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VIP Premium Vaping & E‑Cigarette Liquids - 10 for £15 Delivered @ VIP Electronic Cigarette
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Posted 16th May 2020Posted 16th May 2020
VIP Premium Vaping & E‑Cigarette Liquids - 10 for £15 Delivered @ VIP Electronic Cigarette£15
10 FOR £15* *Mix & Match Multibuy offers available across selected e-liquid strengths & flavours

I have tried a lot of juices been using the devices since 2012 for example I got 7 100ml bottles of craft vapes icicle at £1.50 per bottle from Washington vapes not long ago, they usually retail at £4-5 per 10ml bottle so you do the math, I also got a box of 50 nic shots for £15.99 and a vandy vape tank for £9, do you know where you can get better pricing?.... Didn't think so smarty pants (y)


You must have tried the 100's of juices out there to say.... "Washington vapes is the best"......... Really !


just given them a try thanks for the link - been using vapepotions


Try 60ml Shortfills including Nic shot for £3.49 Good liquid for a crazy price.


I get 88 Vape menthol chill, 10 mil. Order 200 bottles at a time for 65p each.

VIP Electronic Cigarette 50% off photon starter kits
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Posted 3rd Jul 2016Posted 3rd Jul 2016
VIP Electronic Cigarette 50% off photon starter kits
EXPIRES MIDNIGHT FREE Express Delivery is provided on UK mainland orders with a value over £19.00. PHOTON EXPRESS STARTER KIT - £14.99 1 x Stainless Steel 1100mAh Photon Battery … Read more

I used to work for VIP years back.. great to see that they have improved their range of e-cigarettes... Still peddling the same photon kits. Spend your money elsewhere!


Good sentiments but this is a deals site. As commented above, this is tat. Tried it and moved on very quickly having wasted my money. Ended up with Vaporized which I found to be competitively priced and much better quality.


I Prefer cigarettes.


have some heat.


Erm but this is just cheap tat, low quality products from start to finish. Might aswell get a proper starter kit from a decent brand, sure its gonna cost abit more but at least the battery wont be dead in a month and the coils will actually work. as for these cheap nasty juices, no thanks

VIP Cigarette, 10,000 Free Photon Express Kit (Free Delivery)
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Posted 10th Dec 2015Posted 10th Dec 2015
VIP Cigarette, 10,000 Free Photon Express Kit (Free Delivery)
10,000 Free Photo Express Kits Comprising of; 1 x Stainless Steel 1100mAh Photon Battery 2 x H2 SBC Clearomizers 2.0~2.3 ohm 1 x USB Charger 10ml bottle of e-liquid Free Delivery… Read more

where is the best place to get spare Clearomizer`s and batterys at a good price thanks


Ordered this on the day the post was put on & still not heard anything :( ^^^^ Posted on Monday 4 Jan)^^^^ The VIP arrived today(6 Jan) really easy to use & very good.


Lol, I didn't know to do that either when I bought my first one :)


Just worked out after you press it five times to turn it on you have to hold the button down when you suck. Doh!!!!!! Could not see that on the instructions, oh well its working now.


Yes did that, tried all yesterday, still nothing. Have emailed VIP for help. Thanks anyway.

INNOKIN COOL FIRE IV KIT - £40 @ VIP Electronic Cigarette
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Posted 10th Nov 2015Posted 10th Nov 2015
INNOKIN COOL FIRE IV KIT - £40 @ VIP Electronic Cigarette£40
Stumbled across this deal when looking to buy my brother a similar kit to mine. I paid £60 so for anyone looking for a complete starter kit with good durability and power this is a… Read more

+ £20 or so for the tank


Better deal here £33.96 using code GIVEME15 RRP is also cheaper than OP deal (£39.95)


I haven't, wouldn't know where to start. Only been vaping around 4 weeks, got an iSub tank last weekend. Might order a couple of 30ml bottles from novavapes though, cheers!


Congrats :) And you've stopped using these to?


What device are you using the protank 3 on? Rebuilding is great, if you do choose to rebuild on an RDA like the derringer for instance I would still suggest having a tank that you are happy with alternatively look at getting something link the subtank mini which has the option for prebuilt coils or a rebuildable deck. A great place to look for excellent prices is here but do know that it is coming from overseas so delivery can take up to a month. If you want more information come have a look over at the vaping community on Reddit.

VIP electronic cigarette e liquid 10ml bottles for £2 each
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Posted 16th Dec 2014Posted 16th Dec 2014
VIP electronic cigarette e liquid 10ml bottles for £2 each£2
Got this emailed through and ordered some myself. 10ml bottles of eliquid for £2 per bottle. Normally pay about £10 for 30ml so a good deal. Good quality liquid too.

sure it's a Sony bt60 (I think). Not at home at the moment but I think it's that one


Vape inc is the place to buy. Free p/p Any some really cool gear.


nice find


Can I ask which sound bar you added to your blaupunkt as I have the same TV & size and am in the market for a decent soundbar. Cheers


I vape 0% Nicotine e-Liquid.. I just enjoy vaping :-)

E-Liquid clearance deal at VIP
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Posted 11th Dec 2014Posted 11th Dec 2014
E-Liquid clearance deal at VIP£2
Received an email from VIP electronic cigarettes, they have clearance deals on a large range of e-liquid at just £2 a bottle! This is the cheapest I've seen so I ordered 11 which g… Read more

thanks never knew about £1 e liquid so have given that a try


Comment Oh!


Its not some, its one...... Margarita.


Comment Had some for £1 on the site too... Weird flavours though!


Comment Not sure where they are made but VIP are one of the first to enter the market and one of the biggest players too. They also held the first vaping tv ad in the UK!

VIP photon electric cigarette £19.99. Quit now!!!!!
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Posted 24th Dec 2013Posted 24th Dec 2013
VIP photon electric cigarette £19.99. Quit now!!!!!£19.99
Photon Express Kit Online Special Price £19.99 instead of £31.99 You Save £12! Photon Express Kit - Looking for a premium e-liquid tank model at the best price? The Photon Express… Read more

pretty ordinary price for a single setup i would advise you get a kit with two batteries so you dont run out of charge i swapped from smoking to ecigs nearly three years ago and have never looked back SO much healthier option to smoking with 1.3 million britons already switched


looks like a crack pipe ;)


aany codes??


This is half the price direct than the stores. Good quality battery too. I've not had a real cig since buying it.