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Free online courses at vision2learn
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Posted 6th Apr 2018Posted 6th Apr 2018
Free online courses at vision2learn
I had an email with a few level 2 courses including IT, customer service, nutrition and a few others. Seems different to the shaw academy ones so might be of use to somebody sorry … Read more

I did ;) still have one now. I've never not had one, I'm 30


Fully agree, having completed 3 courses with V2L I can highly recommend them 8)


I might sign up for one or two myself. Possibly the IT and the business admin ones. Im not sure if these can qualify you as a student too so that you can get an NUS card?


Great site, I've done 2 courses with them before and will hopefully be doing another soon. You get a proper certificate out of it too.

Free! Level 1 and level 2 courses, with certificates and can get you an NUS card!
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Posted 17th Mar 2018Posted 17th Mar 2018
Free! Level 1 and level 2 courses, with certificates and can get you an NUS card!
Vision2Learn offer 13 Level 1 and Level 2 courses which are nationally recognised and you get a certificate at the end of it, free of charge! You can even get an NUS card by studyi… Read more

No problem, your welcome, continue as normal - eg. without the Amazon live chat method on-tow. (Because of possible similar red flag reasons to that what you've already stated above - as quite rightly, you never really know, lol). :-)


So you don't know then (lol)


Thanks. I have a one year NUS with the first six months on a free Amazon Student Prime trial plus an extra month for a late delivery leaving five months of NUS when the trial ends. So I want to sign up for a year at £39. Pretty sure it should work out fine if it's a single payment. I don't want to use Amazon Chat as it may alert them to a possible issue and have account flagged.


I'm sure this Is one where If you miss the deadline or do not complete it you get charged



Free courses
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Posted 24th Nov 2017Posted 24th Nov 2017
Free courses
• Lean Organisation Management Techniques Level 2 • Business and Administration Level 2 • Essential IT skills Level 2 • Nutrition and Health Level 2 • Equality and Diversity Leve… Read more

Hey frees trees and some employers just see a certificate and don’t read them properly heck I had a interview were they saw a binder full of papers and just assumed they were al certificates lol


I have lots of free time and I would love to do more learning, but for some reason I can't be bothered or don't have motivation, any suggestion anyone?


This should qualify you for an NUS extra card as well!


Worth noting that this is only available to people living in England.... Unfortunately...


I lost most of my eye sight 2 years ago, I've had an op recently and it's slowly returning. Big 50 next year so need to add more skills to my basket. Worth a go for free, thanks for the post.

free government funded study at home course and dont forget to get your NUS card vision2learn
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Posted 19th Apr 2016Posted 19th Apr 2016
free government funded study at home course and dont forget to get your NUS card vision2learn
Over 30,000 learners find success online with us each year You're more likely to pass with us – over 94% of our learners do! One-to-one personalised tutor support throughout your c… Read more
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Be truthful Kayote Lifting heavy weights affects people in different ways. Once you became Mr Olympia you became excited.There was no containing you, your loud farts put a couple of your friends in hospital with perforated eardrums, as a loose canon you should carry a public warning on your head telling people to keep their distance.


Thanks for posting. I've been waiting for the essential IT skills level 2. I had signed up to be notified when the course becomes available but no emails as yet. I just saw this post and thought I'd check on the off chance and I was able to apply. Thanks for the reminder.


Thanks, I will look them over and see what I would like to take up. Heat added.



how do you get the nus card? the place of study 'vision2learn' isn't recognised. thanks!

Study online for Level 2 courses from home for free
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Posted 30th Mar 2015Posted 30th Mar 2015
Study online for Level 2 courses from home for free
If you're looking to update your CV with a new qualification, why not check out the free online courses available from vision2learn ( They're on… Read more
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Cheers OP


Ah, divided by a common language.... them pesky wee prepositions. English students is ambiguous : origin (from) v. subject matter (of)


looking at doing a Personal training course so have signed up to nutrition course to support that - thanks :-)


Very cool OP, thanx. :-)


? Huh? .. English Students pay £9000 for ALL your aforementioned regardless?!, so ..... :-(

Funded Bussiness and Administration level 2 course @ vision2learn
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Posted 4th Sep 2014Posted 4th Sep 2014
Funded Bussiness and Administration level 2 course @ vision2learn
I've just finished my health and nutrition course and found them excellent. Already applied for this. Shared Via The HUKD App For Android.
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I'd totally forgotten about all of these 'people' ..... thanx for that OP + everyone ..... lol. :-)


How long does it take to finish the course?



do they do any spelling courses?


