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Official Harry Potter Hogwarts Commemorative 99p at Westminster Collection
Posted 15th May 2020Posted 15th May 2020
For anyone with kids who love Harry Potter, for 99p got to be worth it. I'm sure it would be ~£5 in that Harry Potter shop you have to queue to get in. Limited to 1 item(s) per h… Read more

Ordered and deleted payment option a month ago and today 4 coins and an album turned up with a demand for £23 :o . Went online checked and it said I had a subscription for it but was never asked or told. Cancel your subscription if you receive any more, even though you never entered into anything.


Another one for Trading Standards. This site needs such a button in order to pass on evidence for an investigation.


Ordered. Paid. Deleted payment details from website. No chance of them taking extra money then.


Just send me 98p and keep the penny - you'll be glad you did!


JUST £2.99 – The BRAND NEW Official Rupert Bear Collector Ingot £2.99 @ Westminster Collection
-2° Expired
Posted 30th Jun 2020Posted 30th Jun 2020
JUST £2.99 – The BRAND NEW Official Rupert Bear Collector Ingot £2.99 @ Westminster Collection£2.99 Free P&P Free
Calling all Rupert Bear fans – this is an opportunity you will not want to miss. Today, you have the chance to be one of the very first fans to collect the NEW Official Rupert Bea… Read more
2020 Battle of Britain 80th Anniversary £5 for £5 with Free Postage at Westminster Collection
71° Expired
Posted 2nd Jun 2020Posted 2nd Jun 2020
2020 Battle of Britain 80th Anniversary £5 for £5 with Free Postage at Westminster Collection£5 Free P&P Free
Own the Official Battle of Britain 80th Anniversary £5 for JUST £5 POSTFREE Specifications Country of Issue: Guernsey Year o… Read more

its like I'm reading these comments for the first time ever.... :D


yes but the channel islands are different you cant use them in the UK.


Scottish bank notes issued by Bank of Scotland, Royal Bank of Scotland, or Clydesdale are not legal tender either in the rest of the UK. Same I think applies for Northern Irish bank notes too. https://www.scotbanks.org.uk/banknotes/legal-position.html Bizarrely enough Bank of England notes aren't legal tender in Scotland either


What has this site become peddling tat like this (lol) Can't wait for those tacky decorated plate deals, oh and don't forget the limited edition teddies. Surely this is all Sunday paper magazine fodder?


The Spitfire along with the Hurricane and other weapons along with our Brave fighting forces and those of our Allies were used to fend off the Nazi's and are the very reason we can contemplate buying commemorative medals / coins such as this! If the outcome had been different we could be spending German money.

Official VE Day 75th Anniversary £5 Coin for JUST £5 POSTFREE @ Westminster Collection
Posted 11th May 2020Posted 11th May 2020
Official VE Day 75th Anniversary £5 Coin for JUST £5 POSTFREE @ Westminster Collection£5 Free P&P Free
This year we mark the 75th Anniversary of VE Day. The day which marked the end of World War II in Europe and brought long-awaited peace to our nation. And now you can own the perf… Read more

Just to add - e.g. for anyone with UK commemorative coins they want to cash out/spend see: https://www.royalmint.com/discover/uk-coins/coin-design-and-specifications/five-pound-coin/ In particular: "Most people would not wish to exchange a crown piece, but in recognition of the fact that some people may wish to do so, some banks will allow crowns to be deposited into bank accounts. However, please note that whilst the coins are legal tender, banks are not obliged to accept the coins (please refer to guidelines on legal tender status). Policies on accepting crowns do vary, therefore it is advisable to check with your bank in advance. Alternatively, crowns can be exchanged for goods or services at Main Post Office branches throughout the UK. For further assistance please contact the Post Office Helpdesk on 08457 223344." (The VE Day coin in the deal is NOT a UK Crown.)


The official Royal Mint coins are Legal Tender. They don't have to be accepted by a shops, just like in England many shops refuse to take Scottish notes or £50 notes. When it talks about 'circulating legal tender' it means current coins and notes in use. Such as a £10 note from 1980 cannot be used and won't be accepted by a shop/bank today, because it's not a current circulating £10.


