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code does not work for me just gives me free gift

Same here - just free gift

it worked for me. toy and money off.

just a free gift...........

Worked for me! Thanks!

Worked for me too!

Ordered 4 single sheets for £8.45 inc p&p. Plus a toy stereo for the raffle prize box!:giggle:

worked for me !!!!!!

Thanx for this code:thumbsup: Gonna try 2moro-hope it works for me!::roll:

didnt work for me!:-(

gives you £15 off but no free delivery thanks very much tho im made up

worst company i've ever dealt with - will never use again

did you use an existing account or set up a new one thoose of you it worked for?

I used it on an existing account. It seems to have worked fine, as I had a credit on my account. The credit has been adjusted less the cost, plus the incentives.

Thanks very much for this code OP!

I had to input the code twice to get both the toy and the £15 off, if this is any help. And I don't think that it included free delivery, did it?

didn't have much hope in it working but it HAS!!!!!

All those who said you just got the gift try again, becasue I thought I just got the gift as well.

Once you enter the code the gift comes up but no discount, however once you actualluly click and select the gift the discount is applied... wowsa!!

yeah!! worked for me!!!

[COLOR="Indigo"][SIZE="3"][FONT="Comic Sans MS"]It's not working for me, I'm having the same problem as I had with the other £15 off £20 code. I'm an existing customer, have £28 of full price (not Happy Price) merchandise in my basket but it will not give me the discount only the gift. I've tried refreshing updating and adding it over and over but no discount :-( [/FONT][/SIZE][/COLOR]

[FONT="Comic Sans MS"][COLOR="Indigo"][SIZE="3"]I've sussed it folks. The system seems to have issues with certain items. I changed my basket contents and it's working fine now. The items in question weren't happy price items either! It doesn't make any sense but I got my discount eventually so I'm happy! Thanks! :-D [/SIZE][/COLOR][/FONT]

Just used this code against some sale items and still went through fine, thanks!

The code works!! You need to put the free gift in your basket then the discount will be deducted. Ive just bagged my bargain!:-D

Expired now :-(
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