Up to 65% off with new 10% promotion code @ BBC Shop

Up to 65% off with new 10% promotion code @ BBC Shop



Thanks a lot!
It doesn't work
I just bought all Dr Who 2 mugs, a book and a t shirt for £12 for a birthday present. Great offer!
There is 2-4-1 on t-shirts too, got 2 Doctor Who t-shirts for £6.27

It doesn't work

Yes it does.
Ordered hoodie and mugs ... hopefully will be honoured
thanks op!
Amazing! Bought a Sonic Screwdriver for less than £2.50 delivered! HEAT
Brought two dvds on separate emails, lets see if they clock it.
Tardis hoodie for under a tenner! Thanks!
Ordered two dvd sets, £34 worth, cost after discount just under £12. Heat added, thanks OP.
Ordered 2 mugs and a dalek Mr potatoe head hope they honour it!
Brilliant. Just got my lg a Mr tumble dvd and 2 timmy time dvds for £5.14 delivered! Hope they honour it
Roll up roll up
Many thanks, placed 2 orders totalling £42, saving £98. I fully expect them to cancel both orders but it's worth a punt.
Items: £73.77
Discount: -£72.33
Postage & Packaging: £0.00

Please please please honour it!!!! :P
Does work but the site is painfully slow, I didn't really need the mr potato head so I gave up.
Wow a couple of shirts and a book recommended @ £25 in total but gotten for just over £8! hopefully this will get honored, not really fussed if it doesnt. But the BBC Shop is a complete mess of a site so i am more inclined to believe this will go through.
I cant see where you put the code...
Great, thanks :-)
£48.96 order only cost me £17.07 - and free delivery! Thanks for telling us about this offer

I cant see where you put the code...

You have to go to confirmation then you get "Redeem a Promo Code".
This Monday is going to be particularly painful for the BBC orders team :).
Great find! Ordered a sonic screwdriver torch, now to wait and see if it comes!
Got 3 Shirts (Dad's Army, Sherlock and Monty Python) for £13. Cash back too if it tracks will take about 50p off.

Was tempted by the Doctor Who hoody but don't think i'd dare wear that out in public lol.
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Breaking bad complete blu ray for £33ish for me - Thanks!!
site gone down
I bought 2 t shirts bogof and a gruffalo toy!


That's £36.68 off!
I hope people are getting cashback too.

6.5% with Quidco (increased rate).

The 'Go to checkout' button doesn't seem to work for me in Chrome for Android, or the stock Android browser :o(
Looks like voucher code hasten used maximum number of times.
Voucher is one per account people. Need a new account or guest to use again.
Brilliant got a few bits for my son for his birthday
I used guest and have placed two orders!
Still worked for me. Got a £13.99 preorder for £4.11
Woo-hoo, £38 of stuff for around £13.50!

Us longer-term members know the unlikelihood of this being honoured, but "you have to be in it to win it", right?
£95.95 worth of stuff ordered and paid just £33.46, (plus 4.54% cashback)let's see if they honour it now lol
2 Audio book collections and a dvd collection....

£62 for £21

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