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Heart Shaped Walking Umbrella £21.99 Umbrella World
230° Expired
Posted 27th Nov 2020Posted 27th Nov 2020
Heart Shaped Walking Umbrella £21.99 Umbrella World£21.99 Free P&P Free
Sold out in John Lewis but they have a similar one at this site and has an extra 10% off today, so cheaper than John Lewis one anyway. Other colours also available but think Red i… Read more

This is great but I'm sticking with my bin liner outfit


i doubt you would pay much attention to the umbrella once it is above your head as to where the pointed end is in relation to you. i don't think this shape will make the umbrela very robust to wind as the umbrella has been designed to withstand as much of the uplift pull on it in its existing shape. it is very nice but i doubt if it would be practical.


Could also work as a social distance enforcing tool though!


If you are walking and having the tip forward it probably is a better shape, should keep more of you dry. Either way it's a cute design.


looks good, but this may not be the most efficient shape for an umbrella? not to mention that you could poke someone's eye out with the sharp end.

Senz Smart Stick Umbrella £18 @ Umbrellaworld
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Posted 16th Oct 2019Posted 16th Oct 2019
Senz Smart Stick Umbrella £18 @ Umbrellaworld£18£24.9528% off
50% off on this Senz umbrella and looks to be across all colours! Normal price is £36 and quick check on Amazon have them at £51

Not happy with purchase. Too big handle and too small canopy area :(


seems a bit of a gimmick everyone knows the best umbrellas are golf caddy umbrellas they're huge, built tough, and never break


Thanks for posting, but too many bad reviews around about these - not very effective at keeping the rain off and too prone to breakage.


Have been wanting those for ages.


Are these any good

Gustbuster Metro Auto Vented Folding Wind Proof Umbrella Life Time Guarantee (see OP for different colours) £18 delivered @ UmbrellaWorld
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Posted 11th Oct 2019Posted 11th Oct 2019
Gustbuster Metro Auto Vented Folding Wind Proof Umbrella Life Time Guarantee (see OP for different colours) £18 delivered @ UmbrellaWorld£18£3650% off
Before you freeze this to death fellow HUKD'ers, hear me out please. XD These are quality umbrellas that come with a lifetime guarantee. This model is usually £36. Click &a… Read more

Got mine, seems OK for £18 But there are a few things I do not like. First of all is too long and bulky when folded. I want portability. This can fit in a backpack but not in my work bag. Probably twice longer than a regular portable umbrella. It is automatic only when you open it. Manual only when closing it. As it is decently built, it is not that easy to close it and fold it, you definetely need 2 hands to do so. These are are not necessarily negatives, but I was hoping to be more portable and fully automatic. On the positive side, the handle is much better than the one described in the YouTube video. I also like the fact the cover comes with straps, so easier to carry and less chances to loose it. I'm not sending mine back, but I posted a deal for 2 vented umbrellas for £15, I wish I would have gone for my deal.


Order mine, arrived yesterday, very solid and compact umbrella. Happy.


No idea about this brand, but I've had two Fulton Stormshield umbrellas over the past 15-20 years (can't remember exactly) - each been brilliant in storms and high winds... Only reason the first one broke was because I accidentally shut it in a car door... my second one is still going strong. I guess there's always a limit for anything, so I'm sure hurricane force winds would break it, but I've yet to find it in real world UK conditions.


I got mine today and I must say it is money NOT well spent. The cloth hook on the sheath holding one end of the string to sling the umbrella acoss the should came off the very first time and with it quite a few stitches in the sheath came off (annoyed) . The sheath and the umbrella feel cheap but don't look like they will fall apart anytime soon. This umbrella is not a waste of £18 but certainly is not a good value for money. On the positive side the handle is better than I expected. It's matt and grippy and has a rubbery rather than a plasticy texture. The size of the umbrella is just big enough for it to fall into the "compact" category. A bigger umbrella body or the handle would have hurt its marketing proposition. Would I send it back? No. Not because I like the umbrella but because I cannot be bothered. I would recommend paying more to get an umbrella that will look decent (in the build quality department) and would stand up to wind enough to not invert.


Quality remark was related to user ratings. But one would have to first click on the link I provided, then go to Amazon, then check out the user ratings (4.8 out of 5 from 1,917 customers). Probably would have taken less time than writing such a long paragraph. ;) The wooden handle is simply far more pleasing aesthetically (for me). (y)