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Waltons 4x2 Shiplap Single Door Apex Wooden Garden Storage - £99.99 @ Walton Garden Buildings
237° Expired
Posted 11th Jun 2020Posted 11th Jun 2020
Waltons 4x2 Shiplap Single Door Apex Wooden Garden Storage - £99.99 @ Walton Garden Buildings£99.99
Looks solid for the price, If you can wait 10-12 weeks for delivery 10 Year Anti Rot Guarantee Pick your day and delivered free to most areas Turn Button (Butterfly Catch) Incl… Read more

LOL that just killed me!


Beat me to it, was just going to mention Chitty Chitty Bang Bang. :)


£70 delivery?


The door is hung the wrong way in the photo... so much for their claim that "Our expert fitters are fully trained."


Wet paper towel has more of a chance not being blown away

Palram 6 x10 Midnight Grey Skylight Plastic Shed £549 at Walton Garden Buildings
499° Expired
Posted 4th May 2020Posted 4th May 2020
Palram 6 x10 Midnight Grey Skylight Plastic Shed £549 at Walton Garden Buildings£549£609.9910% off Free P&P Free
Description If you’re looking for a large and secure storage unit, this Palram 6ft x 10ft Midnight Grey Skylight Plastic Shed is just the ticket. Made from lightweight, UV protecte… Read more

I wouldn't touch this with a barge pole. I had the 6x8 double.door one. Erected in September, collapsed and bent to hell by February in the winds. Panels are bent and torn despite being described as "practically indestructible". Worst purchase I've ever made and a case of style over substance. It's now in bits behind my new WOODEN shed which is much better.


Looking at the main pic for the post, would make a wonderful den for a Tron fanclub. Though it might be a tad large for that purpose. Not voting heat-wise.


Reduced to £519 on amazon 8ftx10ft - we paid £625 for the same one last week. Free delivery.


Eat some Weetabix (y)


do not buy this shed, it has issues to close the door properly when itvis windy day! Voted cool

4 x 4 Waltons Honeypot Snug Apex Wooden Playhouse - £199 @ Walton Garden Buildings
36° Expired
Posted 28th May 2019Posted 28th May 2019
4 x 4 Waltons Honeypot Snug Apex Wooden Playhouse - £199 @ Walton Garden Buildings£199
Certified by European Toy Safety Standards EN71 for ages 36 months + 10 Year Anti Rot Guarantee 12mm Interlocking Shiplap Tongue & Groove Cladding Sand Felt Included Planed… Read more

For this price it better come fully furnished.

8' x 6' Tongue & Groove Pent Wooden Shed £304.95 @ Waltons
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Posted 1st Oct 2014Posted 1st Oct 2014
8' x 6' Tongue & Groove Pent Wooden Shed £304.95 @ Waltons£304.95
Been searching for a decent garden shed and came across this 2 - 5 day lead time Free UK delivery

When it mentions Xbox one controller, doors that mean there are two in the box? As in the controller mentioned is an extra one? Sorry for such a noob question


Competitors prices Tiger Sheds - £334.99 http://www.tigersheds.com/product/tiger-shiplap-pent-shed/ Elbec - £319.98 http://www.elbecgardenbuildings.co.uk/Shire/6x8-Shire-Shiplap-Pent-Shed

8 x 6 Waltons Overlap Apex Wooden Shed deal is back FREE DELIVERY £199
442° Expired
Posted 13th May 2014Posted 13th May 2014
8 x 6 Waltons Overlap Apex Wooden Shed deal is back FREE DELIVERY £199£199
10 Year Anti Rot Promise included. The Walton’s Value Overlap Shed (8’ x 6’) is a great value storage space for your property. The apex roofs have a high roofline ideal for storin… Read more

I always cut some additional batons for the base to give a bit more support. cant fault the company on delivery and customer service though.


I've recently bought a Waltons 8x8 corner "premier" summerhouse (via Shedstore). The initial delivery was very quick (within a couple of days) and the delivery driver was very helpful in shifting the larger panels through a neighbour's garden. However one of the window panels wasn't constructed properly and was distorted enough to crack the window pane. Arranged for a replacement (via Shedstore customer support, who were very helpful - no complaints there), but Waltons decided to send the replacement panel via a TNT courier -with no protective wrapping - and by the time that got to me it was smashed to bits. It took about a month to resolve it and finally get a proper replacement. In that time I had to try and call Waltons customer support directly several times, which is pretty much impossible as either they don't answer their phones, or you get put on hold for 30+ minutes, or cut-off. Then they don't seem to know what's going on in their own place e.g they promised me one delivery which never turned up at all. There were other problems with the summerhouse too. e.g the supplied door handles were such poor quality that one just fell apart in my hands. They supplied 7.9m of (poor quality as someone else has said) roof felt, but 9.7m was required. The assembly instructions tell you to use the wrong sized screws in many places i.e. too short to actually do anything, and didn't provide enough screws or fittings. Wouldn't buy a Waltons shed/summerhouse again.


