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From TVs and gaming systems to toys, women’s clothing and baby cots, British retailer Very has one of the most comprehensive product ranges anywhere. Very is one of the UK’s favourite online stores, and they constantly offer discount codes on popular brands. All of the latest deals can be found at the Very hotukdeals pages. How to redeem Very vouchers

All Very Voucher & Promo Codes for January 2019

-£10Get £10 Cashback with Your Order at Very

Minimum spend:£250


Conditions:In order to qualify for this Cashback/Reward offer: Activate the offer by providing your email address (for communicating next steps) Go straight to the merchant website upon activation and complete your purchase Fulfil the minimum order value, before delivery charges, fees or any other discounts have been applied Turn off all ad-blocker services and ensure that cookies are enabled in your browser Follow all accompanying instructions for uploading your order receipt/invoice For complete terms and conditions of our Cashback and Reward offers, please visit:

Get cashback
-£5Get £5 Cashback with Your Order at Very

Minimum spend:£75


Conditions:In order to qualify for this Cashback/Reward offer: Activate the offer by providing your email address (for communicating next steps) Go straight to the merchant website upon activation and complete your purchase Fulfil the minimum order value, before delivery charges, fees or any other discounts have been applied Turn off all ad-blocker services and ensure that cookies are enabled in your browser Follow all accompanying instructions for uploading your order receipt/invoice For complete terms and conditions of our Cashback and Reward offers, please visit:

Get cashback
20% off
20% off 20% off most departments , 10% off gaming/electrical on first credit order at VERY
I was looking for a PS4 pro deal for my husband and found this code which made the console with a game around 315. Great discount for larger purchases and you don’t even have to ac… Read more

Does this work on sale items


Yeah that’s true! I hope I can avoid being stung as already bought from them 🙈


That’s a shame, it worked when I used it so I wonder why that’s happened


It’s not your fault at all, but I’ll always read reviews from trustpilot now as they all seem to be very accurate of companies nowadays.


Doesn’t work. Tried it with a PS4 pro

Free shipping
Free shipping 3 MONTHS FREE STANDART DELIVERY at VERY - Account specific
LIKE THE SOUND OF THIS? JUST FOLLOW THESE STEPS! 1) Place your order using the code N6CJY at the online checkout by 13th January 2019 . 2) Free Standard Delivery will… Read more

Third here!


Has anyone actually managed to use this code? Doesn't work for me either...


You have to be either dumb or struggling financially if you pay interest on purchases with very. Hot deal for those who buy sensibly from very.


Heck yeah, I’ve had some killer deals just from making regular payments and only buying every now and then. Had a few “£25 off 50 spend” vouchers in my time.


Same here. Purchase wisely and use the various vouchers or codes offered when you don't shop for a while.

£20 off
£20 off £20 back when you spend £40
GET MORE OUT OF EVERYDAY WITH £20 FOR YOU AT VERY.CO.UK Here’s how: Apply for a Very AccountPlace a credit order of £40 or moreEnter the promo code N9MHH at the online checkout b… Read more

expired 9/12


will try ring them up and see but says invalid for me but i have had the account for over a month now. good for the nintendo switch games. 40-50 for a game becomes 20-30 much better


Not working- states has expired. :(


codes are not working


Do you mean a completely new Very account?

More Info
More Info !!! £50 back on selected electrical products !!!
By entering NKMKE in the promo code box at checkout your item will be put on 12 months Buy Now Pay Later automatically. You'll then receive £50 back to your account by 31st January… Read more

So there is a separate post about this being applicable for the PlayStation VR. I have ordered one and the code did automatically flip the screen to 12 months BNPL. I also had a live chat with an advisor who said it is applicable to the VR. I have got an email transcript of the live chat. Had a similar experience with the Apple Watch last month and that worked.


Gutted as I ordered one of these yesterday but they won’t honour it so I’ve got to return it and reorder what a bloody faff !!!


Had a quick look last night. The honor 10 looks decent, works out better than other deals posted if you're happy to use very bnpl




I think people are going to be surprised come Feb 1st. Edit: I'm wrong, the "cashback on this item" loads after the page loads; think it was broken 20 mins ago, or I really need somee glasses.

More Info
More Info £10 off orders over £50 for Black Friday Weekend
Valid only for new customers. Expires on 26th November. As usual with Very, check out their website for complete t&c's, when it comes to new credit accounts. (y)

Not working here. Maybe it is only valid if you have a Very credit account?


Does anyone if I could stack these codes along with the £30 off new cust deal?


which is then taken from the money u owe them? so £50 becomes £40 and then u pay off the rest then or within their time frame?


Works, however credits £10 to your very account


Not valid for me :(

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10% off
10% off 10% off first credit orders at
All terms and conditions can be found on -- Valid through Tuesday evening

Thank you very much!!


