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Henry Westons Vintage Still Cider 10L - £29 delivered at Westons Cider
Posted 7th MayPosted 7th May
Oh dear. It's on sale again. Father’s Day this time. Unfortunately they are charging for shipping below £50. You could always get two! The vintage (still) cider is 8.2% and slips d… Read more

Those "vitamins" do something real special to your mind. Before you black out that is...


Get some for Terry while you're at it...


I've heard that is a possible outcome but I've tried not to push the envelope that far. Not yet anyway. I'm pleased to see the deal is still available though. Maybe I should get a couple more for June...


Yea, covered in your own pi55 as you can't move


Oooh! The bottled sparkling version has arrived from Amazon. It’s chilling as I type. It’ll carry me over until the 2 boxes of the still version arrive from Westons. Chin chin!

Henry Westons Cider Bundle £40 + £4.99 shipping at Westons Cider
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Posted 27th MayPosted 27th May
This is, in my opinion a cracking deal. The cider usually sells for £41 and the four glasses for £20. There's a bottle opener on a lanyard thrown in too

Yes, in your imagination. (y) Don't forget to tag me next time.


It must just be in my imagination then. That they go ‘pop’ when you open them and fizz on the tongue as you drink them. Wether they are artificially carbonated by adding gas or naturally by fermentation, is neither here nor there


I have a dozen of the 8.2% Vintage cider in 500ml bottles and is most certainly sparkling


I love a bit of this


They also do a nice med dry organic. At its lowest price on Amazon at the moment - 4 x 3l at about £2.15 per liter. Not so strong, 6%, refreshing. https://www.amazon.co.uk/Westons-Wyld-Organic-Still-Cider/dp/B01K1MQZ0A/ref=mp_s_a_1_1?dchild=1&keywords=westons+wyld+wood+organic+still+cider%2C+3l+%28case+of+4%29&qid=1622121471&sr=8-1

Henry Westons Bag-in-Box Ciders (10L boxes)  £23 at Westons Cider
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Posted 14th AprPosted 14th Apr
Henry Westons Bag-in-Box Ciders (10L boxes)  £23 at Westons Cider£23 Free P&P Free
Vintage - £29 Cloudy vintage - £24.50 Organic medium dry - £23 Family vintage - £23 free delivery (or at least it was for me).. The lighter evenings, warmer weather, and newfound… Read more

Oh no! It's on sale again! (party)


2 boxes of the family vintage ordered......according to the internet - the boxes will last once opened in a chilled state 3-4 weeks! #drinkresponsibly.......... hic


ok so 29£ / 10 L = 2.9£ PL So @ Tescos box of 6 = 3L is actually 8£ with Club card = 2.666666666....PL Cheaper @ Tescos and in bottles for smaller consumption and longer keeping and there is competition to win a Bar in the garden. Not sure why this is getting heat ???? This was done against Vintage 8.2%, the rest of their sider i am not interested ;)


Ah gotcha, my bad (fierce) ... Just realised how important product naming is in a brand (confused) .... Too many vintages (lol)


Not on the vintage at £29 for 10Lt. £2.90/Lt

Stowford Press Mixed Berries (12 X 500ML) PET £16 @ Westons Cider
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Posted 17th MarPosted 17th Mar
Stowford Press Mixed Berries (12 X 500ML) PET £16 @ Westons Cider£16£2433% off Free P&P Free
An award winning bright and refreshing cider, blended with the richness of ripe mixed berrie ** BEST BEFORE DATE: APRIL 21 ** Also if you a new to the site and you sign up for th… Read more

Went down to £12 last year a couple of weeks before BB date. Nice drink.


Hi,you can get 4x440 ml cans for £4 Tesco

Henry Westons 10L box £26.50 7.3% (free shipping) @ Westerns cider
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Posted 16th JanPosted 16th Jan
Henry Westons 10L box £26.50 7.3% (free shipping) @ Westerns cider£26.50
HENRY WESTONS CLOUDY VINTAGE STILL CIDER (1 X 10L)NEW LIMITED EDITION Apples from a single years harvest, slowly matured and spends time in our oak aged vats Please note that thi… Read more

I could down a box of this a night on lockdown - honest (popcorn)


Not a bad deal. But do miss the days of getting the 3 litre boxed Henry Westons for £5


I'll fight the lot of Ya !!!!!!!!!!


