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£10 Discount
£10 Discount
£10 off at wahl.co.uk (Min Spend £30 - cannot be used on sale items)
Valid for £10 off of your purchase at wahl.co.uk. Valid for 1 use per user. Cannot be used on sale items. Cannot be used with other discount codes. Minimum spend of £30 to redeem. … Read more

I recommend the corded Super Taper if it's still about. It's professional level and likely to cost a bit more than the average consumer one. Cuts through any hair like butter. Bought mine 13 years ago and still like new. Get some good oil for the blades when the included stuff runs out. Price I paid back then was £52.99.

-15% Discount
-15% Discount
Wahl discount - maybe account specific - via email to me recently - 15% Off With Code
Dear customer, In the last few weeks we have experienced an unprecedented demand for our products and we have received an incredibly high volume of orders and enquiries. We’ve h… Read more

Still works 8)


Already posted https://www.hotukdeals.com/vouchers/wahl-discount-3508754

-15% Discount
-15% Discount
Wahl 15% discount
Recently bought clippers, and they've now sent me a discount code. Don't know if it's valid only for certain customers.

I use Taper for beard too, it is much bulky but it shortens well without pulling (my cheap trimmer pulls!). Still need to finish it of with small one e.g. moustache etc.


For me the beard is a problem. Cheap philips cant take and lift evenly. I saw that barbers have metal nozzles which are not much firmer and not flimsy as plastic.


Hello, looks like super taper is closest to what I have. Since it states bulk removal it guarantees a good level of motor. I wasted my money on stuff available to non-pros. Pro items are well worth the money. They go through the number of cuts that I do in a year probably in few days. While checking latest items I noticed people talking about fake ones so please be careful.


Hi. Which one you would buy now? I am looking for good ones, because my old philips series 5000 is duying. Could buy another crap in Tesco, but better to get pro quality...


Thank you, just saved me £17

-10% Discount
-10% Discount
Wahl stock now available and 10% voucher code
I had been after a hair trimmer but Wahl was out of stock. Now lots back in stock and voucher code for 10% off. You also get free delivery.

Can’t fault delivery times; said 9 days and came in 4. My issue lies with missing comb attachments! I emailed them and have had no reply for 3 working days.


Finally managed to complete an order on Wahl's site after weeks of products showing as available only to be out of stock when added to your basket. Fingers crossed it's delivered within the projected 7 days.


Bagged myself the Deluce Chromepro last night.... looks like a nice set. £42 to destroy years of proper hair cuts haha


I really hope not I thought ordering from them direct instead of third party would be better experience but never had anyone cut me of chat each time just because I’m trying to return item and would like a refund ,I even checked wiring and fuse all fine not a good first experience for me but hopefully it will be sorted but don’t think it will be anything soon .


Not good. Let's hope others and myself don't have a similar nightmare ☹

-10% Discount
-10% Discount
10% off Wahl clippers at Wahl Store
For all first time orders, all clippers include free delivery too. I imagine a fair few men will be looking to smarten up their hair at home right now!

WAHL20 worked for me the other day to get 20% discount on a £45 spend. Don't know if it has a minimum spend value on that code.


This is the make you see that is used at barbers around the country. I have an old clipper about 10 years old that I bought from TK Maxx that still cuts, although I have to be careful not to nick myself with them. Good deal, but the 20% off is even better. FIRE!


Try Veet for men but be absolutely sure to read the Amazon reviews first, and put your coffee down when you do


Practically out of stock of everything


Even hair clippers hate Leeds! We All Hate Leeds

1/3 off everything at Wahl Store using code for Black Friday
Wahl have launched a new web site with 1/3 OFF everything using code: BLACKFRIDAY

However it does say that it's everything but the barber selection I. E. Super taper takes you to other distributers where the code don't work.


It directs me to other providers of wahl and the code don't work there?


Heat (y)

-25% Discount
-25% Discount
25% Discount all orders using promotional code @ Wahl Store

Just seems to give you it automatically at the moment.


how to get free delivery?


Thanks, used it to get this deal https://www.hotukdeals.com/deals/wahl-pet-multi-cut-clipper-mains-operated-refurbished-6-with-code-wahl-1887536#post21605208


Nice one, thanks. Discount applies to refurbs too so went for the top of the pro line Icon for £20.99 with free delivery. Got the combs already from the pair I've been using for the last 20 years.

