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Panasonic TX-65GZ1000 65" UHD 4K OLED TV, Dolby Vision/HDR10+ (5yr Warranty) £1,499 @ Vaughans
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Posted 19th JanPosted 19th Jan
Panasonic TX-65GZ1000 65" UHD 4K OLED TV, Dolby Vision/HDR10+ (5yr Warranty) £1,499 @ Vaughans£1,499
Good deal for the Welsh peeps (y)

They must have got a few sales. (:I


Back up to £1699?!


think its allready been covered but the main one for me is Disney+


Which key on demand services is it missing please.


In responce to another user above, this TV is missing some key UK on demand video services.

Panasonic TX-65GZ2000 65" UHD 4K OLED TV (Display Model) £2299 @ Vaughans
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Posted 15th Nov 2020Posted 15th Nov 2020
Panasonic TX-65GZ2000 65" UHD 4K OLED TV (Display Model) £2299 @ Vaughans£2,299
Came across this while searching for OLED. This was flagship 2019 TV. Looks to be a good price for this TV, But I am looking for a TV to pricematch and get through john lewis for… Read more

I'd be very careful of Ex display tbh. Still prone to burn if not careful but nowhere near as bad as older Plasmas.....I'd skip unless another few hundred pounds are pealed off. Enjoying my Fz950 65" from an 55" St50. I was a sceptic of the Oled panel but a massive convert now, especially at £1400 early last year for the 65" with soundbar :D . Will most likely upgrade in the next 4 - 5 yrs.....who knows. People still say...geeez expensive for a tv blah blah blah..... It changes your viewing experience massively.


Oh sorry mine was "opened never used". Every corner now has burned in logos from channels I really or never watched. started to come out after 1-2 years of usage. Never used... yeah right (poo) LG OLED55B6V, older model but still


Display Model - pre-burned already? Never again... (mad)


I believe it has the heat sink (from what i saw from reviews) but it is 2019 model not the 2020 HZ2000 which is similar but has a few extra features (and extra brightness?)


Is this the one with the giant Heatsink to allow for higher brightness or is that another model?

Panasonic TX-65GZ1000 65" UHD 4K OLED TV 5 Year Warranty - £1,699 / Free local delivery in Wales @ Vaughans
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Posted 10th Nov 2020Posted 10th Nov 2020
Panasonic TX-65GZ1000 65" UHD 4K OLED TV 5 Year Warranty - £1,699 / Free local delivery in Wales @ Vaughans£1,699£2,69937% off Free P&P Free
Good deal on this TV, please note: delivery only in Wales, see website for details. Maybe somebody will find it helpful (y)

Dont watch a massive amount of sport but motd looked good tbh, motion seemed natural, didnt notice ghosting and the thing I do prefer about the panasonic oleds is the colours out the box (on grass) etc looked natural. After using a CX oled for a while I find the Panasonic does upscale better. My slight disappointment may be down to getting the VT50 for such a good price second hand. Best advice keep both and that way you get best of both worlds.


That's pretty much where I am with it, the last few VT/ZT plasma's were absolutely brilliant to my eye. Out of interest do you watch much sport on it, the 2 things I'd watch in 4K would be F1 and football, any thoughts on comparison for these between plasma and OLED? Ref Screen size, I had a 65" VT65 and found that it was too big for 1080P, 60" is a limit for 1080P to my eye.


Went from vt50 to a gz950 and it's a slight improvement but doesnt blow you away if I'm honest. Definitely find panasonic oleds more plasma like than lg with motion but keep finding myself thinking the picture looks good because its plasma like. I've realised 4k makes no difference at 55" just hdr that's better.


I dont worry about a feature Ill barely notice. LG's have their own problems... ;)


Fair, I'm a Panasonic man, lack of HDMi 2.1 holding me back for the time being. Am tempted by the LGCX because of this but I'd prefer a panny. Think it'll be a case of jumping on whatever black friday brings. Thanks for the feedback ;)

Samsung UE55TU8500 55" 4K UHD Smart TV with a 5 year guarantee £549 @ vaughans (Limited Delivery in Wales Only)
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Posted 22nd Oct 2020Posted 22nd Oct 2020
Samsung UE55TU8500 55" 4K UHD Smart TV with a 5 year guarantee £549 @ vaughans (Limited Delivery in Wales Only)£549 Free P&P Free
Samsung UE55TU8500. 5 year guarantee. £549 at vaughans

It’s back in stock at RS £599 so they should match it and take another £10 off


That's odd, I saw it on their site yesterday


(lol) (lol) (lol)


RS don't seem to have it.


John Lewis just price matched this for me

65UM7400PLB 65" Ultra HD 4K LG TV - £549.99 delivered @ Vaughans
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Posted 22nd Aug 2020Posted 22nd Aug 2020
65UM7400PLB 65" Ultra HD 4K LG TV - £549.99 delivered @ Vaughans£549.99£89939% off
Seems to be a £350 saving on this 65” 4K HDTV from Vaughan’s. Offering free next working day delivery. Unsure how good this deal actually is, but the savings appear to be high and … Read more

Thank you!.


