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Nothing can go wrong with a glass of good wine. Virgin Wines, an award winning online drink retailer, offers a vast selection of wine, from which customers can pick and choose. Buyers can find Virgin Wines' regularly-released discount codes on HotUKDeals. How to redeem Virgin Wines (Virginwines) vouchers

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12 bottles + FREE Perez Cruz Carmenere Malbec worth £24.99, 2x Schott Zwiesel wine glasses and Woodpecker wine aerator @ Virgin Wines
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Posted 19th OctPosted 19th Oct
FOR NEW OR EXISTING ACCOUNT HOLDERS WITHOUT A WINE CLUB This case is packed full of 12 bottles of exceptional wine for JUST £4.99 a bottle - That's a whopping 51% - and we’ve also… Read more

Surprised this ones so cold given the Laithwaites one, but I think the Liathwaites deal has had added popularity because it stacks with some other cashback offers (certainly made that one a better deal for me!)


I actually read that too, but the postage didn't come up at checkout. I wonder if its because effectively your entering a wine plan (which gives you access to free P&P)...? Would be interested to hear if any others have got free postage.


Didn't go for it, was going off the terms Just as you expected, terms and conditions apply: UK Delivery only. You must be 18 years of age or over to purchase alcohol. Strictly one promotional case per customer. Offer is unavailable to existing Discovery Wine Club members. P&P is £7.99 at checkout. ;) Fair play if you got away with it.


How interesting...did u get charged postage? I didnt...


+postage £7.99 needs to be added to title.

14 bottles of wine £60.96 delivered 11 x McGuigan Black Label Red & 3 x Enredada Syrah Bonarda @ Virgin wines - New members
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Posted 31st JanPosted 31st Jan
14 bottles of wine £60.96 delivered 11 x McGuigan Black Label Red & 3 x Enredada Syrah Bonarda @ Virgin wines - New members£60.96
Virgin wines have £50 off your first order over £110, the cheapest red wine was £7.69 I think so you could get 14 bottles (you’d have to pick one dearer bottle to get it just over… Read more

Done. Thanks for posting. Great deal. Probably not for the Lambrini or bargin booze drinkers


Yes quick email and it's done and confirmed by return


Ah but it’s so easy to cancel


I think it's cold because Virgin wines is a subscription


No idea I thought it was a bargain 😩

Money Saving Expert deal--6 Bottles of Virgin Wine delivered for £29.94 via Virgin Wines ( Wine bank scheme, New customers)
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Posted 17th Dec 2020Posted 17th Dec 2020
Money Saving Expert deal--6 Bottles of Virgin Wine delivered for £29.94 via Virgin Wines ( Wine bank scheme, New customers)£29.94 Free P&P Free
£5 a bottle -This is MSE deal for new customers(easy to signup a new email). 6 Bottles of Virgin Wine(red/white/mixed).Wine bank scheme. Can cancel the account if you call and canc… Read more

Totally understand. But hukd is full of people who will exploit a great opening offer and shamelessly walk away from the following offerings. I had pondered the offer myself. Seems it's hot for the first box, but cold for the rest.


Its a fair comment. But I wouldn't do this if my analysis of their marketing techniques to attract new customers with a good initial offering and then progressively degrade the offering, is correct, because it is a bit disingenuous. In addition, on this particular offer, a garnacha is in the mix, which was one of the poor choices in my last box. Lastly, there are some good supermarket offers (not the big brand names) if you use the 25% discounts for 6 bottles. I'd balance this by re-stating that that my initial box was excellent and way better than the average 5--6 bottle from Tesco.


at 5quid a bottle from Virgin Wines, hardly surprising it's cold... you can get nice bottles of wine (equal to these) in any supermarket for 5 quid... was better in Tesco the other day, when buying more than 6 bottles £5+ got you 25% off too...


Because you have to join a wine club and ring up and have an awkward conversation with someone. Also, I order plenty of wine from Laithwaites cheaper than this when combining their 40OFF code with % money back deals from Santander/Amex


Voted cold, but.. The initial box was brilliant and they were easy to deal with to cancel. So my question would be, if you could get this deal as a new customer, and then cancel future orders, would you not take the deal?

£50 Off A Wine case - E.G 12 Bottles of Mixed Wine for £62.00 via Virgin Wines
-141° Expired
Posted 24th Jul 2020Posted 24th Jul 2020
£50 Off A Wine case - E.G 12 Bottles of Mixed Wine for £62.00 via Virgin Wines£62 Free P&P Free
Use your £50 voucher towards a whopping discount on a mixed, red, or white introductory case below - all at just £5.82 a bottle including your voucher – and we’ll have it delivered… Read more

Make it 20 crimes for making this wine!


I thought it was £50 off a £62 spend (lol) I’m a dreamer (lol)


Sainburys are doing 25% off 6 bottles from the 30th. 19 crimes is down to about £5 a bottle with double discounting and there's a few other decent wines already on offer for double discount.


Second, they do not stock ANY new Zealand Pinot Grigio. I might have a voucher for £50 but I cannot find anything decent to spend it on


These guys are a joke. They say that New Zealand wine has not been around long; I was drinking it 50 plus years ago. .

