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Tales of Xillia 2 Day 1 Edition (PS3) £13.96 Delivered (Using Code) @ VGB
26° Expired
Posted 3rd May 2016Posted 3rd May 2016
Tales of Xillia 2 Day 1 Edition (PS3) £13.96 Delivered (Using Code) @ VGB£13.96
Not everyone's cup of tea. But one of the good looking day one editions on PS3. I do personally love the design of the steel book. Use the code: POSTABARGAIN *** If you are not l… Read more

Ahhhh so it was


Read the description mate, it was mentioned. :)


I know this deal has expired but if you're not fussed about day 1 edition I'd get the double pack (1&2 on same disc) it's about £15 from rice digital but other places may have it cheaper


Nothing wrong with warning people what the company can be like from personal experience. Lots of unhappy people on here after dealing with them. Same as if I've had great service from a company I'd post it. You shouldn't have to rely on PayPal/Google to get your money refunded most times. Deleting peoples accounts as well, great company.


I am going to support them until I experience an issue myself. Until that day has not come, I am supporting them, haha.

12 months PS Plus + £20 wallet top-up + Limited Edition 20th Anniversary SteelBook £35.81 from Videogamebox
349° Expired
Posted 24th Mar 2016Posted 24th Mar 2016
12 months PS Plus + £20 wallet top-up + Limited Edition 20th Anniversary SteelBook £35.81 from Videogamebox£35.81
Exceptional price for this! Use code: POSTABARGAIN

There's a voice keeps on calling me, down this thread is where I'll always be Every step I make I read a new post, can't stay for long just turn around and I'm gone again Maybe tomorrow I'll wanna settle down, until tomorrow I'll just keep moving on Down this thread that never seems to end when a new comment lies just around the bend So if you want to join me for a while just grab your phone come travel light that's HUKD style Maybe tomorrow I'll wanna settle down :D


Got my refund through Paypal, now to eviscerate them on TrustPilot!


Course it was a good result, we reminded the world we are who we are and why no one likes us Exactly why you've brought it up, thanks for yet another confirmation of this. How many log ins you got again?


Wow, you just can't help it, can you. Good result at the weekend.


My my isn't this the thread that wouldn't die :{ Awfully frustrating, not to mention embarrassing, for a certain individual who springs to mind (_;)

2 Months Sky Movies Pass For Now TV £7.32 @ Videogamebox (using code)
98° Expired
Posted 24th Mar 2016Posted 24th Mar 2016
2 Months Sky Movies Pass For Now TV £7.32 @ Videogamebox (using code)£7.32
Decent price it would appear looking at previous deals. Use code: POSTABARGAIN I moved your deal to entrainment, reindeer. I know it was in gaming just based on your habit, lol. :… Read more

Back in stock but price changed.


the code is sent via email. just received mine inky ordered about an hr ago.


Well I tried my best but then got stuck how to type entertainment... :(


Thanks Mixmixi for moving ;) :) OOS now


yep gone Sorry, the following item is currently out of stock: 2 Months Sky Movies Pass For Now TV

Journey (PS4/PS3 Cross-buy Download) £6.36 (Using code) @ Video Game Box
323° Expired
Posted 22nd Mar 2016Posted 22nd Mar 2016
Journey (PS4/PS3 Cross-buy Download) £6.36 (Using code) @ Video Game Box£6.36
Use the code: POSTABARGAIN You will also get £1 back in reward points which can only be used towards your next purchase. Get ready to experience one of the most beautiful, unique… Read more

​It was on a previous psn sale and now expired this was posted over a month ago


Really? I just checked and it's £19.99 for download only on PS4. Can you post a link, please?


​just got this, thank you! a better deal than the original post. never played any of those three so it's going to be a fun weekend.


so was mine mate :|


That was a joke mate. :)

Rainbow Six Siege (PS4) £21.56 / Far Cry Primal (Xbox One / PS4) £30.12 delivered from Video Game Box (Using Code)
308° Expired
Posted 21st Mar 2016Posted 21st Mar 2016
Rainbow Six Siege (PS4) £21.56 / Far Cry Primal (Xbox One / PS4) £30.12 delivered from Video Game Box (Using Code)£21.56

I'm surprised that this has been out for a few months and hasn't dropped much in price... Very tempting...