No shhhh Sherlock, but as you're only paying face value you have nothing to loose. and some of these do have more than face value. The 2014 £5 coin which marked the 300th Anniversary of Queen Ann's death is worth over £50. However this is rare for these types of coins.


Is it one of the A-Z ones? XD


Agree. "This brand new coin really is the ideal way to pay tribute to the brave men and women who helped to end WWII." By sending a company in Guernsey a fiver? Why? It's not as if any of their profit is going to any charity either. And what makes it "official"? Who says so? This is up there with the square mile of the moon I purchased for posterity and the star I had named after my wife (the newly entitled Lady of Loch Lomond)!! This is a con. Pure and simple. Better off giving to one of the service charities than to these 21st century spivs. Rant over. Cold by the way. (mad)

NEW D-Day Forces Ingot released – just pay P&P £2.99 at Westminster Collection
-151° Expired
Posted 29th May 2019Posted 29th May 2019
NEW D-Day Forces Ingot released – just pay P&P £2.99 at Westminster Collection£2.99
NEW D-Day Forces Ingot released – Yours for FREE (+p&p)Military enthusiasts – this is an opportunity you will not want to miss. Today, you can secure the D-Day Forces Commemo… Read more

Looks like a bad iPhone case


D Day landings, where many thousands of people died and many thousands more were seriously injured. And a company has thought..... 'ooh its coming up to the 75th anniversary of this slaughter, how can we profit from it ?' 'Well, we'll flog some gold dipped tat and make it a subscription where hopefully they'll keep buying more of this crap'


Wonder how much of the profits for this go towards suitable military charities.... ?


"I understand I will receive other Ingots at the priority collector's price of £19.99 (+p&p) in the D-Day Forces Gold-Plated Ingot Collection at monthly intervals. I am under no obligation and may return any ingot within 10 days. I may stop collecting at any time."


Will this sell for £19.99 (confused)

75 Anniversary of D-Day £5 coin. Free delivery - Westminster Collection
-65° Expired
Posted 3rd Feb 2019Posted 3rd Feb 2019
75 Anniversary of D-Day £5 coin. Free delivery - Westminster Collection£5
Around 156,000 Allied troops landed in Normandy on the first day of the D-Day liberation. Now, 75 years on a BRAND NEW £5 coin has been released to commemorate their bravery and h… Read more

Just put £5 in the bank now and it will be worth £50 to £100 in 50 years time.


I like shiny collectables, I'm sending one to my young nephew in NZ and my two young boys will get the other 2.


I bought it because it's good for my grand kids (y) I can tell you after 50years it will be worth £50-100£


Don't worry about it.



The Official RAF Centenary Five Pound Coin -  For Just £5 Plus Free Delivery
214° Expired
Posted 3rd Jan 2019Posted 3rd Jan 2019
The Official RAF Centenary Five Pound Coin - For Just £5 Plus Free Delivery£5
This year marks the centenary of the Royal Air Force , arguably the most important military anniversary to be celebrated in British history. In fact, there are numerous official… Read more

If anyone feels compelled to buy this bling out of some sense of sentimental obligation for the RAF's successful defence of the country in the Battle of Britain, of laying the path to victory by the Bombing Campaign, or of helping to keep the convoys supplying us in the Battle of the Atlantic, then may I suggest giving £5 (or whatever) to the RAF Benevolent Fund (via Gift Aid if possible) instead? The money will then go directly to supporting those in need who survived such service, in WWII or since:- https://www.rafbf.org/ways-to-give?gclid=CjwKCAiAyMHhBRBIEiwAkGN6fPPO-t1MyUx2ntPqsFr7OKoMFS24xsvdbqLMpDMXAiBEGar4ZbW-ARoC9vMQAvD_BwE


This is, hands down, no question, the best comment ever posted on HUKD. Congratulations. You won the internet today.


I know someone that would love this and I nearly bought it but after reading about Westminster Collection I have decided not to. Won't vote either way, people can make up their own minds as to whether this is worth buying. I don't think it's worth being on the end of their marketing and alleged dirty tactics, not for an arguably illegitimate £5 coin paid for with my arguably legal Scottish tender!


