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Free Breakfast Item Worth Up To £1.50 at Asda using code (50000 customers) @ Vodafone Veryme

£1.50 off
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#FeelgoodFriday offer

VeryMe help support says -

It's an Asda gift card, so you can use it throughout the store. For example for milk fruit etc

Offer Dates: 26 May 2023 at 00:01 to 26 May 2023 at 23:59 or one hour after the code is claimed in app, whichever is sooner.
Offer Detail: The offer is a free breakfast item from Asda (up to the value of £1.50). To benefit from this giveaway, you must claim a code in the VeryMe Rewards app. The first 50,000 people to claim a code in the VeryMe Rewards app will be able to claim this giveaway. The full value of the £1.50 Asda eGift Card via Prezzee must be redeemed in one transaction. Using this method, one entry can be submitted per user. Any additional items purchased will be charged accordingly. Offer period subject to Asda store opening hours. Check your local Asda store for opening hours. Code may be used in store and online.
Exclusions: UK only. eGift card is valid online and instore at ASDA. Cannot be used for gambling products (scratch cards/lottery) and tobacco. Offer is subject to availability and whilst stocks last. You can’t enter the giveaway if: You don’t live in the UK; and/or you’re under 13 years old – if you’re aged between 13 and 18 you must have permission to claim this giveaway from a parent or guardian. Codes must be presented live in the app. Screenshots won’t be accepted. We don’t allow you to transfer your giveaway to someone else and we won’t give you cash instead. While we’ll try and fulfil our obligations to run the giveaway smoothly, we’ll not be responsible if something happens that is beyond our reasonable control. We reserve the right to verify the validity of entries to the giveaway and to disqualify you without notice if you tamper with the entry process or don’t comply with these rules. By entering the giveaway, you accept these terms. Our decisions are final, and we reserve the right not to enter into detailed responses to you. Vodafone reserves the right to withdraw, amend or cancel an offer at any time.

Vodafone More details at
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  1. AJ2007's avatar
    It says screenshots will not be accepted. It could mean it's one of those funny moving barcode thingies
    jonnypb's avatar
    It says that on just about every other offer to be fair.
  2. LauraBargain2017's avatar
    Asda gift cards can be used online (max 10 per transaction)
    crumpetman's avatar
    Max 10 per transaction on self serve instore too.
  3. Jaydizzle84's avatar
    £1.50 @ Asda > £2 @ Morrisons
    While I believe this to be true, they put my phone bill up 14% and now cutting rewards by 25%
    1988dave's avatar
    O2 free nero.... Scrapped for greggs... They are all doin it
  4. ssc1's avatar
    Can you screenshot and use later?
    HazardUK's avatar
    It’s valid for one day, so probably
  5. bluecityste's avatar
    Hope this doesn't mean they have ditched Morrisons
    Mentos's avatar
    Hoping the opposite
  6. mRActivate8's avatar
    Perfect!!! Nice to pass on a sandwich to homeless person
  7. pickles87667's avatar
    Does anyone know if this would work on anything?
    peassweet's avatar
    peassweet Author
    Not had offers with Asda before

    Hoping it’s a e-gift card like past Morrisons & tesco offers


    It's an Asda gift card, so you can use it throughout the store. (edited)
  8. monyan's avatar
    Not showing on mine but I hope these means the partnership with Morrisons is over. As Asda is much more accessible for me 
    AndyWiz's avatar
    Starts tomorrow
  9. busybeeburns's avatar
    What a palaver this prezzee gift card is. Almost as bad as the one4all ones. I could have travelled to morrisons at the other side of town in the time it took me to sort it out. In Rush hour. (edited)
  10. peassweet's avatar
    peassweet Author
    It's an Asda gift card, so you can use it throughout the store. For example for milk fruit etc (edited)
  11. peassweet's avatar
    peassweet Author
    Mostly likely e-gift card


    It's an Asda gift card, so you can use it throughout the store. (edited)
    angie555's avatar
    Same as Morrisons and
  12. 1Juice's avatar
  13. Downtownmonkey's avatar
    This is good! I don’t usually shop in Asda but tomorrow I need to go there.
  14. legodealsmad's avatar
    Remember these are gift cards and you can on self service tills buy gift cards with an Asda gift card ( just like you could at Morrisons) these are therefore real cash so will be in high demand from non Vodafone customers..
    angie555's avatar
    I've never seen that option on the self-service tills
  15. ricebay's avatar
  16. mocmocamoc's avatar
    It’s only 1.50 but it looks like it just saves a gift card to your prezee wallet, and you can store it for 24 months - might be wrong
    pkmdpi's avatar
    That’s what I was exactly thinking. But unsure how to use it online?
  17. mocmocamoc's avatar
    From your account it lets you print it out like any other gift card. Could do with someone checking, but these codes are so small now, I’m not making a special trip. Morrisons was a proper pain
  18. ghaffar123's avatar
    Not showing in mine
    TrackDeals's avatar
    Should come up tomorrow I guess
  19. Holtey's avatar
    Does Asda breakfast food run past midday? Would be a nice freebie after work (edited)
    peassweet's avatar
    peassweet Author
    It's an Asda gift card, so you can use it throughout the store.
  20. iGlad's avatar
  21. gizz_mo's avatar
    Could a breakfast item even just mean eggs or a loaf of bread or box of cereal etc?
    busybeeburns's avatar
    Or beer 🍻
  22. Viren17's avatar
    I will have couple of them spare , anyone wants to exchange for costa or Morrison
  23. esquire's avatar
    Hi - happy to swap if you have 2 x ASDA eGift Cards for 1 of my long-dated Costa free drink vouchers, valid for any size handcrafted drink. Please DM if you’re interested. Kind regards, Esquire.
  24. RizwanMurtaza's avatar
    Happy to swap mine for a free costa
  25. supergirl2's avatar
    How do I scan the gift card at asda tills?
    shirlsky's avatar
    Go to self service till. Once you have scanned your shopping select gift card and then scan bar code.

    You can even but gift cards at self scan tills
  26. Savvy_Sister's avatar
    Thanks for posting, I have just used mine online to order clothing from George.
  27. legodealsmad's avatar
    That must be the most complicated process having to use that prezzee site to get the card however it does look like you can swap the Asda for other brands on if so even more reason to review your getting as it maybe not just Asda you can use it in.
    Ks-randomdeals's avatar
    I can't seem to show my gift card? Just asking me to unwrap my prezzee but no actual barcode for the giftcard is showing? Any help with this please?
  28. moneyispower09's avatar
    Good morning does anyone have a spare?
  29. ricebay's avatar
    If anyone wants to swap for a free Nero drink expiry 30 June 23, PM me
  30. fi111's avatar
    How easy is this to use in self checkouts guys? Do you need to call someone over ? I have multiples
    FreebieJeebie's avatar
    Easy. sometimes the system asks for supervisor authorisation on Self Checkouts but thats because I was getting BLC discount but shouldn't be a problem.
    I will be using 3 today in one transaction.
  31. Jaydizzle84's avatar
    Haha, agreed. What a total faff. Like 20 clicks before you get to see the gift card you can screenshot. Lunacy.
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