Voucher code through "Secret Link" page on UK2.net-£5

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I used UK2 for my works registration and mail boxes when we first started. Wasn't at all happy about their level of customer service. Ended up changing to ]Oneandone. The transfer was a nightmare with UK2 not doing a good job of it.

1&1 have been great. Such a difference, like chalk and cheese.

DNS Management
For greater control of your Domain Name. Be able to change the details of your domain, subdomains and nameservers. + £16.99

has anyone used them before ?
do you have any dns control for free?
domain name for £1 for 2 years is well cheap i just want to buy and change nameservers to my server and forget.

FWIW, ignoring the cloak and dagger link - there's another £5 UK2 link already posted. Not a bad thing to have two though.

My experience of UK2 has been 100% great. I'm highly technical so any queries that go to them are well fleshed out with full instructions so they don't screw up, so your mileage may vary. I've had a dedicated server and a lot of DNS with them for the past 2 years.
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