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Wagamama Discount Codes

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Wagamama is a popular restaurant brand that has outlets all over the country. The concept was inspired by Japanese noodle bars and flavours and has been offering exciting casual dining experiences to visitors since it was founded in 1992. Book a table closest to you by entering your post code or selecting the required region. The restaurant website provides all the information you need about the menus, take-out options, events, group bookings, shop and more.

All Wagamama Voucher & Promo Codes for October 2018

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More Info Wagamama 2 4 1 voucher with ODEON Printworks Manchester

Thanks! Been tonight.

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More Info 241 at all Wagamama Restaurants- Mens health Magazine!

Thanks Ianero and duckmagicuk2, went last night to the one in Newcastle, there were four of us they accepted the vouchers no problems and there were a couple next to us who had one as well! Had a lovely meal, ended up costing 12.50 each but we had 4 mains, 2 side dishes and 2 deserts plus drinks! Bargain!


Hi all....any luck on getting a pdf of the page.....my work firewall is stopping this due to provocative attire!!! Good post though....am hoping for lunch there today.... Thanks


We were fine too, eight of us went. Was actually REALLY nice. Thanks OP.


Nice find


Would someone be able to post a PDF printout of the page please? Our work firewall is blocking it!

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More Info 2 for 1 main meals @ Wagamama - Newcastle, Reading, London Victoria, or Milton Keynes.

thanks :)


thanks for this been waiting for a wagamama voucher for a while. Love the place!!


this is for python5 re his comment on the bristol offer

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More Info 2 for 1 main meals @ Wagamama BRISTOL
Buy one get one free on main meals at wagamama Bristol. http://www.wagamama.com/showvoucher/NTk1/ Only at the Bristol restaurant...

Has anyone got vouchers for wagamama in bournemouth


MANCHESTER link is here: ]http://www.wagamama.com/showvoucher/Nzk3/ You can just change the number after the "Nzk" to get different ones too...


lol well that's just as well, they don't allow sportswear in restaurants down south. :roll:


I live in Newcastle and would prefer not to goto Bristoll. lol Cold

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Their food is overpriced IMO, and the Nottingham one is getting much worse now, had to wait 15 minutes between me getting my meal, and my OH getting hers (I'd basically finished my meal before she even started). And when it did turn up the quality wasn't anywhere near as good as it was a couple years ago. I also had to literally SHOUT at the waitresses to get their attention, even when they were standing right next to me, and any requests for drinks took far too long. I'll vote hot as for £4-5 per person with free green tea it's still good value (and certainly better than a fast food meal at that price), but I'd never go there full price again.


Their food is decently priced. However, for those living in London, there's a Wagamama-style Asian restaurant called Cha Cha Moon that opened a few months ago. Most of the reviews are very polarized (either hate it or love it), but having been there many times I have to say the food tastes just as good as that from Wagamamas, but each dish is only £3.50, compared to the £7/8+ at Waga!


Love it! - will be definately using this. Thanks very much. Rep added


Nope but the credit crunch means people aren't eating out so much. I haven't eaten out in ages without a bogof!


Thanks! The previous 241 @ wagamama expired 2 weeks ago. Is their food so overpriced?!?

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More Info Free dessert at Wagamama when you buy any main meal

yum yum

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More Info Buy one get one free on all main meals @ Wagamamas...
Does what it says on the tin! Valid at all Wagamamas across the UK. Just print off the voucher and off you go! Only valid until the 10th of August.

Just used this voucher! thanks SO much!


it's not fair! Don't live near any Wagamamas. Don't even know where the nearest one is.


That is the link if you want to become a member, otherwise you can go directly to the voucher by clicking 'Use voucher'. http://www.wagamama.com/members/home/


I cannot find this link to register. Where is it? Also, how would they know if you are a member or not?


Mmmmmmmmmm.....Wagamams here I come

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More Info Free side dish with every main meal @ Wagamamas.
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More Info 2 for 1 on main meals at Wagamamas

They took it no problems. I had the Teriyaki Steak Soba - yum!


reduce the size mate! i print it this morning 2 copies and used it today.....


I just printed mine and it's huge, A4 sized, looks a bit odd. Hopefully they accept it tonight though.


good and thanks


Voted HOT! Even though I don't have one nearby, but the food is soo good.

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More Info 2 for 1 voucher @ Wagamama (some London branches only)

Thanks for the feedback with this voucher :) I haven't tried using it yet but will give it a go as there is no mention in the T&Cs that you need to show Soho Gym membership card. Will report back results!