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Wahl Extreme Grip Beard and Stubble Trimmer (WAHL) £23.32 @ Wahl Store
340° Expired
Posted 16th AprPosted 16th Apr
Description 5yr Warranty The Wahl Extreme Grip Beard and Stubble Trimmer provides a secure grip and ergonomic ease with durable silicone housing. With Lithium Ion technology, the… Read more

It's about 10 years old I think, it's good enough that it still cuts.


Oh wow I take that function for granted, my vacuum still works!


I have one of those vacuum ones, the vacuum function didn't work anymore so I got a Remington vacuum but it takes forever and you have to go over the same spot again and again so I went back to the Philips with some newspaper underneath instead.


Ive had my Phillips rotary trimmer for 5yrs, left it alone for 2yrs and the battery is still charged and going strong and the blades are still sharp. They really are miles ahead of everyone else.


Thanks for posting. Your thread was selected for our Highlights section (highfive)

Wahl HomePro Basic Corded Hair Clipper Set with 4 attachment combs, and scissors £10.19 delivered @ Wahl Store
973° Expired
Posted 5th FebPosted 5th Feb
Wahl HomePro Basic Corded Hair Clipper Set with 4 attachment combs, and scissors £10.19 delivered @ Wahl Store£10.19£13.9427% off
Just £10.19 delivered using discount code: THANKYOU15 Good customer reviews for a set this price. Description Designed for easy haircutting at home, the Wahl HomePro Basic C… Read more

That code expired you can use ‘THANKYOU10’ for 10% off


THANKYOU15 doesn’t seem to work any more :-( Seems like a common code looking at previous posts... any idea to when it might be active again?


I have tbh but the price almost doubles up to 90 odd. Don't think the wifie would be happy :)


Out of stock. Expired!


Yeah the super taper is a good machine, have you thought about going cordless its so much more convenient

Wahl corded detailer refurbished - £39.99 Delivered @ Wahl Store
46° Expired
Posted 17th JanPosted 17th Jan
This is back in stock after a very long time! it has been out of stock for a while now. Very good detailer/trimmer for those home cuts. It is refurbished for those who will com… Read more

For what I've used this for so far, i feel like my ~£13 trimmer was perfectly fine for it. Based solely on the product itself, it is definitely the best one I've owned and build quality is great.


Yeah I was going to buy a new one but patiently waited for this to come back in stock. How is it have you used yours?


Got brand new one for double the price. Probs would have got this if it was available


I ordered one after posting the deal. There probably wasn’t many in stock after posting on here all gone! Worth keeping an eye out but they have been out of stock for a long time! As soon as I saw it posted it here to help someone who like me might have been looking


OOS once at checkout

Wahl Refurbished Cordless Magic Clip Hair Clippers £66.95 at Wahl Store
46° Expired
Posted 11th JanPosted 11th Jan
Wahl Refurbished Cordless Magic Clip Hair Clippers £66.95 at Wahl Store£66.95
Finally back on their site after the high demand before. Official refurbished item and includes free delivery! Faster feeding and smoother blending. Lithium Ion technology provide… Read more

(lol) (lol)


(lol) (lol)


The main difference is the price other than that they just come in a normal white box and only have 4 comb attachments instead of 8. The refurb one don't stay in stock very long at all in fact i had to keep looking at the site for a couple of months before stock was in although this could also be due to lockdown.


Has anyone purchased this magic clipper refurbished before? Can you comment on the difference to buying a brand new one?


Sold out ;(

Wahl Super Taper hair clipper (Refurbished) + Free delivery £33.84 at Wahl Store
-59° Expired
Posted 3rd Dec 2020Posted 3rd Dec 2020
Wahl Super Taper hair clipper (Refurbished) + Free delivery £33.84 at Wahl Store£33.84£5943% off
Also Magic Clip (Refurbished) £40.99 11.55% off Topcashback, altough not sure if would be granted It says refurbished but it seems like new according to the process (see below). … Read more

Thanks to @dperalj for sharing your first deal, and to members providing product feedback :)


Why cold for this deal? Just wondering as was about to order. Preferred cordless but never seen super taper cordless refurbished


Do not buy stuff like this used! However, the Super Taper is definitely worth it. I have had this for over 10 years now. I have used many consumer trimmers and they all break eventually. This is a pro-grade one. I actually went into barber shops and asked them what they use - this was the one that almost everyone recommended and had in their shop. Once you turn it on, you will understand. So, cold for this deal. But scorching for the Super Taper itself.


