Virgin Media broadband - 30mb for £18.33/month - £75 account credit and £74 quidco!! using discount voucher codes @ Virgin Media

Virgin Media broadband - 30mb for £18.33/month - £75 account credit and £74 quidco!! using discount voucher codes @ Virgin Media

Found 15th Jul 2013
Use code VC45OFF at checkout!!

30mb works out at £18.33 (over 18 months)
60mb works out at £23.33 (over 18 months)

Free super fast box and fitting too (normally £49.95)

I've just ordered the 60mb package, fitting 30/7

Ditching my Sky phone and broadband (although keeping their TV service)

Expires today!!
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quidco showing £38

how you getting that figure?
without that code broadband only
6 months @ 11.25 =67.50
12 months @ 22.50 = 270
Sub total = £337.50
- £38 quidco = £229.50
/ 18months = 16.64 per month

which seems a better deal than you have mentioned.

do you oh have working blink to this offer as unless it includes line rental as well a TV that price it's a cold deal.

with line rental, account credit and quidco best I can get It to is £26.28 per month average over the 18 months.
60MB deal that I have ordered:
6 months @ 9.75 =£58.50
12 Months @ 19.50 = £234
Line rental 18@14.99 =£269.82
Total over 18 months = £562.32 - £30 - £45 - £71.25 (Quidco)
£30 account credit and £45 extra (with code VC45OFF)

Total Cost = 416.07 / 18 = £23.11

Link to quidco:…ia/ - Expires in a day!!!!

Link to Virgin…tml

Select broadband and phone, they automatically add £30 credit to your account and then put VC45OFF in promo box on right for additional £45 credit.

OK description says broadband not and phone, so was unsure what the deal was

plus quidco unlikely to pay out the £71 if you use a code for £45 that isnt on their site

Id prefer the £71 over the 45 to be honest. good if works but unlikely
Quidco has tracked already :-)
Quidco states they wont pay out when a voucher code used. It may track but will be declined.
Excellent BB service if on cable.
Not too fussed, just got my account setup and £75 credit showing immediately, no quidco waiting needed :-)
Did a bit of fiddling around and:

VC55OFF also works for a further 10 quid off hehe
Also phone up and pay your line rental up front (£120 for 12 months). Saving a further £60 over the 12 month period.
Just an update £71.25 cash back via Quidco - RECEIVED!!!
thanks still appears to be working for £45 credit so might use this
VC45OFF is still working ...please unexpire!
I know I used it for my Father last week
Worked for me. This code has not expired! (30th Jan 2014)
Cashback has also been increased to £70 which works as I have just got mine tracked and confirmed (Quidco premier member)
Code still working on 12th feb but i got £95 credit added to bill £50 from virgin deal and £45 from code got 60mb broadband with m line rental free install brilliant thanks
Still working!
Tcb tracked in 20 mins! And also got broadband for £4 a month for 6 months! Go through uswitch first, then add to basket, got I checkout, then open a new tab and go through topcashback and it will stay in your basket!
@kavilgajipra Which TCB link did you use?

None of the current ones seem particularly useful to me:
* Get up to £100 extra off on Collections £76.76
* Red Hot Sale – up to £54 off a month for 6 months plus up to £100 extra off on Collections £76.76
* Essential Collection – Just £15 a month for 6 months plus £75 extra off £76.76
* Starter Collection – Just £10 a month for 6 months £76.76
* 6 months Free Netflix plus Free Installation on Collections plus up to £100 extra off £76.76
* 12 months half price on Superfast 30Mb Broadband + Phone plus £50 extra off £57.57
* 30Mb Broadband with a Sim Card for just £30 a month £28.78
* £5 off for 3 months on Superfast Fibre Optic Broadband on its own £28.78
Wowww VC45OFF works Now as well...I used it today (8th March) for my new Virgin account and would have paid £51.98 without this voucher, but with this voucher now paying only £6.98.

Thanks for sharing.
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