IPS I believe as under the specification under IPS panel it says yes. It’s an educated guess though. Brightness is great in my opinion.


Do you know if it's a ips screen or va? Also is it bright enough?? Thanks.


Ordered this last night. Arrived this morning. Comes with a 12 month warranty.


Delivery only in South Wales or store collection

Panasonic 65GZ950B 65" Ultra HD 4K OLED TV inc 5 Yr Warranty £1699 @ Vaughan's
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Posted 6th Jun 2020Posted 6th Jun 2020
Panasonic 65GZ950B 65" Ultra HD 4K OLED TV inc 5 Yr Warranty £1699 @ Vaughan's£1,699£1,99915% off Free P&P Free
Highly rated 2019 OLED with Dolby Vision and HDR10+. Identical to the GZ1000 apart from stand.

Amazing deal, amazing tv


Oh that’s a good price. Can I ask how you got that deal? Thanks


Anyone with this TV able to confirm if the inbuilt apps work in a fast and non laggy manner?


I’ve just had a great deal so I’ve not gone for the GZ950. got the LG 65E9 with Sonos Arc for £2,497 and 6 years warranty on both products. The Sonos arc is £799 new so I’ve had the E9 for £1,698! £291 less than the C9! Absolutely bonkers.


Had my price match approved via their website with reply received via email against Electrical Experience.

Panasonic SC-HTB700EBK 376W 3.1ch Dolby Atmos Soundbar / Wireless Subwoofer £269 @ Vaughans
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Posted 5th Jun 2020Posted 5th Jun 2020
Panasonic SC-HTB700EBK 376W 3.1ch Dolby Atmos Soundbar / Wireless Subwoofer £269 @ Vaughans£269 Free P&P Free
Vaughans also trade on Amazon Marketplace as 123Electricals4Me. They are a reputable independent retailer.

I expeced to hear dialogs louder and clearer but this soundbar didn't improve it. Only noisy things like explosions and loud sound effects in movies got even louder with subwoofer and I think next door neighbour is not happy (:I


Thank you for the link Oh that’s not great. Hope you find a better one soon. I will keep an ear out for such problem.


It doesn't say dolby atmos on it. I can just hear the sound improvement. My device is making crackling sound. Therefore I have returned it. It didn't quite make sound improvement for my LG oled c9. I think I will wait for real dolby atmos soundbarsto go on sale.



Hi I got the same soundbar. Can I ask if you got it to play atmos? I tried atmos titles in Netflix. The audio source still says dolby digital+surround on the soundbar. Not atmos. How to get around this. I have the firestick connected to the bar and playing movies through that.

Bose Soundtouch 30 for £279 at and also at John Lewis (after taking price match promise)
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Posted 9th Dec 2018Posted 9th Dec 2018
Bose Soundtouch 30 for £279 at and also at John Lewis (after taking price match promise)£279£419.9934% off
I was looking for Soundtouch 30 for a while and found cheaper than Black Friday on I requested price match with John Lewis and they accepted so Soundtouch 30 Series… Read more

So although the Series II says aux and Wi-fi, it does airplay too. And for Bluetooth either use a Series III, Soundtouch app via Wi-fi or link via another Bluetooth Enabled one




Series II has airplay and Wi-fi for soundtouch app for multi-room. Series III has Bluetooth and Wi-fi for Soundtouch app and multi-room. So if you are in the Apple environment, airplay works well for a quick stream. If you have a series II, and also have something with Bluetooth like a Soundtouch 10 what you can do is Bluetooth > Soundtouch 10 > multi-room play via Wi-fi > Soundtouch 30 series II. It’s what we do and works great. Saved money on getting the Series III when there was no discounts about.


None for me either

LG 65B7V 4K OLED 65" TV £2398 at Vaughans
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Posted 12th Jan 2018Posted 12th Jan 2018
LG 65B7V 4K OLED 65" TV £2398 at Vaughans£2,398
Currently the best price for this TV and hopefully a sign for more price drops to come. Can be price matched with John Lewis. Not sure what the cost of delivery, but free collect… Read more

I know someone who has not got a flat screen tv because his old crt is still working. See , it;s all relative. I only have cheap tv's - currently a tesco 65" - and I do like the look of OLED , , , But no way am I paying 2 grand . I'm actually happy with my cheap telly.


I’m hoping for the E7 65inch to hit 2k, that would be my buying range. Though followed the C6 for ages last year and ended up watching places run out of stock with wishful thinking. Just hard to pay silly prices as my 51 Plasma ain’t bad and it also saves on heating. No joke intended, but can have the heating off if watching he Tv as slowly warms the room


i agree, and with the world cup coming this summer, theres always loads of good deals to be had on tv's. gutted i missed the c7 65" for 2250 on black friday, will not buy it until its at least that low again!


I'm referring to the e7 Price with cashback, some people got an e7 for £1700. I don't see a 65" oled hitting that level for a year or two. But I could be wrong


Not likely. Last year LG oled prices actually went up as stock levels are low.