB36") Tstak case is suitable for… Read more



Mine turned up today and came as the bare 796 combi drill but the case is badged DCK266P2T which if you look it up is from the kit for the 796 combi drill 887 impact driver, 2 x 5ah batteries and charger 18V XR Brushless Twin Kit - 2 X 5Ah - DCK266P2T-GB | DEWALT United Kingdom which is awesome as I bought the rest of the that kit in a combo deal off here. It's even got stickers all over it to this effect so I guess they might have split the contents to sell? It means it came with the insert to fit both in along with charger and well chuffed. I have a case I house it all in neatly and a spare case so I can put all my other 'crap' in and pretend it's dewalt. Although I will need to dremel out the inside of the existing one so I can use it for general purpose use though.


796 !!


No knowledge on drills but can someone please explain what's thw difference between this and Which one is better?


Looks like it’s about 20ish on its own

Makita DTD171 IMPACT DRIVER with free drywall magnetic bit holder £158.99 @ UK Planet Tools
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Posted 6th MarPosted 6th Mar
Makita DTD171 IMPACT DRIVER with free drywall magnetic bit holder £158.99 @ UK Planet Tools£158.99 Free P&P Free
Makita DTD171 with free bit holder next best price £158.99 on the same site for just the driver, free next Day shipping when selected at checkout. If you searched for this model y… Read more

Gutted I missed that deal for £123


God I really bloody want one for under 130 now (lol)


Mines all good too. Shocked at how small it is compared to my old one! Beast!


Got mine today and all legit. The site are a authorised dealer too. Don’t forget to register your 3 warranty on the makita site. Thanks again Chris (y)


Mine too. Haven't opened it yet though, half expecting a brick... , XD

Makita DTD171Z 18V LXT 4-Speed Brushless Impact Driver Body Only @ UK planet tools £156.40
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Posted 5th MarPosted 5th Mar
Makita DTD171Z 18V LXT 4-Speed Brushless Impact Driver Body Only @ UK planet tools £156.40£156.40 Free P&P Free
Seem to be cheapest price at present, free delivery over £30 The Makita DTD171 18 volt brushless impact driver is one of the most versatile and flexible impact drivers on the mark… Read more

Aye? I didn't realise it was that low. Would have got me one


Well done to all that received them (y)


Got mine today too thankfully. Feel very lucky.


Missed my delivery today but thanks for the heads up regarding the registration (y)


3 impacts have just turned up at mine aswell, I only ordered 1, they all come with the standard 10 year guarantee

Makita DHP484Z 18v LXT Li-ion Brushless Combi Drill Body Only with free driver bit set £98.50 with code from UK PLANET TOOLS
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Posted 3rd FebPosted 3rd Feb
Makita DHP484Z 18v LXT Li-ion Brushless Combi Drill Body Only with free driver bit set £98.50 with code from UK PLANET TOOLS£98.50 Free P&P Free
Good price for this combi drill with choice of free driver bit set. With free next day delivery. Code SDB35 or SDB36 can probably be used with other power tools.

No problem, thank you for the feedback.


Maggy1234. Remind me never to post when under the influence of strong painkillers, apologies , I am, was flat out with disc / trapped nerve issues and misread your post, now reading your post almost sober I realise you were asking for advice, (not just spouting unhelpful theory like a lot of comments I read on hduk ). I can offer advice if you still need it : I would only buy the brushless more expensive models of any device if I am using them daily, a lot of my cordless tools are brushed and are very adequate (Makita and Dewalt) and like I previously wrote, the DHP484 is my main drill/driver, I use all day every work day and have done for 4 yrs , it hasn't lost any power or developed any faults yet, despite the abuse it gets, its nicely balanced and not too big.


? Wrong, Wrong, Wrong about what? Don't understand what you are on about or getting worked up for and I can't see where I am wrong. -UK planet tools is registered as an authorized seller so you will get 3-years warranty = correct. -The DHP458 model isn't brushless = correctThe DHP484 brushless model has far less torque than the old 458 brushed model which is cheaper on the same site (£94) but comes with free drill bits and is also entitled to the additional free hex bits the code is entitled to making it a better deal imo. Note that the old brushed model is rated to drill 65mm holes in wood vs the 484 model which is only rated for 38mm. As a joiner I thought this would be more important than the marginal improvement in battery life brushless will bring. Who actually wears out the £5 replaceable brushes anyway.


Wrong wrong wrong , had this BRUSHLESS drill for 4yrs constant use every day (I'm a joiner) It is the dogs, small, light , easily drills out door locks and joists , not used it for masonry , because that's what an sds is for. paid £90 then and would get another no question, but don't need to because its still going strong .


