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From TVs and gaming systems to toys, women’s clothing and baby cots, British retailer Very has one of the most comprehensive product ranges anywhere. Very is one of the UK’s favourite online stores, and they constantly offer discount codes on popular brands. All of the latest deals and vouchers can be found at the Very hotukdeals pages. How to redeem Very vouchers
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£30 Discount
£30 Discount
Spend £60 get £30 back (Select Accounts who received the offer personally) with code @ Very
Anybody wanting to pick up the quest 2 elite strap not sure if very account specific use code R37UX add something else for just over a £10 and get it delivered free click and colle… Read more

I'm so happy for you. Don't forget to put your lottery on for this week.

Darthballs ...are you new to common sense (confused) go back to sleep


And you think that will make any difference if they get declined? Are you new to Very?


FYI, called them last night and said they do see a cashback on my order but will be applied June 17th. They did not say they would be sending an email for me either. Worst case scenario I spent £30 extra on games I would have bought anyway so it does not make a giant difference to me.


This one wasn't account specific so many people used it without any problem.

-10% Discount
-10% Discount
10% credit back on selected tv's over £379 with code @ Very
See the deal link for full details but as an example you buy a telly for £400. They will then pay 10% £40 back to your account on 21 may 2021. You can pay off the balance of £360 a… Read more

Panasonic 58HX800B £629.10 good price for 58 inch set


Samsung The Frame 2020 - 65 inch, QLED, 4K Ultra HD, Art Mode, HDR, Smart TV | £1079 after code. Cheapest I can find at moment £20 less than amazon who are at their lowest price ever on this.


Was just about to post this, popular TV prices: Samsung QE85Q80TATXXU -2,699.10 Samsung QE75Q80TATXXU - 1,619.10 (1,598.99at Costco) Sony KD65AG9BU - 1,799.10 Sony KD65AG8BU - 1,619.10 LG OLED65BX6LB - 1,439.10 Samsung QE65Q80TATXXU - 979.20 Sony KD55AG8BU - 1,259.10 Sony KD55AG9BU - 1,214.10 LG OLED55CX6LB - 1,169.10 LG OLED55BX6LB - 1,079.10 (999 at Hughes) Samsung QE55Q80TATXXU - 809.10 Hisense H58A7100FTUK - 449.10 LG OLED48CX6LB - 1,169.10 Samsung QE49Q80TATXXU - 791.10 Hisense H50U7QFTUK - 539.10 LG 49NANO866NA - 539.10 Hisense H50A7100FTUK - 359.10

£60 Discount
£60 Discount
£60 cashback on selected iPhones with buy now pay later using code at Very
iPhone 12 all colours from £664 (£724 with £60 cashback). iPhone 12 Mini all colours from £564 (£624 with £60 cashback). 1. Buy an eligible iPhone from this offer on 12 month… Read more

Yes I’ve bought my last 3 or 4 iPhones from them, usually unbeatable on price but if you do have to deal with CS a nightmare. Just triple check and stay on the automated path and everything is usually fine!


Their reviews online are shocking. I will tread cautiously. Tempted but can’t afford the hassle if something goes wrong.


Just ordered thanks - have done this a few times on Apple products from Very. Amount usually gets credited after a month or so, then pay off the BNPL balance.


I tried this earlier as I’m looking for a 12 mini deal. Created an account, signed off then tried to apply the code and nothing happened. Then realised I had ordered 2. Had to call and cancel then close the account. Not worth the effort. I’ll wait


No they don’t hold stock it’s sent from Apple or a third party

Credit back on Apple products at Very
Just caught sight of this up to £100 credit back when buying BNPL 12 months, £100 on MacBooks seems pretty good. Pay off the amount in full before the 12 month period to avoid he… Read more

Really? Big fail. I will wait then.


Possible quidco cashback too


Poor deal by their previous offers on apple


Nah trash.. Only certain items


Doesn’t include m1 MacBooks which makes this deal not great

-20% Discount
-20% Discount
20% off all clothing, footwear & sportswear with code @ Very (Account specific)
20%off all clothing sportswear and footwear across mens womens and kids just enter code at checkout

Hot! Managed to get some all saints t shirts for £16 each


20% is only VAT Very is always more expensive for item’s


Mine is a credit account & it didn’t work - can’t find the offer anywhere so it must be account specific :(


Tried it on a few full priced items and couldn’t get it to work - maybe it’s only valid for credit accounts?