More free, accredited courses: (8 courses) Basically these three places have everything, and there are other places that offer the same courses as well, some of them in partnership with Vision2learn, so when you apply via Vision2learn you may be allocated to one of these colleges: - click on Distance Learning

free government funded study at home courses and dont forget to get your NUS card
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Posted 6th Apr 2014Posted 6th Apr 2014
free government funded study at home courses and dont forget to get your NUS card
ideal to study at your own pace in your time at home. no former qualification needed If you're aged 19+ and live in England you can: Achieve a work-related qualification accredit… Read more
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does this still work?


How long does it take to get amazon discount after applying? Why can't you order a three year one?


it did make me wonder what happened on a level 1 tho...


well if you are happy doing it then good for you. I did an NCFE 2 and it was a waste of time as my dog could have passed it :) it gives a piece of paper to people tho so it's something to put up on the wall in the toilet.


cheers op

Free online courses @ vision2learn! (England only)
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Posted 9th Mar 2014Posted 9th Mar 2014
Free online courses @ vision2learn! (England only)
Free courses: *NCFE Level 2 Certificate for Nutrition and Health *NCFE Level 2 Certificate in the Principles and Preparations for Coaching Sport *Level 2 Certificate in Customer Se… Read more
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hi,this looks very interesting and need to do more studying etc do you know what this entails when they ring please? ' You will then be contacted via telephone for a short eligibility check to ensure that the course is suitable for you.'


i received my paperwork a couple of weeks ago for the customer service course but was dubious but think i will have ago. How long do you have to complete the course


i am doing health and social care and to be honest i am struggling. the tutor is of no use.


vision2learn is fantastic did a couple of courses with them heat added


I done the L2 sports coaching course and although I had a lot of issues with the resources and my marks being sent back because of how they worded the question (asking one thing but wanting another). All in all I now have a L2 qual for free so.. P.s. You can do these courses as quick as you like, a day even.

Free Level 2 Qualifications, 7 Subjects, For England residents only
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Posted 22nd Aug 2013Posted 22nd Aug 2013
Free Level 2 Qualifications, 7 Subjects, For England residents only
It has been posted before and got very good responses for members. The last post on this expired so I am posting again so that anybody wants a free Level 2 qualification can be ben… Read more

No, it's all done online. There aren't exams as such, just assessments at the end of each module which are more like part of the coursework as you can refer as much as you want to the course content.


Where do you take the exams? Do you not have to go to college or centre to take these?


I've just completed the Business and Admin course, I know some people are saying you can do them really fast, depends on your free time but I was done in about 3 months and that was just working on it usually at weekends as I work fulltime and am also a carer for someone with a mental health condition. My tutor was really helpful and I didn't feel any pressure to go any quicker than I already was.


will be giving this a try :) thanks


Anyone know how long it takes for them to get in contact I submitted my request at the beginning of the week.

Free courses online @ Vision2Learn. Nationally-accredited Level 2 qualifications
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Posted 16th Oct 2012Posted 16th Oct 2012
Free courses online @ Vision2Learn. Nationally-accredited Level 2 qualifications
This has been posted before, but I wanted to remind anyone who could find it helpful, plus there are more courses available. Register today as spaces might be limited, the website … Read more

4years? ****. That's quite long.


You also have to be living in the UK for longer than 4 years. The courses are dull but its easy and you only have to spend like an hour a week and you'll be done in ~1-2 month(s).


You also need to be prepared to be bored sh** as the material is so dull.


Thank you. Also you need to be resident for at least 3 years.


Just for anyone interested - England only and you have to be over 19. Heat added - good deal.