Welcome offer for £70 off a dell purchase-£70

Get code & visit site135


We're sorry, the coupon code you have entered is invalid. Please check the spelling of the code and the expiration date of the coupon.

tried it in small business website for a £599+vat vostro.....

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It is for use by phone, not online

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Why is this expired? Can anyone who is phoning dell see if this works please?

I have unexpired it as it may be of use to someone, but as the poster says its only for phone orders.

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Thanks Mike

I just placed a phone order and got £70 OFF a Dell Inspiron 530. He didn't actually ask me for the discount code, and first only tried to offer me £50 off and state that I could use the £70 at a later date. Like I was really going to be spending more than £600 at Dell in the next two weeks!!
Anyway I persisted with my £70 and got lucky, thanks for posting this, as I would never have called them and just ordered online, and because of the discount it meant I got a wireless keyboard and an upgrade on memory to 3072MB and still stayed within my budget.

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You're welcome. Has anyone else had any luck?

is this code for business customers only?

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This is what I was not sure about. Judging by gadgetgirl05's post I think it must work for any dell purchase (i.e. dell home as well) when you call them.


is this code for business customers only?

It was a home computer I purchased, but as stated Phone Orders you are more likely to get a better price.

does anyone know if dell advisors work on commission? I saved a system on their online site so i could have a think and got an email from an advisor offering me money off if i paid for it outright through him.

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Cool, how much money did you save and how long was it after making the system that they emailed you?
Mike T - if you are reading do you know the answer to andreaelvis's question? I am guessing the answer is yes.

I tried using this but Dell are insisting that they have stopped all discounts! They offered me £10 off the Inspirion 1720. I'd get more cash back on Quidco so didn't go with that!

maybe its because their offering free delivery & upgraded hard drive at the moment?

Had no sooner put down the phone than I had a Dell manager on the phone trying to convince me to buy the system but still offering no further discount!

I think dell have got themselves into a bit of bother by constantly selling at near on cost price and my guess is that they have been told to increase margins and stop discounting where possible. Its been noticable in the past few weeks that the give away prices have all but vanished from the weekly dell deals and that they went to bi weekly updates to regularise pricing somewhat.
Even the pre Xmas discounted pricing I expected didnt happen this week and to leave it much longer with the extended delivery times some kit has would be foolish on their part so I think we wont see any great price dives between now and last order dates for Xmas from them.
The Vostro's were extreemly good deals and were I'm told being sold with almost no margin, they too have now increased to a more realistic price point.

Have just had another call from Dell - "just wanted to let you know that we'll be charging shipping from next week"!

They have been going for a hard sell but not offering any incentive to do so. The manager was saying unless I ordered today I wouldn't get a computer before Christmas etc. I'm not impressed with them at all, I wish I hadn't called at all! Referring to the original code in this post, they said it was a business code & he would apply it but I would be charged delivery and the memory upgrade.

Maybe I ordered at just the right time then, as I received the standard £60 discount and the additional £70 discount. However when I called them I did insist on the the additional discount.
I ordered my computer on the 14th, and it will be arriving on the 19th, so excellant delivery time so I don't think they are as busy as they are making out.

I also noted there was no pre xmas drop on prices, and noted the free upgrade they are currently offering is just re-name on discount from £600 off computers to Free delivery worth £60. So in fact you are paying some prices, but just a way of looking like you are getting an offer.

I'm looking to buy 2 Dell Inspiron 531 Machines coming to total of approximately £900, rang Dell and asked for the £70 off but they would not do it for me and asked for the offer (Discount Voucher to faxed or emailed to them). If any one this voucher as a paper copy. Could you please help me out...

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How do I add a picture? I have taken a photo of the voucher


dell offer you loads of discounts by phone i phoned in june coz i wanted xp not vista and got a much better deal.... i was worried coz i'd lose the wquidco but what i got off them more than made up so this voucher is great!

heat and rep added!

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Link added for photo of voucher: drop.io/del…her
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