Why Thank-you XD

£10 Discount
£10 Discount
£10 off £50 spend on the Very mobile app - via Cashback (Account Specific)
As per title! Details in deal link, if not, see here... We will charge the full order value and then apply the credit back to your chosen payment method once the order is dispatch… Read more

Says Invalid (confused)


Not working for me


Why does this get put in to vouchers, when other vouchers (e.g. eBay 15% off) goes in to deals?


Me neither


Not working for me

-10% Discount
-10% Discount
10% Back On Windows Computing On £399 - £699 Spend | 20% Back Over £700 Including Huawei Matebook Etc via Buy Now Pay Later @ Very
Offer ends on the 18th Get 10% Credit Back to your account on £399 - £699 spend Or 20% Back Over £700 by the 28th January Theres a few to choose from all in the link when you hit … Read more

I was deciding between these 2 models as well. I dint like the fact that MB 13 2020 only had 2 USB C ports. But noticed in the pics, one USB Type c on one side, the other side showing standard USB port. That must be a mistake? I would have liked that combination though. Hassle of carrying around a dongle. Also the MB13 is Intel chip whereas, MB 14 is AMD which is better in performance? Also TCB, Quidco cashback brings it even down from £600?


Good deal from me. Matebook 14 R5 for £600 without the hassle of having to deal with selling freebies etc. Was a toss up between that and the matebook 13 i5 - bigger ssd, smaller battery, better camera....


You buy a laptop worth 750 (20% = £150) £750 goes out of your credit account. Pay off £600 in the first 12 months In the meantime (usually a month or so) the other £150 is paid off from your account by very.


Quidco, TCB showing upto 12%.


In case this is of help to anyone else in the same position - just confirmed with a Very rep that BNPL itself is now not available to me essentially because I'm an infrequent customer and their system automatically opts you in or out (if you have a credit account in the first place), and that's done silently, no notification. So having not bought anything from them for a while - because I'll only buy from them when it's a better deal... - I no longer have BNPL and therefore can't have the discount... Feel it is slightly misleading of their website, given it is showing me on the product page the discount that I specifically cannot have... Still a good deal if you can get it though.

£30 Discount
£30 Discount
Very - £30 Credit WYS £60+ On New Credit Account
You can receive £30 back when you successfully apply for a Very Credit account and place your first online credit order of £60 or more using promo code QYYHN before 29/01/21. Thi… Read more

I've just had my account credited after 2 months.


It's added to your Very account. You're creating a credit account so once you have made a purchase it will show how much you owe Very in the BNPL section. My credit was added almost instantly however my BNPL balance wouldn't show so I ended up calling the customer support (automated robot) and paying the 'robot,' the outstanding balance there instead.


Hi Marshall will the credit be added onto your very account or to your own bank account. Sorry just a little confused.


This will apply if you’re a new customer (this could be another e-mail address) and apply for a credit account - then you just need to spend £70 or more and Very will credit your account with £35. There is also the code QYYAG which is £30 credit on a £60 spend (if you’re not going to meet the £70 threshold) and expires on 3/2/21.


Hi is this cash back or a discount

£50 Account Credit on First Online Credit Orders Of £100 Or More.
£50 Account Credit on First Online Credit Orders Of £100 Or More.Representative 39.9%APR Variable Successfully apply for a Credit Account.Spend £100 or more. Enter QYYFJ at the on… Read more

My wife also created an account same address and got the £50 off


Thankyou, I’ve placed an order and paid via PayPal. It took the discount off so I really hope I get a dispatch email soon and it doesn’t get cancelled 🙈 joycons and animal crossing for £55 delivered 🤞🏻


If I already have a normal very account can I just sign up for a credit account and this will still work? I havd signed up previously for non credit account but not bought anything.


Yeah when I used it I selected credit and then chose to pay now in full via PayPal, just got £50 taken off the price.


Might be good bet to snag a PS5, but they sell out instantly (zombie)

Best Very deals from our community

LG OLED65CX5LB 65 INCH OLED, 4K Ultra HD, HDR, Smart TV £1798 (£1439 via BNPL) @ Very
Posted 1 h, 19 m agoPosted 1 h, 19 m ago
OFFER dependant on having very credit! The LG 65cx for 1798 with the offer below Making it 1439! the money is put back on your account as credit 20% back! Enter RTVLW at chec… Read more

Does the credit go towards the balance owed do you know please? If so am I right in thinking you can then settle the balance straight after and bish bash bosh you've saved 20% Lol cheers?