I’ve bought these £5 coins occasionally from the Royal Mint with the understanding they could be cashed in. I won’t be buying them again - that This Is Money article is very informative!


From the complaint boards site link I posted above....not my own comment. My father has been collecting coins and spoons from this company for a number of years and has asked me to dispose of them. They are in the original packaging and in excellent condition, I visited a coin seller today and was told that the coins that my father had paid over £40 each for were actually worth about 2 pounds each. I understand that he has to make a profit, but looking at his stall there were similar coins on sale for £3. These prices are confirmed by an ebay search. I feel my father has wasted over £2,000 with maybe a total sale value of about £250 to £300. Certainly not an investment.

£5 for £5 with 42p cashback and 50p to British Legion
305° Expired
Posted 1st Oct 2016Posted 1st Oct 2016
£5 for £5 with 42p cashback and 50p to British Legion£5
This one is a no brainer, buy £5 through quidco for £5, the coin is legal tender so you can spend it. Then the British Legion gets 50p and you get 42p tracked through quidco. 3 per… Read more

It looks like someone bought 5 today @ £16.49 each. http://offer.ebay.co.uk/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewBidsLogin&item=232105837736 I wonder if the seller will get paid? Or whether this is more proof that there's no more fool than an ebay fool?


Anybody who bought this and regrets it, they are going for around £12 on ebay now.


Not according to The Westminster Collection. This is what they say about last years Poppy coin on their facebook page. "the new £5 Poppy Coins have been issued on behalf of the Bailiwick of Jersey and are therefore legal tender only within Jersey. Hope this helps. Regards, Christian" I see no reason why it should be any different this or any other year.


When did I say £20?? I said over £10. check completed listings on eBay. I can't link from the apps. But they always go for over £10. I honestly don't understand why you're on one about this? As stated, u won't get rich from it, but you will be able to sell for a profit whilst donating to charity. No you can't spend the coin, but you also can't spend art, it still has a value!


captain obvious to the rescue..

Get a Fiver for £5.00 but £4.50 with quidco cashback at Westminster
223° Expired
Posted 2nd Sep 2016Posted 2nd Sep 2016
Get a Fiver for £5.00 but £4.50 with quidco cashback at Westminster£5
Order to new polymer fiver from Westminster. If you use a cashback card with visa or MasterCard even better. Use quidco, even better. Basically free money in the post

cash back declined


Yeah mine too, I just did it as I wanted to be the first person I knew with the new one, but I got one out of the atm a couple of weeks before I even received it from this order. Obviously the company is not very trustworthy as they promised this cashback and then declined everyone once they had their orders for no reason I can see as it tracked fine, expect they sell on your details for junk mail.


My cashback was also declined, so unfortunately this fiver cost me £5.


My Quidco claim was declined :(


I know , it's only like the Scottish ones that are same material and been out for more than a year and also like the Irish note from years ago

Own the new Queen Elizabeth II 90th Birthday Celebration First Day Cover with commemorative stamp £1.50 @ Westminstercollection.com
-128° Expired
Posted 11th Apr 2016Posted 11th Apr 2016
Own the new Queen Elizabeth II 90th Birthday Celebration First Day Cover with commemorative stamp £1.50 @ Westminstercollection.com£1.50
Own the new Queen Elizabeth II 90th Birthday Celebration First Day Cover & Commemorative Stamp. On 21st April this year, Her Majesty the Queen will celebrate her 90th birthday… Read more

Voting cold because of the reputation of this company and I can't see what value this offer has.


​or just LAZY (_;)


it's not exactly "small print" it's a box which you have to tick..people who don't understand this shouldn't have internet access


Due to vast social-care cutbacks in the last decade our communities have many vulnerable people with special needs and conditions such as Aspergers syndrome living alone with little guidance. There are also many people with mental health issues and those who were not gifted with the same powerful mental capabilities as others. This doesn't mean they deserve to be preyed upon by scumbags mongering pointless tat. Companies like this are a rash on the crotch of society.


I agree. However I also think companies who sell things in this manner knowing full well a lot of people won't read the small print are a stain on humanity.