It says " put through an intense cleaning" and also received new blade set


So much hype for these. I bought a new pair and the blades were misaligned and had to set them up before using them. Overpriced and certainly don't feel as good as quality as one from 10 yr ago (which it replaced)

Wahl Deluxe Clipper and Trimmer - £19.99 delivered @ Wahl Store
182° Expired
Posted 28th Nov 2020Posted 28th Nov 2020
Wahl Deluxe Clipper and Trimmer - £19.99 delivered @ Wahl Store£19.99£4050% off Free P&P Free
Wahl 79305-3517W Deluxe Clipper and Trimmer set. Price includes free delivery.

I think most of the new wahl clippers are the same. The last two I bought also overheated after 10-15 minutes.


I can second this, mine overheats quickly, but still works.


Also available at Debenhams


Maybe you had a faulty one?


I had this before. Overheats like hell. Do not recommend

Wahl Homepro Basic Hair Clipper Kit with four attachment combs - £10.19 Delivered @ Wahl Store
536° Expired
Posted 31st Oct 2020Posted 31st Oct 2020
Wahl Homepro Basic Hair Clipper Kit with four attachment combs - £10.19 Delivered @ Wahl Store£10.19£11.9915% off Free P&P Free
Looks like we might need these once again as the country braces for Lockdown 2.0 sadly :( Decent price with the code THANKYOU15 - pick it up before they run out of stock. NBP ba… Read more

Ordered, thanks.


The code works also on other products as well.


Nice one just what I was after. Voted hot!




Thanks a snip at this price

Wahl HomePro Basic Corded Hair Clipper with Four attachment combs £10.19 delivered @ Wahl Store
246° Expired
Posted 13th Oct 2020Posted 13th Oct 2020
Wahl HomePro Basic Corded Hair Clipper with Four attachment combs £10.19 delivered @ Wahl Store£10.19£11.9915% off Free P&P Free
To get this price use discount code: THANKYOU15 Designed for easy haircutting at home, the Wahl HomePro Basic Clipper is a perfect first time kit without compromise on quali… Read more



Yep similar experience. Normally ok for one haircut, but more than one at a time and u need to leave it to cool down a bit. Fairly strong vibration, but I guess I was glad that the motor inside was fairly powerful compared to my old cordless one For the price though, you can't really go wrong


Not much of a discount


Got my wife's attention


Top tip, practice on the dog and the kids first

Beard Straightener Brush £16.99 @ Wahl UK
266° Expired
Posted 14th Sep 2020Posted 14th Sep 2020
Beard Straightener Brush £16.99 @ Wahl UK£16.99£19.9915% off Free P&P Free
The Wahl Beard Straightening Brush will straighten your beard’s hair without burning your skin. Description Beard Straightener Brush designed to easily smooth your beard and hair.… Read more

Yeh, the head... Which one, is up to you.


To crimp or not to crimp ....


You're Welcome.


Thx op


Turning into a bunch of tarts.

Refurbished Wahl Beretto Pro Clippers £60.59 @ Wahl Store
-152° Expired
Posted 9th Sep 2020Posted 9th Sep 2020
Refurbished Wahl Beretto Pro Clippers £60.59 @ Wahl Store£60.59 Free P&P Free
This is great price for Wahl Pro clipper. Wahl Pro is a whole other level compared to Wahl that is sold in Boots, TKmaxx etc. Note these are refurbished but I bought myself Acade… Read more

And you think it's packaged and sold as returned? Do you know what your hairdresser or barber does with theirs?


The procedure in this case is pretty minimal - wipe, new casing, new blades, test (like all products will be if they’re being re-sold). Of course, in some cases it’s more economical to sell a new one, but in this case you can see how it’s not much. I’d understand if you had this arrive and found hair all over it, but that’s not the case. These Wahl refurbs even have cases that say ‘refurbished’ to show they’ve been changed.


Wahl say they despatch on day of order. Ive ordered a Colour Pro FOUR days ago and still "processing" not even desptached


Hi @bugra101 thanks for sharing your first deal and this appears to be a decent saving compared to new and the clipper still comes with a 12 months warranty. We've also added some additional product information to your opening post. Voted hot :)


i’m sure Wahl UK is changing the blades and batteries that won’t cost the earth for the sake of hygiene. This is not some dodgy website, It’s their own. If you’re that worried never go to barber.

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