Apple MacBook Pro (M1, 2020) 13 inch with 8-Core CPU and 8-Core GPU 256Gb Storage - £1,152 (+ possible £80 back with code on BNPL) @ Very
20/05/2021Expires on 20/05/2021Posted 20 h, 36 m agoPosted 20 h, 36 m ago
£80 back! Enter R39CP at checkout to order on 12 months Buy Now Pay Later and get your credit back . Interest is calculated and compounded for the delayed payment period and is a… Read more

I've seen deals for 950. I thought 16GB ram at least

Nike Children Star Runner Shoes £16 + £3.99 del @ Very
Posted 22 h, 43 m agoPosted 22 h, 43 m ago
Product descriptionEAN: 193146215176 Item number NX3NL Nike Childrens Trainers Size & Fit Available in sizes: 10 - 13 younger; 1 - 2 older Details Childrens Star Runner … Read more

Without the velcro it looks better. Is it boys or girls trainers


Are the lace any good? thx


I was going to give this heat. However, if the velcro pops, that's a real bummer. Price is good, but no vote either way cuz of aforesaid


The velcro pops off too easy on these

LG OLED55CX5LB 55 inch OLED, 4K Ultra HD, HDR, Smart TV £1198 + 20% back with code on BNPL @ Very
20/05/2021Expires on 20/05/2021Posted 15th MayPosted 15th May
Great price when doing buy now pay later at sub 1k Was very tempted but small stand means cant have soundbar in front

So how soon after ordering do they give you the 20% credit ? If I buy now on credit, and have the money ready to pay.. do i have to wait a year?


Exactly the CX also has a feature that moves the pixels around the screen to help prevent burn in as well, it’s really not an issue unless your careless


My CX actually actively Dims the panel if left static for any period of time, there's an option to turn off the screen without shutting down to standby and if using some streaming Apps it switches to screen saver. Plenty of preventative measures in place on these now to mitigate the risk of burn in. Highly recommend


Newer sets yes, older leds have a risk, like I said I have an Samsung led tv about 6 years old, and it specifically says about burn in on the manual, but I agree it’s massively less than any of the led TVs. Samsung specifically say there qleds don’t, don’t mention about there other range. That said the lg oled has a number of technologies built in to help reduce any potential burn in, as long as your careful and don’t leave a static imagine on, the chances of actually getting burn in on the CX is extremely minimal.


That's no excuse mate you can leave an LED set on for hours with a static logo and it's fine but I wouldn't dare do that with an OLED, it's clear OLED's have some fragility and need looking after by the very nature of what you just said Samsung cover burn in on their sets for 10 years because they knew OLED's had issues with it so use it as a sneaky marketing ploy to get at LG etc I didn't comment to bash OLED's anyway and I like them enough to possibly want another one before Micro LED but in short I stand by what I say I wouldn't go near one without burn in cover I'm really tempted to get a CX tbh

Apple iPhone 12 mini, 64Gb - Purple £624 (£574 via BNPL) @ Very
20/05/2021Expires on 20/05/2021Posted 15th MayPosted 15th May
64GB available in all colours. 128 GB is for £624 after the offer and is also available in all colours (except purple)… Read more

had to open another account in my wife's name for it to work.


Yes, mine defo worked


Did anyone get the code to work? I get this message "The Buy Now Pay Later coupon R39CP is not valid"


Thats all i think but you can check with Very for clarification.


Anyone else ordered? Does the code entry show as discount on your order? Aside from screenshots I took of "code added" I have no record of the pending refund to my account.

Apple iPad Pro (2020), 128Gb, Wi-Fi, 11in - Space Grey £649 + £50 Cashback on BNPL with code @ Very
20/05/2021Expires on 20/05/2021Posted 14th MayPosted 14th May
Best deal I can find on this . From Very and subject to their £50 credit back on the 12 months buy now pay later deal ( appreciate not suitable to everyone) On pre order for delive… Read more

Currently oos


I think it may be 11p cheaper in Costco It may also come with an extended warranty Still a good deal in Very though


Is this not cheaper in costco?


Are these not the same products yet the one that’s cheaper is way colder than the Amazon deal? Do people not like Very or is it the credit back? ( I’ve never had a problem)


This should be hotter that Air 64GB deal

Cricut maker: The Ultimate Smart Cutting Machine £303.98 delivered with code @ Very
20/05/2021 at 09:00Expires on 20/05/2021 at 09:00Posted 12th MayPosted 12th May
Enter code RTVN6 at checkout to save £80 on the Cricut Maker Ultimate. Cricut Maker: The Ultimate Smart Cutting Machine, Pro-level DIY performance & versatility, handles 300+… Read more

Used a Monster Pixmax but we still have it in case we do any wholesale orders. It is this and its a REALLY nice bit of kit: I think its about a meter long in terms of cut width whereas the Cricut is limited to 30cm wide or deep if you get a wider cutting mat. Depends on what you're printing as to whether its worthwhile. General vinyl stuff on clothing is a pretty saturated market unless you have original designs or ideas. Most run of the mill bits can be bought on Amazon/Etsy/Ebay and they must make like £1 profit on each item so unless you're running off hundreds there is no money in it. Definitely prefer the Cricut though because it suits needs for smaller single order designs.