Yes I did that for the Samsung galaxy watch. Still have to go through credit check etc and set up the credit account to use the code, but it's up to you when to pay it off


Can i use this then pay off the credit right away?


Thank you(y)


N9MDV hopefully still valid (y)

20% off
20% off 20% OFF £150 spend Home & Furniture at VERY - includes all sorts @ Very
I've just got £38 off an already heavily reduced Oyster Zero pushchair (paid £151). So seems it applies to not just furniture etc, and works on sale items. UPDATE: Now only seems… Read more

Ok ,, thank you ,., The original poster got lucky with her pram .,.


Code's not valid for baby stuff


Can someone please check this item to see if the code works ,,


If you were quick enough it was working on all categories....lasted about 20 minutes :(


Yes you need to have registered to see the promo box

£30 off
£30 off £30 Account Credit on First Online Credit Orders Over £60, New Account Only @ Very
Representative 39.9% APR variable The credit will be applied to your account within 24hrs. Financial services products and delivery charges are excluded from the offer and cannot … Read more

I know! Plus I didn't trust them receiving the item back and actually taking the credit off so it played a part.


It worked in their favour. I would say clever customer service (lol)


They are useless for some things. I cancelled a PS4 and noticed it was still live, I was re-assured by a second person it was not dispatched and defo cancelled... it turned up still! As it stands I changed my mind and kept the PS4. Their offers are good and the credit system/BNPL plans work well.


Also note this interesting code which entitles a new account holder to 10% off electrical/gaming and 20% off all other departments (y)


Very strange that is as that was a web page that I viewed today...happy days though! Edit: Code is different too!

More Info
More Info 10% back on wearable tech iwatch 4 incl @ Very

Think you need to get out more my friend! Loads of commenting throughout your profile on peoples posting but only one post yourself???? 💦💦


Can’t even get the product name right! its Apple Watch cold cos of idiocy



Great deal, awful awful company


Great deal heat

More Info
More Info £20 Back on £200 Spend // £30 Bak on £300 Spend // £40 Back on £400 Spend @ Very
Very codes are back on £200, £300 and £400 spend. Handy for non account holders. (y) Quote code TREAT20 at the checkout when you place an order of £200 or more for £20 back. Quot… Read more



Math. Simple. "Up to" 10% off would be more accurate


Exactly, or if you spend £800, and you get £40 off, its only 5%


If I spend £350 do I get 10% off?

BS_Man it isn't, please enlighten us :o

£20 off
£20 off £20 credit back for £20 spend @ very
I've been told by live chat it's only for targeted customers. Oh well..maybe it will help someone...

is odd though pretty sure people have used it and some people get the £50 or £20 credit in theri account straight away others have to wait a day and then use it. maybe u need to ring them up and see what happened as that doesnt sound right.


I thought it was £50 off myself but it's not really is it? I still have to pay off the full balance, they just extended my credit limit. I think they do this on purpose and hope nobody calls them up on it.


should of been able to use it to pay off the amount so in essence £50 off?


I got one of these codes last month. £50 back when you spend £100. I assumed i would get £50 off my credit balance but they just added £50 to my credit limit. You don't actually get anything back. Scam


i messaged them and they say they want a screenshot of the email should i send them a screenshot of the page to link sends me to ?

£25 off
£25 off £25 off when you spend over £50 @ Very
Not sure if it’ll work for others, will be good to see if it does.

I honestly dont know why Very gets slated so much. My first order they completely cocked up but I was rewarded handsomely for their errors, I ended up paying £80 for a PS4 when they came out. Was well worth the hassle. Since then Ive only ordered stuff when its been on a good offer but never had a problem since. Just returned an electrical item I bought it January as it developed a fault and not a problem returning it and getting my money back. Sadly this code doesnt work which is a shame as I need to order something! Theyll soon have another one that will tho :-)



Cool, if it's the law then everyone would just return their opened products back to very and they would get a 10 out of 10 trust pilot rating :)


Under the Consumer Rights act a retailer has a duty to repair or replace faulty goods. ... If you have bought a faultyitem, or an item that has developed a fault, you have theright under the Consumer Rights Act to ask for refund.


If you are not confused then you are stupid as i have told you untold times but you are still not listening i'm only trying to educate you in the law , it's nothing to do with terms and conditions if something is wrong with a item its the retailer that has to sort it not the manufacturer.

£30 off
£30 off £30 off a £60+ credit spend (new credit accounts)
Got through the post so don’t know if it’s valid for all. I had a very account but never used the credit part of it. Looks like an extension of the one that was still being adverti… Read more

You’re awesome!! Put it this way- my daughter wants a doll for Christmas. It’s about £50 everywhere, but very have it on sale for £40. I’ve added a doll accessory pack onto it for £20 and applied the code.. comes down to £30! So I’ve got the doll she wants and clothes, saving £10 on what I’d pay for the doll alone in another shop!! Plus you can take 3 0% payments or just pay it all off at once! Hotttttt!!