(staff discount)


£24 with 20% discount this week ;)


primal £30 at morrisons


Thanks for the info mixmixi :)

Doom (PS4/XB1) pre-order - £35.81 at VideoGameBox with code
232° Expired
Posted 10th Mar 2016Posted 10th Mar 2016
Doom (PS4/XB1) pre-order - £35.81 at VideoGameBox with code£35.81
Seems like a pretty good pre-order price for the new Doom, due out on 13th May. Use code POSTABARGAIN to knock 5% off the list price and get it for £35.81. Xbox One link in first… Read more
Get deal*Get deal*

​I sent my email to them 3 weeks ago


I wouldn't trust this company at all. Ordered the PlayStation 20th Anniversary steelbook and they didn't have it. I thought 'Fair enough' so I asked for a refund. After that email, I didn't get any response from them whatsoever even after sending them an email on a weekly basis. Decided to open a paypal case against and still no response.


So we should base our buying habits exclusively on what reviewers tell us to buy?


They never refunded me for returning Witcher 3


I haven't seen a reliable (non-user) review in a while. Although, I don't believe in reviews so maybe my opinion doesn't count.

God of War III: Remastered (PS4) £13.96 Delivered (Using Code) @ Video Game Box
168° Expired
Posted 10th Mar 2016Posted 10th Mar 2016
God of War III: Remastered (PS4) £13.96 Delivered (Using Code) @ Video Game Box£13.96
Use the code: POSTABARGAIN New & Sealed - EU (Gameplay in English) Kratos’ greatest challenge Join Kratos, riding on the back of a gigantic titan, ascending Mount Olympus in … Read more

Shows as £17.76 for me to its expired.


Good price for this, heated


Shows as £17.76


Not worth it on ps4 if you had it on PS3 . Imo


Rakuten has never had any place on my favourite list, too. But again I do wish to support smaller business and especially local ones as these could potentially be the future major retailers. :)

Lords of the Fallen - Limited Edition (PS4) £13.96 Delivered (Using Code) @ Video Game Box
64° Expired
Posted 3rd Mar 2016Posted 3rd Mar 2016
Lords of the Fallen - Limited Edition (PS4) £13.96 Delivered (Using Code) @ Video Game Box£13.96
Use the code: POSTABARGAIN Just a note to the people who complain about this retailer. I have ordered the game from them on 1st of March and it was with me today (3rd) and as they… Read more

Fair price and still working :) Thanks


free with xbox,result!


Good price, heat added. For those who are on Xbox remember this game will be free with games with gold on the 16th so may be worth the wait.

The Order 1886 (PS4) £13.70 Delivered @ Video Game Box
336° Expired
Posted 1st Mar 2016Posted 1st Mar 2016
The Order 1886 (PS4) £13.70 Delivered @ Video Game Box£13.70
New & Sealed - European packaging. Gameplay in English The Order 1886 introduces players to a unique vision of Victorian-Era London where Man uses advanced technology to battl… Read more

I would give them a chance myself. They are not as big as other competitors (clearly you can see that from their customer service and packagings i.e. my order had a large letter first class stamp rather than prepaid postage that normally bigger retailer use). Yet, I received a top class service from them and I even didnt pay with paypal (I don't have one) so overall it was not that bad. :)


Guess its a hit and miss then, they obviously can't screw every single customer or they wouldn't be in business at all. Regardless I'm personally not shopping there again


Received my game today via first class delivery and it was as described, so no issues for me here mate.


Not everything 'new' or 'different' is automatically good. Tho saying that, this game is kind of a poor Gears clone with pretty graphics, so it doesn't even satisfy the new/different pitch.


How dare someone try something different to the usual annual franchises! Also how dare they release something new at the start of a new generation! DAMN YOU SONY 1ST PARTY STUDIOS!! Please dont try anything new!! I actually enjoyed the game, and i enjoyed that it wasn't a 30 hr collectafest with loads of unnecessary filler

Just Cause 3 (PC / Steam) £14.70 from Videogamebox
149° Expired
Posted 1st Feb 2016Posted 1st Feb 2016
Just Cause 3 (PC / Steam) £14.70 from Videogamebox£14.70
Yes this was about £1.50 for the very lucky few who got it last week. But this is the best price for this, apart from that glitch.

Really good game this, and runs very well


Not a good game tbh, liked JC2 but this one did nothing for me, and ran like a dog.


I was too slow....




i got it for £14.70... just checked my paypal receipt too.

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