Up to 1000 points available with groceries over Jan and Feb, no min spend @ Tesco!!

Up to 1000 points available with groceries over Jan and Feb, no min spend @ Tesco!!

Found 14th Jan 2007


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    This is for Tesco online by the way, forgot to put that in the thread title, doh...

    Added the retailer Thanks amino!

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    thanks for that

    Just tried to bank them but I can't use them! :x

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    thats weird, mine deffo worked, anyone else having the same prob?

    Top post! Many thanks... will come in handy in these dark January days!!:thumbsup:

    I think I read somewhere that these codes are targetted (for specific people/areas). :-(

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    well as long as they work for some people I guess its better than none, where did you get the above info from !?

    Tried to bank the first one but it wouldn't have any of it!!
    computer says No! :-(

    Nope not working for me either
    Still if it works for some............. good luck

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    well mine got added to my clubcard so it does work but it must be for certain areas

    Thanks for the post and keep them Tesco codes coming - but I got:

    Voucher cannot be used Sorry, the code 'XX8P93' could not be accepted. The code may be invalid, could have been mistyped or might be only for use in another store (e.g. you cannot use grocery eCoupons on books orders). Ref: EC01

    on the xx-dxfp code.....it gives me 500 points & £5 off shopping......i received a mailing with this code and it def appears to be targetted. hth

    Shame didn't work for me either!

    Good luck everyone else!

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    ive just used the 300 points code and it gave me 300 points and £3 off. definatley targetted.

    Yeh same here. No minimum order, £3 off shopping and 300 points on your order!
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