Im in Leeds and went there last week, had the Cha Han rice dish with some Gyoza, very nice. There was talk of a 2 for 1 voucher on MSE email but when I signed up couldnt find it


Be careful with this one, and check you can use it before you splash out. This extract from MSE might save you a bit of cash: I have just eaten at Wagamama's in Covent Garden and we were allowed to use the internet printed vouchers - there were 10 of us and we used 5 printed vouchers (2 for 1 on main meal) The waiter that seated us said these were "fake" vouchers as someone had done something illegal on the internet but they would honour them that week. When it became time to pay, our waitress was quite snippy about it as I think they possibly have the right to be, but they still let us use them. I think it has made them very busy which is why they were accepting them as everyone seemed to have them. We managed to get about £40 off £155 total meal price but they still had 10 people eating and drinking who would have gone to Loch Fyne instaed if not for the deal so I don't think they can really complain!! Forewarned is forearmed - just check whether they will take them first and if you are a member of Soho Gym then take your membership card because then you can definately use them!!


Voucher says you need to be a member of Soho gyms and a selective few in London. Not brilliant deal, but good find anyway.


Link is working again now!

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More Info 2 for 1 at wagamamas

I used this voucher (3 printouts of it) the other day in birmingham and everything worked fine, was a great meal and this is a really hot deal!


printed! Cheers! x


Double Post! https://www.hotukdeals.com/item/193940/2-for-1-wagamama/ Sorry Op!


Agreed!!!!! Why is this not boiling hot? This is worth getting on a train and going to the nearest city that has one!!!!! Heat & Rep to the Op!


WHAY COLD!!? All you have to do is print the page and take it to your local UK Wagamama. voted HOT

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More Info BOGOF (241) Meals at Wagamama (All Restaurants*) ENDS Sunday 27th April!

******************Just a reminder: this offer expires at the weekend - Sunday 27th April *********************


whats the tastiest stuff to get from wagamamas ??? Im only going cos its half priced - from the online menu it looks a bit over priced


Mmmmmm!!!! Chilli beef RAMEN!! :thumbsup: One day I will get bored of this and try something new on the menu! :-D


That's great. Voted Hot!


Thanks, heat added!

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More Info Free drink, side dish, dessert (depending on location) - Wagamama
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More Info Wagamama 2 4 1

Fantastic deal, just a bit too late...


Finishes today? Urm, great?

50% off
50% off 2-for-1 at Wagamama this Saturday - all of UK

Yum! Just got back from Wagas - saved £15 on the bill for 4 people, and got back in time for DS to watch the rugby! :thumbsup:


Thanks OP....(^_^)


yeahhhh great thanks! FLAME ON!

50% off
50% off 2 for 1 on main meals at Wagamama

It's only BOGOF in three of the branches listed above! The rest are a mixture of 1 free side to share (when paying for two main meals), a free dessert, bottle of wine or juice. :-(


done now :)


I am so sorry...yes it is 01/07/07. How can I modify it ? can you please ? thanks.


You have put the wrong end date & is now showing as expired ;-) Guess the expiry is 1st July.

50% off
50% off 2-for-1 main meals at wagamama back again (select restaurants)

They do tend to leave a gap of several weeks before providing vouchers again. I didn't expect any this week but they are back with various offers and they do change the list. Remembering to look is the problem.:roll: This week..... borough / london bridge....brighton....canterbury....croydon....glasgow....haymarket....kensington....kingston upon thames....leeds....manchester spinningfields....mansion house....newcastle....nottingham....putney....reading....richmond....soho, london....solihull....victoria(london).... wimbledon....windsor


It IS back again as they stopped doing it for a couple of months.


this happens every week and has done for ages? its not really a 'back again'. kind of no need really cos it will just be posted again and again each week?

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More Info Wagamama 2 for 1 main meals voucher

#24 Front Chilli beef ramen #49 Back Chilli chicken men http://farm1.static.flickr.com/200/511071528_deda5ac7b3_b.jpg West Regent Street Glasgow Plus Ichiban!


it will, but i tried the bull ring on a thursday evening at about 19.00 and there was about twenty people queuing waiting to be seated, place was packed so i gave up, obviously a popular offer.


yes it will.


will this work in birmingham or solihull


We've gone out from the office for lunch 3 times so far this month using this offer. Thanks (Rep added)

Newest Wagamama Discount Codes:

DiscountDiscount DetailsExpires
% offWagamama 2 4 1 voucher with ODEON Printworks Manchester23/08/2009
% off241 at all Wagamama Restaurants- Mens health Magazine!4/04/2009
% offWagamama Birmingham 2 for 1 voucher2/02/2009
% off2 for 1 main meals @ Wagamama - Newcastle, Reading, London Victoria, or Milton Keynes.19/11/2008
% off2 for 1 main meals @ Wagamama BRISTOL18/02/2009