I have yet to see a shed delivered built, personally I feel part of the fun is building it but I understand it's not everyone's cup of tea.


Metal shed at same size and price (no floor). May help someone http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Arrow-Apex-Metal-Garden-Shed-8-X-6FT-/331151570246?pt=LH_DefaultDomain_3&hash=item4d1a2bf546


Utter junk, by the time you add the upgrades necessary to make this half way useful you'd be as well buying something decent!! Go to a sawmill and order a quality built shed!!

8 x 6 Waltons Overlap Apex Wooden Shed  £199.95 Free Delivery** @ Walton's
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Posted 1st Jan 2014Posted 1st Jan 2014
8 x 6 Waltons Overlap Apex Wooden Shed £199.95 Free Delivery** @ Walton's£199.95
2-3 day lead time - free delivery most places in the UK looks pretty good value RRP £309 The Walton’s Value Overlap Shed (8’ x 6’) is a great value storage space for your property… Read more

Yikes, I'd made a mental note of this thread when you posted and was impressed. I am now ready to buy my shed but boy am I glad I revisited this. Back to square one! There are some nice one's on ebay but once again I'd want something with some customer support. I think I'll try an buy local. (Bucks). Kamal


serves you right for hijacking my thread :)


Well I did recommend Urban Forest Timber Buildings but I would not now. After 9 months the roof is leaking! And I paid for a thicker roof too... And they will not fix it saying their warranty is 3 months. Clearly they do not care about consumer statutory rights.


COLD - I dont need a shed.


Very nice mate, cheers for the update

Waltons 8x6 shed £199.95 @ Walton Garden Buildings
228° Expired
Posted 23rd Dec 2013Posted 23rd Dec 2013
Waltons 8x6 shed £199.95 @ Walton Garden Buildings£199.95
I was looking somewhere to store all the Christmas pruck and found this deal for £199.95 (+ £19.99 for Northern Ireland delivery, "mainland" (i.e another UK deal not including Scot… Read more

Agreed about the overlap sheds being low quality, but at least this is straight edge timber and not the "rustic" or waney edge stuff that is truly shocking quality with big holes you can see through where it doesn't line up. I have had some good experiences with http://www.gardenbuildingsdirect.co.uk/Sale in the past with there tongue and groove sheds, everything is free delivery and the better quality flooring is definitely worth the extra over OSB sheet, but really get a sheet of marine ply or similar and make your own base is the best advice


Not Expired. Still Available.


I used to work for them, these can be odd shades of creosote and ill fitting panels which were put to one side or repaired from summer stock. The plus side is that they are, (or used to be) all wood not chipboard floors as i have seen from other manufacturers. These are also the same as have been sold by B&Q and Argos in the past


Apologies,just looked at the delivery page on site and my postcode is in the free delivery zone.


You did keep the shed inside presumably? I think that the guarantee states that it's only valid if the shed is kept flatpacked and indoors. :D

Great reductions at Waltons, sheds (metal too) , playhouses climbing frames,
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Posted 21st Apr 2008Posted 21st Apr 2008
Great reductions at Waltons, sheds (metal too) , playhouses climbing frames,
These prices are great, I have used them for a playhouse, the one with a slide £389, they include delivery, which is fast and they are very helpfull. I have had many comments about… Read more

Used waltons before and found them to be good value But now they won't let Irish customers pay in sterling but we are forced to use their Irish site which adds a whopping 25% plus onto the sterling price Anybody know any other uk sites that will ship to Ireland?


Also look on tesco direct as they do Walton sheds cheaper. i got this 6x4 shed http://www.waltons.co.uk/wooden-sheds/6-x-4/waltons-somerset-double-door-shed-4x6 from tesco for £199 were it was £235 direct from Walton


Hi, Thanks for that, i found walton again looking for a metal shed, this has great prices to compare, will be busy later measuring!, Thanks for that!!:) added to your rep!


before you buy, also check out [url]www.gardencentredirect.co.uk/[/url] some very good bargains here. recently got the billy oh lincoln overlap 8' x 6' @ £197.95 very easy to assemble. be quick though, spring sale ends today

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