£100 off PLUS 2 Free Bottles at Virgin Wine - Obscenely Huge Reds Case £128.88
-100° Expired
Posted 10th Jun 2020Posted 10th Jun 2020
£100 off PLUS 2 Free Bottles at Virgin Wine - Obscenely Huge Reds Case £128.88
You can get up to £100 off red wine plus two free bottles. First click this link for the £100 off red wine bundle. There are other selections on this link with a lower denomina… Read more
Get deal*Get deal*

I had an introductory box from VW a couple of months back and all the wines were really good, including the Black Pig mentioned above. I've recently had another mixed red box which has been quite disappointing, certainly no better than a careful supermarket selection. I'm going to give them one last go then cancel the subscriptions if the choices are mediocre. Just looked at the selection. The Perez Cruz is top quality.


I agree. I’m sad I missed the magnum on Laithwaites for some of the 12 bottle offers as Santander are doing 20% cashback at the moment as well.


Only the prize seems great the last few years


Be better off getting 12 Rex mundi,Cabalie,black stump and a free magnum delivered for £90 imho. So for that reason I’m out on this occasion sorry op


With lots of us having to spend a significant amount of time cooped up at home, having a well-stocked wine rack will be more important than ever, and we’ll be delighted to bring some much needed enjoyment to your doorstep! Use your £20 VOUCHER on any wines you like - just pop 12 or more bottles into your basket, with a minimum value of £99.48 and we'll deduct the £20 there and then. What are you waiting for? Get cracking!

Virgin Wines mixed or white wine case - 12 bottles now £126.88 delivered
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Posted 21st Apr 2020Posted 21st Apr 2020
Virgin Wines mixed or white wine case - 12 bottles now £126.88 delivered£126.88
I know these aren't cheap, but I have been buying from them for quite some time and the quality is generally very good. This red selection is nothing but outstanding. Featuring bi… Read more
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nothing to do with Virgin, haven't been for years, I'm a member of the wine club, Reds are superb and delivery service is generally next day, I really cannot fault them.


With £60 voucher this is not a bad deal


Oh the good old days when we used to get 12 bottles of wine from virgin for £2 delivered


I have tried half the wines in the OP's post and they were very good. Although I think that they are worth about what the discounted price is now. I have no issues buying from VW, the staff there need their jobs as well as anyone else. Same with Virgin Airlines, everyone needs a job. What RB does or does not do is irrelavent.


How did you find this! Have you got a link Thanks

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6 bottles of wine and 2 glasses £29.99 delivered at Virgin Wines
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Posted 12th Dec 2019Posted 12th Dec 2019
6 bottles of wine and 2 glasses £29.99 delivered at Virgin Wines£29.99
6 exceptional wines ready to enjoy this Christmas for just £29.99. There's a classic French red, refreshing Italian Pinot Grigio and more, all perfect for the festive season! PLUS … Read more
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Hmm I ordered this before Christmas at the deal price of £29.99. I was randomly charged £25 today on my PayPal to Virgin Wines. Not sure what is going on... AHH, I was signed up to a 'WineBank' service. Cancelled and refunded now


Do we become a member of wine bank if we use this offer?


Thank you 8)


I am a member of the wine club and have ordered with out any prob


Offer ends 15/12/19

6 Bottles Of Wine with FREE Next Day Delivery + £10 Grüum Voucher £27 at Virgin Wines (Virginwines)
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Posted 21st Nov 2019Posted 21st Nov 2019
6 Bottles Of Wine with FREE Next Day Delivery + £10 Grüum Voucher £27 at Virgin Wines (Virginwines)£27
6 Bottles Of Wine with FREE Next Day Delivery + £10 Grüum Voucher. Plus £10 Grüum Voucher.

So after you order you can cancel straight away ?


Yes just cancel after you place the order.


This is a subscription. I ordered then had email sent to say I was a member of wine bank. Went on live chat and cancelled


G8. Ordered red wine.. they come handy for festival season..


I took the recent wunto offer similar price but mixed case. I cancelled by going on webchat done in 5 minutes no fuss.

50% ON 6 LUXURIOUS WINES Plus FREE glasses, delivery & £10 Glossybox voucher!
35° Expired
Posted 14th Nov 2019Posted 14th Nov 2019
Had this emailed to me today from Glossybox. For Glossybox members (I'm not subscribed so assuming you don't need to be receiving the box to get the offer) Can be 6 bottles of red… Read more

Works on new email addresses with all other details (name, address, dob, telephone) being the same.


It is subscription based for winebank, just cancel after order arrives.


All fixed, maybe, but I've just had a few wines and I really fancy ordering some elf makeup. (horror)


Gone for the mixed case. Thanks OP. Doesn't seem to be a subscription although Paypal requested automatic authorisation for future purchase. Will cancel that once the wine arrives.


New Virgin Wine customers only...

8 bottles of wine - £36 with free delivery from Virgin Wines
-156° Expired
Posted 26th Oct 2019Posted 26th Oct 2019
8 bottles of wine - £36 with free delivery from Virgin Wines£36
Red, white or mixed. Free next day delivery included. These are decent mid range wines, definitely worth the £4.50 each. Don't need to have a Three number but remember to cancel t… Read more

£3.79 v £4.50. 71p over 8 bottles not really that grim is it especially when we are talking about something as subjective as wine? Anyway, seems most agree with you but at least a few folks got some decent bottles one way or another. Cheers!


Thank you appreciated


Just the code TV40 which knocks £40 off an order of 12 or more bottles and the AMEX pay £75 get £20 back offer. So I added one of the 12 bottle mixed overstock deals on Laithwaites and 3 of the overstocked Portuguese Reds @ £6.99 a bottle. Came to £76.85 using the TV40 and then £56.85 with the Amex offer. You can use different wines to get it to £75 exactly therefore costing £55 exactly.


Could you advise the offer you did to get this ?


Could you advise the offer you did to get this ?