What did you use as a larger format cutter? Is there a worthwhile market for products? Does your wife’s biz have a website? You can send that info by PM if it infringes advertising rules on HUKD. Genuinely interested as I need to develop sidelines having had a business obliterated by Breakshytt and another crippled by the Borisvirus


I never knew about that. If that had happened I certainly wouldn't have made the purchase so i'm glad!


I believe it just got it working with other die cutter software rather than it being locked to cricut own stuff, in case it was pulled - as well as additional bits. Can't say I remember much else!


They did try that but very quickly back tracked when the Cricut community complained. There are no limits to how much you can do now, and no monthly fee is needed if you don’t use the images in Design Space.

Alienware m15 r3 i7 10th Gen bnpl 12 months - £1999 (20% Credit Back with code) @ Very
Posted 12th MayPosted 12th May
Thought this was a good deal after you get the 20% back. The Alienware M15 R3 Laptop Is A Dream Machine For Gamers, Designers And Editors. Receive a FREE Ubisoft Gaming bundle wort… Read more

Bought an Alienware about a decade ago and i'm typing out this message on it, very long in the tooth now but still runs ok as a netbook, if nothing else! :{ 11inch M11xR3... sounds like a Harrier Jump Jet performing a vertical take off under load! Fun times!


And it comes with a GTX 2070 Super (lol)


Bought an Alienware 17 a couple of years back. In the first 6 months: 3 new motherboards, 2 new daughter boards, a new palm rest/track pad and 2 new screens (oh, and at least 30 hours on the phone to 'Premium tech support' who would only help if I reinstalled windows EVERY time I called them before they'd do anything else). The Alienware brand is far from what it used to be. . .


Are they taking the p**s ? Just look at their service track record ! (flirt)


Can you use that code for anything on Very?

PGA 2K21 (PS4) - £17.99 @ Very
Posted 7th MayPosted 7th May
PGA 2K21 On Playstation 4 ALL-NEW PGA TOUR CAREER MODE Prove you've got what it takes to become FedExCup Champion. Take on PGA TOUR Pros during your very own career, earning reward… Read more

Same at least 3 Pound click and collect


Have i missed something or is there a way to get free delivery? Thanks


Still heat from me 🔥🔥🔥


If Destiny's new season wasn't next week I'd have got it,I can wait till Amazon drop it at £15


I think most did until the inevitable email. Never mind that this is a seperate deal and I voted hot as this is one of the cheapest I have seen for a physical copy. Great game and a definite improvement on TGC PGA19

RING Alarm Full Home Kit - Alarm 5, Video Doorbell 3 and Indoor Cam - £299 @ Very
Posted 7th MayPosted 7th May
This looks good value compared to stand alone price

Good find @Jen_x - thanks for taking time to share :)


Depends on what you need as I said, plus how much of your time do you spend re selling stuff, is it worth the bother, anyway there is a choice for people that's what its about. I have the new ring Doorbell Pro 2, fantastic bit of kit so wouldn't want an old model doorbell now, I guess that's why they are giving them away plus the new alarm system is out, but from what I can see its just the design that has changed, the guts are pretty much the same so that is still good value, especially with the monitoring for £8mth that includes as many cameras as you have as well.


Hard to justify considering the link I posted to the 7 piece, indoor cam, doorbell and extra sensors. Even if you didn't want the bell, you could sell on for profit and buy the extra sensors with the profit.


Seems expensive but depends what you want, 10 piece here for £219 with camera but no bell, bells are cheap now though


This might be a slightly better deal depending if you're not too bothered about the Ring version: A second door sensor and second motion sensor.

Newest Very Discount Codes:

DiscountVery Discount DetailsExpires
£30Spend £60 get £30 back (Select Accounts who received the offer personally) with code @ Very11/05/2021
10%10% credit back on selected tv's over £379 with code @ Very9/04/2021
£60£60 cashback on selected iPhones with buy now pay later using code at Very2/04/2021
% offCredit back on Apple products at Very28/03/2021
20%20% off all clothing, footwear & sportswear with code @ Very (Account specific)23/02/2021