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6 Issues of "The Week" for £1.00 at WH Smith
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Posted 18th Sep 2015Posted 18th Sep 2015
6 Issues of "The Week" for £1.00 at WH Smith£1
Cover price is £3.10 so you pay £1 instead of £18.60 (6 issues) that a 95% discount. Only for the ones that they like "The Week" magazine.

Looks good. Wonder how easy it is to cancel?

4  x Free Issues MONEYWEEK Magazine @ WH Smith
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Posted 9th Oct 2014Posted 9th Oct 2014
4 x Free Issues MONEYWEEK Magazine @ WH Smith
stumbled across this at WH Smith Might be useful to somebody Also not clear if you can cancel after the first 4 issues The first 4 issues of our award-winning magazine absolutely… Read more
Autocar subscription...six issues for £1 with free gift (Autoglym polish kit) £1 @ WH Smith Magazine Subscriptions
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Posted 7th Sep 2012Posted 7th Sep 2012
Autocar subscription...six issues for £1 with free gift (Autoglym polish kit) £1 @ WH Smith Magazine Subscriptions£1
I know that offers of 6 issues of many magazines for £1 are always on but a good value free gift is not always included. This time there is offer of Autoglym polish kit with the de… Read more

Received my Autoglym gift today with the magazine...they did not even take thw £1 yet..I wish if people talk only about things they understand


As above. Deal is wrong. It needs to be expired/deleted. Voted COLD


In for a £1 again. If the free gift turns up then great.


From T&Cs Free gift sent out after first £29.99 payment debited Although 6 issues for £1 isn't bad

WHAT CAR? Magazine Subscription - 3 issues for £1 save 93% @W H Smith
Posted 12th May 2012Posted 12th May 2012
WHAT CAR? Magazine Subscription - 3 issues for £1 save 93% @W H Smith£1
What Car? magazine 3 month subscription. 3 Issues for 33p each. RRP £14.97 a saving of £13.97 (93%) includes free delivery. The only potential problem seems to be this is offer… Read more

Well spot


11. Agree to a minimum term of 12 months for all Direct Debit orders.


good deal


The idea is not to forget ;)


They hope you forget to cancel

Upto 90% Off Magazine Subscriptions at Wh Smith
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Posted 13th Dec 2011Posted 13th Dec 2011
Upto 90% Off Magazine Subscriptions at Wh Smith
Upto 90% off magazine subscriptions at Wh Smith Could make a nice christmas present for that awkward recipient?.... + Quidco?

great!! worth checking out!!


plus you get 7 pound something from topcashback for every subscription


Everythings cheaper at myfavouritemagazine


Not Hot...but useful I guess....If you gave someone a 3 magazine subscription for a £1 they might not "feel the love"


I think someone will be lucky with this offer but not me. National Geographic is priced at £29 per year which is the everyday subscription price. There are regular offers for this at £19 and I occasionally get an offer from NG for £15. Wired is another one. I took up the offer from Conde Naste (the publisher) for Wired at £28 for TWO years and WHS are offering it at £24 for ONE year. PC Pro from WHS is £29.99 for 8 issues and direct from PC Pro with their standard 3 for £1 plus free gift followed by 6 issues the cost for 9 issues is £25.99 total. Sorry but cold from me as all the magazines that I would consider for gifts or myself are cheaper elsewhere.

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Posted 4th Dec 2011Posted 4th Dec 2011
Just browsing whsmith and came across this, The week magazine 6 issues , was £16.50 now £0.00 Hope this helps somebody!

just ordered using dummy bank details 100000 00000000


you have to enter bank account details for dd which you can cancel easily


so u have 2 enter u card details to get the"free" magazine?


The Week Monthly (6 issues) Direct Debit Price: £0.00 | Delivery: UK (UNITED KINGDOM) Payment: Direct Debit - Direct Debit - 6 issues for FREE followed by £22.49 for every 13 issues Is this a gift? Tick here if you want this subscription to start after Christmas.


To be fair, the WH Smith does say "monthly" so they got it wrong in the first place!

WH Smith Magazine Offer
Posted 28th Jan 2011Posted 28th Jan 2011
WH Smith Magazine Offer
WH Smith have a deal on magazines. Womens and Mens health and fitness magazine 3 issues foe a £1.00 Also Practical Parenting for a £1.00 just remember to cancel direct debit before… Read more
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BIG SALE - inc The week - 6 issues for £0.00! @ WH Smith magazines
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Posted 7th Dec 2010Posted 7th Dec 2010
BIG SALE - inc The week - 6 issues for £0.00! @ WH Smith magazines
BIG SALE up to 90%(or more) off magazine subscriptions! INCLUDING: **FREE** The week - 6 issues for £0.00 Computer Active - 3 issues for £0.03 Auto Express - 6 issues for £1.00 PC… Read more

So how do you opt out after the 2nd issue? email them or just cancel the DD.


Wish I had seen the quidco before ordering but regardless great offer


For all those asking about the direct debits, for 3 mag deals it's usually after the 2nd issue (that gives you good time to avoid being charged) Some even provide dates of when the DD will be taken, allow a week before to be safe


Just ordered the 'Triathlon' magazine for my husband. I bet I forget about it!!


This is "powered" by the Magazine Group. Go through the Quidco link for a much improved 15% cashback.

3 Issues of Computer Active 3p delivered (Save 99%) @ WHSmith Magazines
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Posted 13th Nov 2010Posted 13th Nov 2010
3 Issues of Computer Active 3p delivered (Save 99%) @ WHSmith Magazines£0.03
Cant grumble at 3 for 3p! May not be best magazine out there but for 1p its superb See thread for **OFFER** 6 issues for 6p + free USB stick (thanks to PEPSIDAVE)

Just got my first issue, went to cancel the Direct Debit and didn't see one from them yet. When does it normally pop up? I do have a new one from Incisive Financial that has never been paid and shows no amount, I wouldn't think that's it but I hope it is because I don't know what it's for!


just signed up great find for 6p anyone know when the dd would be due so i can cancel on time thanks


Hi, just signed up for the 6 for 6p offer with free USB drive, very simple and straightforward, many thanks to the OP


Thanks, just ordered now :)


Just ordered Brill for 6p . thanks;)

SAVE 99% Computer Active Magazine 3 Issues delivered for 3p @whsmithmagazines.co.uk
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Posted 6th Feb 2010Posted 6th Feb 2010
SAVE 99% Computer Active Magazine 3 Issues delivered for 3p @whsmithmagazines.co.uk£0.03
Computeractive is the UK's best-selling home PC magazine, designed to help you enjoy your computing and home technology hassle free. Each issue is packed with step-by-step guides, … Read more
Get deal*Get deal*

Yeah do you cancel after you recieve the first issue or the third?


So can you order them and then cancel it meaning 1p per issue? Nice, how would you cancel it?


Yes - you just email to cancel when you get your 1st issues and cancel your DD when the 3p has come out. I've used these deals multiple times - way over 30 and never ever had a problem - they're not trying to catch you out!


Subscribe to Computeractive and save up to 99%! * Direct Debit - 3 issues for £0.03 followed by £13.97 every 13 issues. there not much info on the Direct Debits either, i am assuming ppl will ask if they can cancel the direct debits after 3 issues?