I'm getting an invalid code message. I've signed up now what a shame!


Hi. I think from memory I logged into my very account and after a few hours it showed the £30 and my payment that I’d made with a zero balance


Hi, i paid mine off straight away, the money came out of my revolut account but iv had no conformation email or nothing, the balance is still full. did yours take a few days to say zero, cheers.


I paid straight away with PayPal option at the checkout

£30 off
Use the code to get £30 off a £60+ spend at Very. Valid until Midnight tonight. I just pre-ordered Red Ded Redemption and bought a nice bottle of aftershave all for £38.98. If yo… Read more

It was emailed to me. I think the code its self isnt unique it just depends if you account qualifies for it


Where did you find the code? :) thanks


Oh ok. Its not my first order but I didnt think it was account specific. Will close thread. Thanks :)


I think its only avail as 30 credit back on your first credit order


It says in the picture "the code can be used once" and you've already used it so no wonder it's not working

20% off
20% off 20% credit back on BNPL 9-months clothing & footwear £100 or more @ Very
"Enter N7LCP at checkout to order on 9 months Buy Now Pay Later and get your credit back - Spend £100 or more on Clothing & Footwear in 1 order. (Excluding accessories)."

Your account has to be eligible for buy now pay later for this code to work as I have just found out


I just tried to use this as an existing customer and it wouldn’t work but terms and conditions don’t stipulate this . Called the Very hotline and got an extremely rude advisor who first said it’s not a valid code but then said 9months BNPL unavailable on my account only 6 or 12 but she wasn’t wasn’t interested in helping me ??? Good luck anyone else using it I’d be keen I’d be keen to know if it works for you .


Is this for new customers or are existing customers included?

20% off
20% off 20% BNPL credit back on indoor furniture orders over £249 from very
20% credit back on indoor furniture orders over £249 on buy now pay 9 months later until 13th september, 20% credit will be applied to your account on october 25th. This wont be fo… Read more

No problem thanks


Hi @Mark_Hickman moved to vouchers as it's a code.

£50 off
£50 off £50-£100 Cash Back On Computing | 6 Month Interest Free @ Very
£289-£489.99 = £50 Cash Back. £490+ = £100 Cash Back. Enter code on checkout and select buy now pay 6 months!

Yeah. Looking on that link, it looks like the iPhone X isn’t in the offer. iPhone X 256GB - £1049 iPhone X 64GB - £899


Same. I see this It says off all phone but doesn't show iPhone X...sister wants one.


I remember a couple days ago there was one on for Apple. Don’t really keep my eyes out for Samsung products but know they go on sale some times.


Does this count to Phones because it says applied but not sure.


Except that's cold somehow (lol)

£50 off
£50 off £100 item for £50 @
Just got myself a dji osmo 2 for 79.99 instead of £129.99 and seems to not be restricted. Doesn't work on all accounts but worth a go. Has to be 12 months interest free and the 5… Read more

Thank you to the original poster I've just got mine too, I'm gonna have very happy kids at Xmas, wiv there extra pressies x


Just got my £50 credit (y) 🏽


Yes they are forcing you credit it cheaper if you take out credit so ppl will have no opinion other than to take credit out to save money this is forced credit


They're not forcing credit on anyone. You can buy the thing, and pay it off straight away. I've done it plenty of times. The company obviously want repeat business etc so it's a way for them to get that by giving interest free credit as people like to spread the cost of things. There's nothing stopping people from paying cash as soon as it goes onto their account


Why force credit on someone ? Let them pay cash and get the same price now that would be a deal.

More Info
More Info £50 off £299-£499 or £100 off £500+ computing
30/08/2018 £50 or £100 off, use code MYQC3 and select buy now pay later for 9 months. Ends at 9pm on the 30.08.18.

Anyone know if this promotion will work for 2 items totalling over the 300 minimum spend, or does it have to be on a single purchase?




Does the £50 credit get deducted from what you have spent, or is it £50 to spend on something else? I want an iPad, which is £319, so can I just pay £269 onto my account, wait for the credit to appear, then close the account?




Is there any interest if you pay within 9 months?

Newest Very Discount Codes:

DiscountDiscount DetailsExpires
£10Get £10 Cashback with Your Order at Very28/02/2019
£5Get £5 Cashback with Your Order at Very28/02/2019
20%20% off most departments , 10% off gaming/electrical on first credit order at VERY31/01/2019
% off3 MONTHS FREE STANDART DELIVERY at VERY - Account specific24/03/2019
£20£20 back when you spend £4024/03/2019