Yeah UK 3 year warranty, got collected Monday by DPD , got it back this morning with a new Chuck,gearbox,motor it’s like new 👌

Dewalt DCK266P2T 18V XR Brushless Twin Pack With 2 x 5.0Ah Batteries, Charger & Case - £289.90 @ Planet Tools
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Posted 31st Dec 2020Posted 31st Dec 2020
Dewalt DCK266P2T 18V XR Brushless Twin Pack With 2 x 5.0Ah Batteries, Charger & Case - £289.90 @ Planet Tools£289.90 Free P&P Free
** Offer! Add code "SDB35" or "SDB36" for your free Wellcut Screwdriver Bit set.** This Dewalt Kit consists of the Dewalt DCD796 Compact Hammer Drill Driver featuring 2nd generat… Read more

I bought one from Toolstation. Bit then I didn't pick it up for a few days so they sent money back and I lost it


I know is challenging but if you have the will you will make it I know 2 of my friends who managed to get it. As I said the tools are good


Thanks mate. But is almost impossible to get that deal on Toolstation, always out of stock. Sad :(


Okay tools but a bit to pricey. Do the maths the. The impact diver 887 with box , charger and 2x5 ah battery was on toolstation for £179 you can get a bare unit 796 for £80 . You will save around £40. Still a decent offer if you want to go for packages. Happy new year 🥂

DeWalt DCP580N 18V XR Cordless Brushless Planer + "Dust Bag" at UK Planet Tools for £141.50
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Posted 21st Jun 2020Posted 21st Jun 2020
DeWalt DCP580N 18V XR Cordless Brushless Planer + "Dust Bag" at UK Planet Tools for £141.50£141.50 Free P&P Free
DeWalt DCP580N 18V XR Cordless Brushless Planer With Dust Bag Compact and well balanced planer with a 2mm depth of cut and a 9mm rebate capacity. 0.1mm indexed fine adjustment f… Read more

I appreciate your efforts. But what most fail to realise is that this is a deal site, not a comparison site. Can you imagine how congested this site will get if everyone would treat it as such. I did some shopping today, purchased at the cheapest I could but shall i post here? No. Cos the savings nothing to shout about.


It's Not the average its the Best price, I was looking for myself for weeks, so to help people to Save time Shopping round for hr's, Day's or even weeks Like Me it is a Deal. Just look at Past comments, it helps Some Who are buying! obviously unlike you are not..

sul here look. Out of stock but Normal selling price. If I really want one now I can hunt one down on the net even cheaper. But I don't, so I won't


Just look online, this is the average selling price for this. Go to your local trades supplier and you'd get a better deal of you wanted to pay normal selling price. Idea of this site is to post deal where you make a decent saving. Not like a pound off! Markets not great rn but wait till the offers start flying around if you want this. Unless you really really need one right now


Please tell us Were!? & How Much Cheaper? Or just Don't comment.......

Energizer EZCCB18V2B2AUK 18V Brushless Portable Impact Wrench + 2 x 2.0Ah Batteries, Charger & Case - £79 delivered @ UK Planet Tools
85° Expired
Posted 10th May 2019Posted 10th May 2019
Energizer EZCCB18V2B2AUK 18V Brushless Portable Impact Wrench + 2 x 2.0Ah Batteries, Charger & Case - £79 delivered @ UK Planet Tools£79
Energizer is the energy specialist and provides the best quality products. The 18V and 2Ah ENERGZER battery is Lithium-Ion. It gathers a great amount of energy in a very small pa… Read more

Sorry I didn't get a notification. I was able to use this to change all four shocks on the car that had likely been on for 14 years / 130k miles. Made fairly light work of an otherwise grotty job and think I would have struggled more with just a breaker bar. For £80 happy to sign off on a recommendation


Has anyone else had any good usage yet ? Really tempted at the price but woul£ like some feedback first thanks


anyone bought this used it in anger yet. looking foe one foe home mechanic use


They're bound with 14 years of rust but I'm sure the blowtorch will help things on their way (mad)


it'll probably be OK for stuff like that. usually only 60Nm or so (freshly torqued) I'm keeping mine i do have a mains powered 1/2 impact which has a lot more torque if it starts to struggle but means running extensions etc..

DeWalt DCF887 Impact Driver (Body only) - £68.50 @ UK Planet Tools
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Posted 5th Feb 2019Posted 5th Feb 2019
DeWalt DCF887 Impact Driver (Body only) - £68.50 @ UK Planet Tools£68.50£74.999% off
Update - it's now gone up to £74.50, still the cheapest delivered that i can find. ***************************************************************************************** I've b… Read more

Not used that one but Amtech tools are cheap & nasty. ECP tool quality is very poor.


I know someone who has one of these, 79.99 including battery Eurocarparts pRtd




Price as gone up.


"Oh forgot to add, orders over £50 are free." Sounds absolutely brilliant!!!

Dewalt DCF885N XR 18V li-ion Impact Driver (Body Only) - £58.50 @ UK Planet Tools
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Posted 12th Jan 2019Posted 12th Jan 2019
Dewalt DCF885N XR 18V li-ion Impact Driver (Body Only) - £58.50 @ UK Planet Tools£58.50
Bought a few dewalt items from these guys always good value

I'd second that. The DCF887 is brushless and has more torque and is imho a bit more refined overall. I buy my tools in general from FFX (Folkstone Fixings) and when I upgraded from the DCF885 to the DCF887 due to someone stealing the former it was £80 (bare) there a month or so back so well worth it. But this is a fair price for the DCF885 posted by OP.


Honestly, it's worth spending a little more and getting the DCF887. It's a much better tool, although this isn't bad.