I'll never drink 20l,have ordered 10l cloudy not tried this one ,will.keep till summer and hopefully share it with some friends


Isnt the old Rosie better value , 20L for £46.40?

Old Rosie Cider 20% off 20L £46.40 delivered @ Westerns cider
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Posted 16th JanPosted 16th Jan
Old Rosie Cider 20% off 20L £46.40 delivered @ Westerns cider£46.40
OLD ROSIE (1 X 20L) The Original Cloudy Cider – slowly matured and left unfiltered 6.8% ABV (free shipping)

would work well with a pint365 handpull


Nice find @BenMorrison - thanks for taking time to share :)


I reckon I could down a whole box of this myself on lockdown - honest (popcorn) (popcorn) (popcorn)


lovely drink and takes me about 3 months to drink ( it goes much darker but that’s also probably the sediment at the bottom also ) horrible heartburn though mind .


A few years ago I was at Helsinki airport and this was on sale in a 500ml bottle priced at 15 euros.

Westerns Old Rosie 20L 6.8% Cloudy Cider 20% Off the original price and free delivery £46.40
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Posted 24th Nov 2020Posted 24th Nov 2020LocalLocal
Westerns Old Rosie 20L 6.8% Cloudy Cider 20% Off the original price and free delivery £46.40£46.40 Free P&P Free
If you are in self isolation like I am, you might find this as a nice little pick-me-up. At this time of year you keep it cool in the garage, shed or back garden. What's there not… Read more

Nice! Cheers to that


I'm sure they couldn't get rid so they went dirt cheap in my local. Definitely remember getting the last few at 7-8 quid


Think they started at £15, then went to £12, then 8! Think I got a couple at 12 and then another two at £8. Good old days!


Old Rosie was 7.3% IIRC. Absolutely lethal stuff. 🥴


Mine (which I got yesterday) was October 2021

20l box of Old Rosie cider £46.40 @ Westons Cider
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Posted 4th Sep 2020Posted 4th Sep 2020
20l box of Old Rosie cider £46.40 @ Westons Cider£46.40
Westons have got 20l bag in a box for £46.40. That's 35.2 pints of memory wipe for under fifty quid. 20% saving on the regular price of £58. Shipping charges might apply depending … Read more

Ahh looks like they've put the price back up. I'll expire this deal.


Showing £58 for me


Swizzels. Thank you


This it's great stuff but it will leave you with brain damage and a big case of the batty burn plop plops.


I spent a night with old Rosie once in a pub in bowness. Don't remember the walk home (y)

20% off 10ltr Westons Cider Bag in Box e.g. Cloudy Vintage - £29.20 delivered using code @ Westons Cider
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Posted 24th Jul 2020Posted 24th Jul 2020
20% off 10ltr Westons Cider Bag in Box e.g. Cloudy Vintage - £29.20 delivered using code @ Westons Cider£29.20£36.5020% off Free P&P Free
20% off using FLASH20 for all Henry Weston Bag in Box cider

Thank you 😁


Hey @Ashofthewild thanks for posting your first deal! Well done (y)


This is a okay, but for a great Somerset cider try heckscider.com


17.5 pints, so £1.66 a pint

Rosie’s Pig Cloudy Still Cider (1 x 20l) - £35 delivered @ Westons Cider
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Posted 28th Jun 2020Posted 28th Jun 2020
Rosie’s Pig Cloudy Still Cider (1 x 20l) - £35 delivered @ Westons Cider£35 Free P&P Free
Fantastically refreshing Cloudy Still Cider Easy drinking medium dry cider with fresh apple flavour



M1ne ar1ved onn WEdnessday, I musst adm1t iits VErry good stuf.


APC delivery didnt show up today.Westons use dodgy couriers.If you've ordered keep your fingers crossed it turns up.


Got mine yesterday, should keep me away from the chaos at the pubs from the 4th for a little while.....


Anybody received their's yet? Got half dozen e mails from Westons immediately then nothing for a week.