up to 30% off @ centerparcs-15%

Get code & visit siteR11


Thanks for the post hellokitty and Welcome to the forums!!!

thanks for the post kitty - have used codes like these before for excellent discounts. your message was all the inspiration i needed to look into booking another trip at eleveden.... :>)

its telling me code is not valid?

I think the code might be PPBC07.

Brilliant. Thanks Kitty. Booked for a week in the lakes in May with 30% off.

Code to use is PPBC07. Link takes you to summary of available dates.


I think the code might be PPBC07.

bar11 also works, its the only code i've found that actually works on breaks for the end of 2007

Bar11 gave me 15% off and PPBC07 didn't work.

This code hasn't expired, its still working. works for a weekend break at end of august

Not working for a break in 2008

CPWEB gets 20% off. Or at least it did for a break in September for me this year.
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